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Thread: Bars and Clubs - NYC Nightlife

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    Quote Originally Posted by plado37 View Post
    Im new to the city. I was curious as to why the high end clubs only let certain people in. I was denied from one place and let into 2 others the same night... How do they get lists, and where do you get on the list. So my question is... How come they take some people and reject others, even when its not full?

    A lot of clubs like to hold lines when it is empty to give a perception that the club is really good inside. Also these "high end" clubs try to taylor to the rich.
    Here are some tips:
    Get in line next to some females, become friends with them in line, from my experience women usually dont mind helping guys get in.
    Do not travel in a large group of guys, usually 3 is max.
    Dont argue with the bouncer its a waste of time, instead try to be friendly to them and they might let you in.
    This one might seem extreme but it has worked for me on occations, try to grab a limo to the club, in many cases, when you step out of a limo the bouncers get the perception you are extremely weathy and will let you in. But the ride will only cost like $5/per.

    Unfortunatly, money talks in this city. If all of this are not your style, then go elsewhere there are hundreds of places u can go have a great time, spend less and get treated better. Just because a club seems high-end it does not mean its good.

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    Yeah. I am good looking and I do dress well. I was only denied from one place and found it kind of strange. However I was flying solo that night.

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    Just out of curiousity, what clubs did you try? What was the clientelle like?

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    Default punk-themed or metal-themed bars,pubs,clubs?

    Hey ya'll,

    I live in Pennsylvania right now as a bartender, but I am wanting to get moved up to NY, but only if I can find the right situation. the bars I've worked in before out in California were great, some had punk rock themed bars (where the jukebox/DJ would play punk music) and most of the crowds that came in were goths and punks. Most of these bars were out in Long Beach.

    Anyways, my question is..I'm not familiar with NY yet at all..and I want to get a bartending job up there, but I don't want to work in like a Hilton or an Irish Pub or high class restaurant type bar, I want to work in a grungy goth club or punk rock themed bar or pub. Soooooooooo..does anyone who is familiar with New York know of any of these type of places I can check out? Names would help! That way I can look them up, maybe do some walk-ins...

    Any suggestions I would much appreciate..thx


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    The only place I can think of is this:

    And they're closed.

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    yeah, i thought of CBGB's then..ya...

    man, it's sad that a city as big as New York doesn't have any more bars or clubs open of this type

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    NYC still does have punk and goth style clubs. You just gotta look around.

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    that's the whole reason i posted though, is because i have no idea where to start looking. like i said, it's a big city, so i need somewhere to start from such as a district or area these type of places might be. if i take a train from where i live in PA, it's gonna take 4 hours just to get to Penn station, and then from there who knows how many hours it will take just to find a place by walking around out of the blue (needle in a haystack) or just asking people. It'd be better if i knew exactly where to go so i don't waste a whole day/evening not finding anything, wasting travel $ etc etc

    so does anyone know of specific places or areas where they might be? the more specific, the better!

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    Default 7b

    There is a great punk bar called 7B, which is predictably located at 7th and Avenue B. It has a very good jukebox that is mainly punk/hardcore.

    Here, I just looked it up, I guess it is called "Horseshoe Bar." I had no idea that was the real name...

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    sweet. more that anyone else knows of, hit up the thread! thx mgp

    oh, also..if anyone knows any in upper Jersey..around the Hoboken area too..hit me back thx

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    You can do a bar search by category here:

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    Chal7ds - Sorry, I named the first bar that came to mind and then lost my train of thought. There are dozens upon dozens of bars that fit your description. If I were you, I would focus on the East Village / Lower East Side (or Williamsburg). I don't know anything about northern Jersey...

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    Mars Bar, its the gungiest place that I have been to. However its a good time every once in a while. Sign up for Sheckys ( and you can do all kinds of searches. Search for Goth or Punk bars by keyword. That should help you out. All the best

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    Default Irish and Whiskey Bars

    anyone recommend a good Irish or plain old Whiskey Bar in the Manhattan Area .. that plays good old Irish Music or Rock N Roll ..

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    Default 18+ Bars??

    Ok, so Im a student and I'm not yet 21 but I still want to be able to go to bars in New York. It doesn't bother me that I won't be able to drink in them because I'm not over 21. But does anyone know of any of the bars that will allow you in if you're over 18 but you can't drink...

    I don't want to arrive there and have to spend forever looking for these places and I'd like to have a rough idea of what I'm looking for and where.

    Thanks to whoever can help!

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