Wired New York Newsletter #10 – Freedom Tower Unveiled

Editor Edward Sudentas
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Date 29 June 2005

Redesigned Freedom Tower Unveiled Today -----------------

New York officials will unveil a redesigned Freedom Tower today whose height and proportion, centered antenna and cut-away corners, tall lobbies and pinstripe facade would evoke the sky-piercing twins it is meant to replace.

The new design for the 82-story signature building at the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan calls for an almost impermeable and impregnable 200-foot concrete and steel pedestal.

This enormous pedestal would overlook the Sept. 11 memorial. Above it would be a tapering tower of glass with 69 office floors topped by a restaurant, indoor and outdoor observation decks and an antenna within a trellis-like sculpture that would bring the structure's total height to 1,776 feet.

See the latest renderings of the Freedom Tower and join the discussion:

Governors Island ------------------------------------------
Governors Island is open for tours until 2 September 2005. I have visited the island 2 weeks ago. See the pictures of the island, including the Admiral’s House, the place of Gorbachev-Reagan meeting in 1998 that signaled the end of the Cold War:

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Wired New York Forum has a new section – Questions from Visitors – and our New York City experts know all the answers:

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