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There's an entire underground night scene, but sometimes the CID can track them down and you can get in lots of trouble.

Apart from the safety standards, I still think that what laws Dubai still maintains will be a burden on Westerners, things like the current ban on VOIP (although apparently in free zones that will be gone), and I believe you can also get in trouble for having sex before marriage.
Underground night scene? Nightclubs are very public and not underground. You'll get in trouble if you get drunk and rowdy in public, not much different from anywhere else. CID are rumoured to have a presence in all or most bars and clubs but they're not going to drag you away unless you're behaviour is outrageous. See also this post...

VOIP is deemed illegal by the Telecom Regulatory Authority for various trivial sounding reasons. Including free zones but blocks haven't been or are difficult to impose sometimes.

You can get in trouble for sex before marriage anywhere. I remember one time my parents came home earlier than expected ...

Homosexual relationships are illegal but Dubai is not run by the Taliban. There are several openly gay bars.

There have been occasional unpleasant stories. Two girls thrown in jail after being raped because they'd had sex (but that was in Sharjah, and the rapists did get locked up eventually), a 14 year old blamed for rape by neighbour because she was dressed "provocatively". In her own backyard. With a high wall. Although that wasn't Dubai either, it was another emirate called Ras Al Khaimah.