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Thread: Tower 31 - 9 West 31st street - 41 stories - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default Tower 31 - 9 West 31st street - 41 stories - by Costas Kondylis

    9 west 31th Street, NYC

    31st Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway
    41 stories 450 feet
    Costas Kondylis & Partners
    Dev-Jack Halpern Management
    Residential Rental
    283 units
    Under Construction 2004-2006

    view from 5th avenue

    view from 31st street ...looking up

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    Ouch! Look at that addition to the building in the foreground... public housing meets the beaux-artes. There oughtta be a law...

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    Default Tower 31

    Slightly older pictures from a couple of weeks ago.

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    looks just like 2 Gold street in lower manhattan!

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    Photo by Naptown from SkyscraperCity.
    See the rest of his ESB pictures here:

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    It's not a great design. It is, however, amazing to see this 450' building absolutely dwarfed by the ESB.

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    Alot of buildings in Manhattan would dwarf 450', I'd say anything over 750 feet would dwarf a 450 footer.

    I think ESB needs to be surrounded by some bigger buildings, like 700' I think Immensly tall towers like ESB go great with shorter company, look at Chicago for instance, those 890 footers next to sears add character while still being significantly smaller and weaker.

    It would be great to have an apt on the north side of thise building, look 500 feet in front of you and theres the ESB!

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    A lot of building in the city!! Looks like they will be nice inside. Too bad I won't be able to afford it!!

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    [QUOTE=BrooklynRider]It's not a great design..../QUOTE]

    I agree. I walked by it the other day, and the design is crap. Costas really does not impress me.

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    Drove past this today. No pics since I was in a speeding taxi. BUT it's just about done, the facade is completed, still scaffolding around the base. It really is a narrow tower. I know the design isn't great, I'd say it's mediocre, BUT, would you rather have the empty parking lot that was there? I'll take this development and the ~500 new residents it will add.

    The new hampton Inn on West 31st is a very ugly sliver building.

    Also drove past the Friars Tower site......didn't see any work being done....not even this one still on?

    Lastly just like to note that there are several ugly parking lots on W 31st, mainly parking for MSG. I'd be happy if they were developed. The area has some spectacular old buildings, and some really decrepit buldings that should be torn down.

    <This was my first time to Penn Station, spending the weekend in NJ at relatives house....took a car from Park Ave Atrium (46th/Lex) to Penn Station. How dismal it really is.>

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    Default please take down that Now Renting sign!

    This picture was taken 2 floors above Costas Kondylis' offices on 27th Street between 6th & Broadway. They probably had to brick in their windows after building this one.

    It must be hard for Kondylis employees to face the tumors they throw up in the city everyday.

    They must run down Sixth Avenue blindfolded...
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    ...on the way to the bank...

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    those two perspectives are one reason why i love nyc

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    Horrible tower, horrible location. I tend to be the one who sticks up for mundane/mediocre highrises, but this is one of the few that I outright hate.

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    I like looking at it from lower Broadway. It fills in a gap for the parade of towers there.

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