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    January 16, 2005

    Restoring Elegance Underfoot on a Street Long Past Its Prime


    Restoration of the cobblestone surface on Bond Street begins this week.

    Bond Street can never reclaim its place at the pinnacle of elegance in New York City. But something of its elegant spirit will be recaptured this month in a restoration of its cobblestone surface between Broadway and Lafayette Street, now blemished with large asphalt patches.

    When the roadbed is once again entirely granite, New Yorkers will be able to imagine more easily the 19th century Bond Street, without social peer. How fashionable was it? Put it this way: The arrival of Brooks Brothers in 1874 was part of the neighborhood's downward slide.

    The section to be repaved lies within the NoHo Historic District. Three houses, though much altered, have been standing there since the 1820's. Across Jones Alley is the Victorian former home of Brooks Brothers. At the east end is a creamy white cast-iron landmark known as the Robbins & Appleton Building. Cobblestone helps set the tone. "It really is part of a whole streetscape," said Robert B. Tierney, chairman of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which approved the repaving.

    But cobblestone is too expensive for the city to install or replace. So the $50,000 project is being paid for by the NoHo N.Y. Business Improvement District and the nonprofit National Architectural Trust. Last year the trust and the Horatio Street Block Association financed similar work on Horatio Street, between Greenwich and Hudson Streets.

    "If another group raises the funds, we're happy to work with them," said Kay Sarlin, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Department. The agency approved both projects.

    The pockmarked surface of Bond Street is hard on vehicles, baby carriages and high heels. "It's really not safe," said Harriet Fields, executive director of the NoHo business improvement district. The group will seek contributions to help it pay for the paving. The first new stones are to be laid Tuesday, and the work will take two or three weeks to complete.

    On both Bond and Horatio Streets, the goal was not to regrade the roadbed evenly and reset every stone but to restore areas that had been torn up and repaired with asphalt by utility workers or other contractors.

    "Replacing the entire street is cost prohibitive," said Daniel Reardon, a New York area manager for the trust, which is based in Washington and works to preserve historic neighborhoods. "You also run the risk of the street looking like Disneyland. You lose all the dips and dimples, which give it a historic character."

    What New Yorkers call cobblestones are more accurately described as Belgian blocks - true cobblestones being rounded and irregular - but saying so is the province of a scold. And it is probably no more effective than insisting that the horse-drawn carriages on Central Park South are not hansom cabs.

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    Bond Street: Old world character meets new urban thrills

    40 Bond Street

    48 Bond Street

    Bond St, 6 Bond Street

    Two blocks long from Broadway to the Bowery, cobblestone Bond St. has blossomed into the top street to live, visit, eat, shop and just amble in all of New York City. Will Smith, Ricky Martin, Liev Schreiber and artist Chuck Close call it home. So do Lobel Modern furniture gallery, model agency One Management, an art bookstore, a women’s shoe store, fashion stores Rogan and Daryl K., an upscale nail salon, a scrap metal *distributor, a plumbing supply company, and three avant-garde theater groups.

    Real estate values on the street continue to skyrocket. Three days ago, a four-bedroom at 50 Bond went on the market for $8.5 million. A $15 million-plus 6,441-square-foot penthouse just went into contract at 48 Bond. At 50 Bond, a 2,000-square-foot classic loft is on the market for $2.495 million.

    And hotelier Ian Schrager’s 40 Bond condominium, by architect Herzog and de Meuron, still anchors the street, pulling in design-loving tourists and amateur photographers drawn to its green-glass mullions and graffiti gate, and thin gold double-height entryway. Even in moonlight, the building shines like silver. Two-bedroom apartments here can go for more than $4 million.

    Here’s a look at the people, places and buildings that make this little street a cultural, culinary and architectural giant.

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    The one shown above as 48 Bond is actually 25 Bond.

    48 Bond is the new-ish condo by Deborah Burke, clad in dark grey stone and glass (not seen in these photos).

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    cobblestone Bond St....

    Real estate values on the street continue to skyrocket.
    So when does the street get repaved?

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    Paved? No way. They've re-set some of the Belgian blocks, but this stretch of Bond is definitely in need of some work.

    When new buildings go up in an Historic District they often have the responsibility of re-blocking the street, half way out to the center line for the full length of the new building. But the situation on Bond is that most of the new buildings don't sit opposite one another. Rather the new developments are katty-korner and interspersed along opposite sides. So there are now stretches on both the north and south sides of the street that have been re-blocked, but with pot-holed un-leveled stretches in between. Then, of course, various utility companies have come in and cut through the blocks since they were re-set, so the new stretches aren't as level and even as they were just two years ago. When 41-43 Bond is finished (it's still covered in scaffolding but is now near completion) that whole stretch along the south side should get re-done.

    The stretch of Bond to the west, between Lafayette and Broadway, was re-done a few years ago. The money came partly via the NoHo BID, but this stretch of Bond, west of Lafayette is outside the NoHo BID boundary. However the BID is going after new turf, and has proposed expanding east to the Bowery.

    But many of the property owners in that part of NoHo are saying "No Thanks -- Hands Off"

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    Paved, as in with pavers.

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