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Thread: Tribeca Green - 325 North End Ave - Battery Park City - by Robert A.M. Stern

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    Default Tribeca Green - 325 North End Ave - Battery Park City - by Robert A.M. Stern

    Does anybody have any information to what the building at the corner of Warren St. and North End Ave. in Battery Park City is like or whether it is complete yet?

    I saw a posting in the voice saying it was was taking applications for the reduced income housing, so I assume it must be nearly complete, however, I haven't seen it yet, nor have I heard or found any more information about it online.

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    Related Rentals is constructing/managing the building. I think the building will be named Tribeca Green, but not 100% positive on that. Construction is due to finish in June/July.

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    Default Incredible... guys are fast. I believe that timeframe sounds right. All I had was the intersection, not the address, and the timeframe for applications. So I looked it up on the battery park city site. That's where I got stuck! This seems to fit...thank you so much!

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    Is there a list anywhere of other new developments in BPC? I think there are a few other towers u/c in addition to this one, right?

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    Haven't found a list anywhere else, but I think the following is a fairly accurate summary of current activity:

    Site 2A (next to Ritz Carlton) - Construction just started - finishing by Q3/2006. Condos. Millennium Partners.

    325 North End/Tribeca Green - Construction finishing by Jun/Jul. Rentals. Related Rentals.

    Site 16/17 - Construction starting in a few months. Condos. Sheldrake Organization

    Site 18B? (just next to 325 North End) - Construction due to finish by Q4/2005. Rentals. Albanese Organization

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    and the goldman sachs tower in site 26

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    Tribeca Green 1/30/05

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    There's also the site that's across from Tribeca Green on North End Ave - I believe it is going to have a museum and residentials that hasnt yet started yet.

    Sites 23 & 24

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    The site is 23/24. It's the 530 unit double luxury tower by Milstein. Supposedly the ground lease is being negotiated now, approval due soon.

    Can anyone point me to some RFPs or plans or renderings. I live nearby and worry about the fate of the adjacent ballfield.


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    Thumbs up

    Here's the thread for that article Brianac.

    Thank you for all your postings by the way.

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    Thanks Derek.
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