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Thread: Assemblages, Building Prospects, Back Burner and Visions

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    Default Assemblages, Building Prospects, Back Burner and Visions

    This post is a reference for newly announced or developing projects that have the prospect of becoming substantial building developments in a number of years. Additionally post site assembleges that can support a substancial development and lastly the following: visionary projects, project in the pipeline, and speculative office buildings.

    To start things off...

    Project #1
    10th Avenue at 37th and 38th streets


    Rockrose planning director Jon McMillan confirmed the company now owns both the full, east and west-side 10th Avenue block fronts between 37th-38th streets. Sources said Rockrose spent a total of about $35 million to assemble the block's west side over the past five years, a figure McMillan would not confirm.
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    I guess these apply.

    Project #2
    NW Corner of 42nd & 8th
    Dev-Jeff Sutton and Joe Cayre

    Project #3
    315 West 42nd Street

    Project #4
    SW Corner of 42nd & 9th
    ~40 stories

    Project #5
    SE Corner of 43rd & 10th
    Commercial Office

    Project #6
    SW Corner of 43rd & 10th

    Project #7
    SE Corner of 43rd & 11th
    Commercial Office

    Project #8
    SE Corner of 42nd & 11th

    Project #9
    42nd Street between 10th & 11th
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    Is there any news about the possible new tower on the NW corner of 42nd and 8th?

    The development map seems to indicate possible development on the parking lot situated across the street from the PA on the north side of 42nd Street. It's amazing that a parking lot is still there!

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    Derek that hotel looks alot taller than the 600 feet it was originally proposed at.

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    Yea I noticed that too.

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    Thumbs up

    NYTIMES looks puny in comparrison in that rendering.

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    I think that's a proposal for an office tower south of PABT. Also, other than the hotel they are smartly downplaying the heights
    of all the new buildings.

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    There is a building that already has the foundation dug on the North side of 42nd St., between 10th & 11th (mid-block). I was told by the foreman that it was going to be a 19 story apartment tower, residential, all rental.

    Does anyone know of this building? Who the architect is, or preferably a rendering?


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    Long time Cris, where've you been?

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    Look at Project # 5 in this thread. Is that what you're talking about? Glad to have you back, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYatKNIGHT
    Look at Project # 5 in this thread. Is that what you're talking about? Glad to have you back, btw.
    yes, this one.

    thank you.

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    Project #10

    Globe Street:

    Acadia Plans Second NYC-Area Mixed-Use Site
    By Barbara Jarvie

    NEW YORK CITY-Acadia Realty Trust plans to redevelop a Washington Heights site as a mixed-use environment featuring more than 300,000 sf of retail, residential and commercial elements at a cost of approximately $40 million. Approximately half of the space will be used for retail and commercial development. The White Plains-based REIT purchased 4650 Broadway--a 140,000-sf building currently occupied by the city and a commercial parking garage--for $25 million.

    Acadia plans to start development in the next 12 to 24 months and anticipates completion in another 18 months. In lieu of directly developing the mid-rise residential portion, the company is considering selling its rights, while retaining ownership of the other portions.

    This is the third of Acadia's New York Urban/Infill investments. The acquisition was made through AKR Fund II, in partnership with P/A Associates. Acadia previously acquired the Sears Building on Fordham Road in the Bronx and entered into a 95-year ground lease to redevelop a 16-acre site in Pelham Manor into a community shopping center. In a conference call last month, Acadia executives said costs for the Fordham Road redevelopment nearly doubled going from $60 million and $70 million. “As is the case with our two other Urban/Infill projects, this high density and high barrier-to-entry real estate creates extremely strong tenant demand as well as attractive risk adjusted returns,” says Kenneth F. Bernstein, Acadia’s president and CEO. The company is in negotiations for a redevelopment project in Brooklyn.

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    Default Tenth Avenue between 30th-31st Streets

    Project #11

    Tenth Avenue between 30th-31st Streets
    < 308,000 Sq. Ft.


    The far West Side gold rush has come to another under-utilized site: the entire eastern block front of Tenth Avenue between 30th-31st streets. Eastern Consolidated's Ron Solarz is taking bids for the current owner, property maintenance and restoration firm Stuart Dean.

    Bids are due in May 11 for the 14,300 square-foot site. Currently occupied by a two-story garage, a small apartment building and an empty lot, the parcel can be built out to 143,000 square feet "as of right" under Hudson Yards-area zoning.

    But Solarz points out the new zoning permits buildout to 308,000 feet by buying neighboring air rights. He emphasized there was no way to predict what the site will fetch but said he would "not be surprised" to see offers "north" of $23 million, or $161 per buildable square foot based on the 143,000-foot minimum.

    Big developers such as Brookfield, Related Cos. and Rockrose have big snatching up parcels all over the far West Side — some in anticipation of a new Jets stadium, Javits Center expansion and subway line extension, but most merely as an expression of confidence in the area's future.

    As reported here two weeks ago, Rockrose just paid $10 million for a corner site at 10th Avenue and 37th Street. That completed two facing block fronts that it first began assembling five years ago, long before the stadium proposal or rezoning.

    But where the Rockrose site is zoned for residential use, the block Solarz is marketing is zoned for mixed commercial and residential, with the commercial portion at the base. He said he's had interest already from "hotel groups, office groups, and builders of mixed-use including residential."

    The site is immediately south of 450 W. 33rd St., the giant office building that's home to the Daily News and the AP.
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