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Thread: Sky House - 11 East 29th Street - Condo - Flatiron - by FX Fowle

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    Default Available Units at Skyhouse

    Here's an update.

    They are trying to sell Apt #8C for 1.520mm. The apartment up until a month ago was being offered for 1.4mm. 120k mark up for a unit on a low floor and terrible views.

    Also, 34B offered at 1.575 is not selling because is a 2 bed 1159 sf apt. Do the math on the price per square foot. Also you will only have W views because the north view is blocked by the C lines.

    Finally, the 3Bed A lines and 2 bed B lines are not moving at all so expect them to try and convince you how great these units are. They want to unload the undesirable units now

    You can see these listings on the NY times real estate website. Search for " Sky House, 11 East 29th Street"
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    Talking Church of the Transfiguration

    Quote Originally Posted by sberg25 View Post
    They have been re-pricing units indiscriminately.
    Welcome to the "Church of the Transfiguration",
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    Default Sky House

    I bought a one bedroom at Sky House but it was very frustrating dealing with the developer's representative, who told me that "there will be no transparency" in my efforts to buy an apartment there. I, too, was told about supposed purchases made by "friends and family". Trying to buy an apartment at Sky House was like trying to spend over a million dollars on a purchase by throwing darts and hoping to strike a good apartment on the chart -- that's how random and haphazard it all was. Even my realtor was stressed and felt unable to get clarity from these people.

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    Default Skyhouse - Suspect Sales

    Sorry to hear about your experience with the salestaff. I'm sure you will be happy with your apartment.
    However, people need to be aware of how they go about selling at the SkyHouse.
    If you feel pressured and uncomfortable because of their lack of transparency you should just walk.
    They will ultimately have to capitulate once sales begin to slow.

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    It's not even that great a building. I don't know what folks are so excited about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    It's not even that great a building. I don't know what folks are so excited about.
    1) Folks who want new want brand brand-new, and to them Madison Green isn't a comparable building;

    and 2) something about real estate taxes that run only $100 a month is appealing . . .

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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    I'm surprised by your experiences because when I bought my 1 bedroom they were extremely helpful and transparent, and let me have my pick of any 1 bedroom B-line, even those that weren't "released," that wasn't already sold, which back in January wasn't that many. There ended up being only one apartment in the floor range I was looking for that was actually sold, and a few that were in contract. When the ones in contract fell through, they called me immediately and let me know so that I could have my pick of the highest floor in my price range.

    Who did you work with over there? I worked with Gladys who was extremely nice and helpful, and very forthcoming with information. Whoever is looking at purchasing at sky house should make sure to work with her since my experience was nothing like what is being described above. I can't imagine that their practices have changed so drastically since the initial offering phase.

    Also as far as what we like about sky house, if you look at the 1 bedroom layouts (can't speak for the other lines) they are spacious with great views, the finishes are really high end (compared to some other new developments I looked at which just looked cheap), and overall it was a great price for what they were offering. I wish the building had some outdoor space like a roofdeck (the views would be amazing) but that is my only complaint.

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    Trust me a lot has changed between now and January.

    I agree prior to March and Feb they were very accomodating but things have changed drastically over there.

    Just call the sales office and see for yourself.
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    everytime i go to this place... it gets bigger and bigger so fast. more pics with closeup of the brick facade.. took pics at 5pm today, so a bit darker than id like but take a look.
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    That blig expanse of brick at the northern end of the east facade is horrible.

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    Up close this building feels oppressive but I like seeing another crane in the skyline from Brooklyn.

    Posted by JackinNYC on SkyscraperPage

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    This, The Epic, and The Saya will be great buildings for watching new towers rise. Because of their height and relative isolation, you have some well-ensured views of both Downtown and Midtown.

    Some views from Sky House.

    The Magellan looks as nondescipt as ever. I've gotten use to 325 5th's color, many of its southern views will be blocked by 309 Fifth Avenue (34 st.) though.

    400 Park Avenue South should be more interesting rather than aggravating to watch rise in this view. It tops out a little under 500 feet anyway.

    Damn that ugly Madison Belvedere. The Saya will take a sliver out of this view but you would still be able to see the new WTC rise.

    To the south is The Aston, another ho-hum Kondylis creation and to the right is the Epic.
    Between them a few 20-50 towers should rise. Luckily for Sky House, they're mostly along or west of Sixth. They include The Remy (31 st.), 839 Sixth (45 st.), 855 Sixth (35 st.), Hotel Indigo and a few other random hotels.

    Something needs to block O'Hara's red brick trash on 35th Street pronto. 425 Fifth is another tower that must have incredible views.

    Frank Williams' 176 Madison Avenue (35 st) should come into view in a few years, A block south of that, Sundari Lofts & Tower (22 st.) would've been just blocked out along the west side of Madison from this perspective. Maybe they'll get their act together and revive the project. South of that is rumored to be a 26 story hotel near 31st Street and Madison Avenue.

    Tower 31, another ho-hum Kondylis tower.

    More pics on Sky House's website.

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    That last shot ^^^ shows 3 gaw-daawful hulks in a row -- different eras, same POS results.

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    I find myself just gazing at the Skyhouse tirelessly from those photos.

    Something about tall, thin towers that I just find mesmerizing.

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