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Thread: Aerial Photograph of Manhattan

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    Default Aerial Photograph of Manhattan



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    Nice images I like the last one - great view of Battery Park

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    The detail image of Battery Park is just an enlargement taken from the first picture. I can post any section of that photo from below about 65th street at the same level of detail. If anyone wants to see a particular area or street in detail, let me know.

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    Id like to see the Pace University/ Brooklyn Bridge area. Please

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    I want to see the midtown - with the ESB and Chrysler buildings
    BTW, I like Kris's photo too - very interesting.

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    Empire State Building

    Chrysler Building

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    thank you, I can see the tower Ill be living in. You can also see the parking lot where ratners tower will rise.

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    Stuyvesant Town
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    Thats in Manhattan.....right?

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    Thanks for the photos But I can't find the ESB and Chrysler in these The only thing I can recognize is the Met Life Building

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    For the ESB, it is easy to spot - look for the largest shadow.

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    Yes - I see that now but the Chrysler is barely shown.

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    can someone point out the Staten Island Ferry Dock?


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