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Thread: New Far West 42nd Street Developments

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    Default Larkin Tower

    New York Skyscraper Page
    Larkin Tower

    In 1926 the Larkin Company decided to build the world's tallest building at a 47,000 square foot site at west 42nd Street, the current site of the Mc Graw Hill Building. The building was designed by Edward Larkin whose design called for a tower 110 storeys high at 1208 feet, it would have 56,000 tons of steel, 1,300,000 terra cotta blocks, 6,200,000 bricks, 4,800 windows, and 4,200 doors. The design was similar to the already completed Metropolitan Life Building, and the proposed Empire State Building. His tower was a serious contender in the race to be the World's Tallest but was inevitably never constructed. The design although attractive wasn't very practical at the top few floors each storey would only have 1,000 square feet, hardly enough room for an elevator, let alone an observatory or offices. Despite nearly an eighth of the tower being unpractical for a sufficient profit, the tower as a whole was estimated to bring its owner $3,000,000 a year in revenues, compared to the $22,500,000 it would cost to build. The tower would have double deck cars, and would be heated in ten separate sections supported from the buildings basement. The proposal if built wouldn't have the same landmark design as the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building but would bring new life to an area depressed even to this date.


    Company has many other awesome hand-made pewter building replicas on their site.

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    This is good news. Thnx for the update.

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    Not a bad looking building. While the top may have been impractical the building would have looked quite elegent.

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    July 2005
    Slogging to sparkle on far West 42nd Street
    Condo boom in once remote area bets on transport, neighborhood expansion
    By Steve Cutler

    The sight of national chains and tourist-friendly storefronts is no longer a surprise on 42nd Street, but the transformation of its westernmost reaches is still very much a work in progress.

    Developers working west of Eighth Avenue are selling luxury beyond the once-sleazy environs of Times Square, and finding increasing interest. It's still a remote stretch, but its distance from the subway and disjointed array of services are rapidly being countered with offerings that appeal to renters and home buyers, says Raizy Haas, senior vice president of Gary Barnett's Extell Development Corp. and project manager for the Orion, a 61-story condo tower at 42nd and Ninth Avenue.

    "We opened our sales center at the Orion in mid-March and 400 of our 550 units are sold or in contract," Haas says. The first condominium built on far West 42nd Street in more than a decade, the ultraluxury high-rise will tower over most surrounding buildings.

    "If you call for an appointment you have to wait at least a month," boasts Haas. "We've had seven price increases. We started at $900 a square foot and we're now at $1,025 or more, with some of the upper units going for $1,200 to $1,300 per square foot."

    The sudden urgent demand for ownership on West 42nd Street is no surprise to brokers serving the area, who are thrilled at the prospect of condo development along the corridor. "Customers in the rental buildings in the neighborhood call me up all the time looking for property to buy," says Stribling agent Peter Browne, who's sold there since 1978.

    Century 21 William B. May agent Lee Karibian, a resident of the Armory, at 42nd Street and 11th Avenue, concurs. "We only have two non-rental buildings besides Manhattan Plaza [the artist housing complex] – the Strand and the Armory. I'm delighted to have the Orion. This area, which is eclectic and lovely, needs some upscale stuff."

    The Orion, scheduled for completion in the spring of 2006, is the first of several large-scale luxury condo projects planned for far West 42nd Street. A development group comprised of Twining Properties, The Related Companies and Macfarlane Partners is planning to construct an 800-unit, 65-story high rise on 42nd Street between Dyer and 10th avenues. A block from the Orion, Woolworth Building owner Steve Witkoff is building a luxury 23-story condominium at 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue.

    Developer Joseph Moinian just bought the 60,000-square-foot Verizon site at 11th Avenue for $120 million. It's "such a number," figures Nancy Packes of Halstead Leasing Consultants, "that he can only do condos there." One block west, at 12th Avenue, Jules Dabchick is building a 46-story condominium tower.

    Meanwhile, Silverstein Properties, which built the pioneering 900-unit rental project River Place at 650 West 42nd Street, is selling a parcel at the eastern end of 11th Avenue that has the capacity for an 800,000-square-foot build-out. The New York Times reported recently that Silverstein has had talks with Hyatt about a possible hotel and condominium complex..

    Silverstein learned early that the area's transportation deficit sometimes calls for a bit of initiative. After he built One River Place in 2000, he had to start running a shuttle bus to the 42nd Street subway station to lure renters. The complex filled up as the Internet boom ended, and now it's a tougher sell, with a 10 percent vacancy rate.

    But developer Alex Twining thinks successful development along the strip is a no-brainer. "The area is one of the last frontiers on the island that hasn't been updated," says Twining. "The natural forces are at work pushing in all directions: north from Chelsea, west from prime Midtown and south."

    If the Orion is any indication, the condos are aiming for ultra luxury. The first curtain wall residential tower along the corridor, the building has three levels of amenities on its center floors, containing the 8,200-square-foot La Palestra fitness center, with onsite trainers, nutritional/lifestyle counselors and physician; a double-lane lap pool; saunas; treatment rooms; and a Jacuzzi that seats 25, all with a remarkable view. Other amenities include a business center with conference room, screening room, several outdoor terraces, breakfast bar, indoor parking and personal concierge service.

    The apartments offer hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, Italian Valcucine kitchens and bathroom fixtures by Waterworks ("Not cheap," says Haas.) Studios are priced at approximately $495,000; one-bedrooms, $643,000; two-bedrooms, $925,000; three-bedrooms, $1.7 million.

    Far West 42nd Street has a long way to go, but that influences its emerging character. Fashion designer Ming Wong, an owner at the Armory says, "This isn't a trendy place right now. The restaurants are neighborhoody, but not fabulous. The people who are here are long settled – not a group of younger buyers ready to come here and set up a home."

    Much of the developer interest is speculative, based on hopes that the long-discussed extension of the No. 7 train to 10th Avenue will happen, as well as visions of a massive revitalization following the recent rezoning just south on the West Side. Right now, "they're selling blue sky," says Packes.

    But it's a solid bet and values on existing housing reflect the optimism. According to Lindy Bondy, a Klara Madlin agent who lives at the Armory and has sold 40 units there, "I have an exclusive on 43rd Street, a townhouse I sold to the current owner five years ago. The place has tripled. Real estate here is on a fast track, but it's a good investment because there's still room to grow."

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    This is so cool. The good thing is that the architecture is becoming more innovative, aside from Riverplace. SO we got a 58 story tower well underway, a 65 story (700 footer?)tower (love the design btw), a 46 story tower (again, awesome glass tower), a 23 story tower (renderings?), a 50+ story tower for Riverplace II, and hopefully something good at the Verizon site. A 42nd street canyon from river to river, I love it. Oh yeah BOA will soon be rising on 42nd too!

    Just think, each of these buildings is adding upwards of a thousand people, some more, some less, to our population. Truly amazing, who said this city was in the past.

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    The 7 exstension is needed dearly.

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    The reds are completed, the blues are U/C, the greens are proposed, and the yellow shaded parcels are distant proposals. The numbers correlate to the project numbers in this thread.
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    Default ARE the man. Thanks!

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    I said in the other thread I almost love you.

    Derek, will you marry and have man-children with me?

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    Talking I love you, Derek2k3

    Thank you for the information.

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    Map lovers around the world unite in praise of Derek! Information is so much easier to digest this way.

    Question - what is the residential tower just south of the Residence Tower of the Chinese Consulate General? It has a art moderne-ish type crown, and although it's nothing special, I remember it getting built a few years ago and I always liked it when riding in to the city on Amtrak. I can't find any information anywhere on it, even after going through page after page at Emporis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kznyc2k
    Map lovers around the world unite in praise of Derek! Information is so much easier to digest this way.

    Question - what is the residential tower just south of the Residence Tower of the Chinese Consulate General? It has a art moderne-ish type crown, and although it's nothing special, I remember it getting built a few years ago and I always liked it when riding in to the city on Amtrak. I can't find any information anywhere on it, even after going through page after page at Emporis.
    Are you talking about this one?

    I like it too.

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    Well that's her - thanks for the speedy reply. Built in 1987?? I guess my memory isn't serving me too well, probably confused its construction with the ResidenceTowerOfTheChineseConsulateGeneral (trying saying that ten times fast).

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    Default 42nd and 8th ave

    is there any info on the times square plaza site. Everyday I walk past this ugly empty lot on 42nd street just siiting there like it was in the middle of nowhere.

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    Actually, you are quite on top of things. That's pretty much the story.

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