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Thread: Moving to New York

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    Try using this website - it might help you relate the listings to geography. Craigslist itself has more search options though.

    Affordable is subjective - try searching by price and then researching the areas where you find appealing listings. Brooklyn is changing rapidly, but generally the center is the least safe, and the areas closest to manhattan are the most desireable.

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    Thanks for the link, ryan!

    BTW: What's morningside heights like? Affordable?

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    What sort of rent would you guys call affordable?

    What neighborhoods do you guys live in? Is it safe, affordable, etc?

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    More questions...

    Is Astoria, Queens safe? Would you recommend living there? Is it transit dependant? I love taking the bus and getting on the subway....

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    Astoria is a great place. It is also very safe. I talk a guy on here from Astoria often, he takes the subway everyday. Astoria is 15 minutes to Manhattan.

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    Cool---Ill need to find some pics!

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    A comedian, whose name evades me at the moment, says that if there's ever a scream at night in Astoria, it means that there's a soccer match on TV and Ecuador just scored a goal.

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    What sort of housing is available in Astoria?

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    Apartments, condos, etc. The neighborhood is very walkable and has many main avenues with shopping and restaurants.

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    JW, what sort of neighborhoods are you looking at in NYC, NYYankee, once you complete college?

    Also, I noticed there are some pretty well priced places here: I think it covers Yorkville, mostly. Is that a pretty good neighborhood? (not sure if that's yorkville or not; quite a few of them are in the lower 90's)
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    Yorkville is cool. Its in the Upper East Side. I plan to stay in Manhattan. I want to be in the Upper East Side.

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    Yeah, Yorkville seems pretty nice. And not way to expensive either!

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    Default answer

    What do you think is the most luxurious metroplitan area in New York City?

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    Is Yorkville the German neighbourhood of New York City?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinpei_kuroda
    What do you think is the most luxurious metroplitan area in New York City?
    5th Avenue

    Quote Originally Posted by I LOVE THE SOCCER
    Is Yorkville the German neighbourhood of New York City?
    Yes, there is a German community there, though not as large as it once was.

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