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Thread: George Washington Bridge

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    It has been given cultural recognition in more than one film, but heres one:

    Like parts of "Brooklyn" as Hollywood knows it, thanks to Mangold its a symbol of the city and indeed, of Jersey.

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    Wow, what a fantastic bridge tour on a gorgeous day.

    That's forumer vanshnookenraggen.

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    A great set of photographs and views I will never get to see.

    Thanks for the link ablarc.

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    May as well post the real thing here. Thanks ablarc.

    This summer I have been working as an intern in the planning department for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. As a perk they gave all the interns an opportunity to take a tour of some of their facilities. As an experienced urban explorer I knew there was only one place I wanted to check out, the George Washington Bridge.

    This is the elevator we took up. All that separated us from the world was a mesh cage.

    Fort Lee, NJ

    Climbing out to the very top. The guys on the right and left are bridge painters who gave us the tour.

    They told us stories about when the elevator would break down and they would have to climb all the way down with no net or rope.

    Through this view finder you could see the other great New York bridges as well as the Statue of Liberty.

    The George Washington Bridge is the most heavily trafficked bridge in the US.

    This guy was a character. Specifically Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    Yonkers across the river.

    Security is very important.

    For the rest, here is my Flickr.

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    Lucky dog, getting the opportunity to go up there.

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    It's such an intricate and graceful bridge. One of the world's most beautiful and probably NY's best.

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    What a great set of photos. The GW IMO is the best bridge in the city.

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    Amazing set of photos!

    Thanks for the tour.

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    I agree. Thanks so much for these excellent photos!

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    The GWB is like an old friend.

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    Story of civilization, January 1931

    After more than 30 years of planning, ground for the commercially vital Hudson River Bridge was broken at last in September 1927, and for the next four years, as workers bored and poured and hammered and riveted and strung up the cables for the world’s longest suspension span, the Hudson River Bridge is all anyone ever called it. And then the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey suddenly decided to call it the George Washington Memorial Bridge instead. A loud public cry went up: What for? As there were 25 George Washington Bridges in the United States already. Civic groups fussed and newspaper editorials thundered, and finally there was a popular referendum, with ballot boxes installed all over. Tens of thousands of votes later, Hudson River Bridge was the overwhelming favorite, but then the Port Authority summarily ignored that outcome and went with George Washington anyway. By whatever name, the great bridge was an authentic marvel, one of the world’s modern wonders. “The story of bridge-building is the story of civilization,” Gov. Franklin Roosevelt declared when the thing opened to traffic in October 1931. “When posterity surveys the achievements of 20th-century America, a highly significant monument will be the George Washington Bridge. It will be, perhaps, our most impressive and characteristic landmark.”

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    The company I work for acquired Ammann & Whitney a few years back. I've got to go into their archives one of these days.....

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    Hard not to love this bridge.


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    Flight 11, which had passed over the bridge on 09-11-01, was said to only be about several hundred above it.

    But I wouldn't want that job of taking care of the bridge for all the tea in China!

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