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Thread: 255 Hudson Street - Condo - by Handel Architects

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    Apartments that cost that kind of money...and they're salivating over Sub-Zeros and laundry rooms? They can't see how stupid that garden looks with the suburanite rec-room wood walls and xmas-tree landscaping?

    It looks like a landscaped sauna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Front_Porch View Post
    Slesin is a design writer, not a business/real estate writer. I imagine the goal was to capture the feeling of "what you get for two or four million dollars" and she did that pretty well.

    Sure it comes across as real-estate porn funded by the advertiser, but it probably wasn't. It was just straight editorial real-estate porn. (Which is what "On the Market" is, too, brokers don't pay for it.)

    I bet most Times readers lapped this feature up with a spoon.

    I guess it seems odd that they would do this write up when this building has been on the market for over a year. Do you have any sense as to the process of deciding what to write about?

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    Default Apologies in advance for the length of this reply!

    I have never been a staffer at the Times, but I have freelanced for it (business section) and I ran the real estate section of one of their competitors (Post), which seemed to have strongly "influenced" the Times real estate section, so yes, I can make some pretty good guesses . . .

    Edit for a weekly section of a newspaper is like a jigsaw: there's always pieces that run every week -- which we call "furniture." And you want to get a geographic and demographic mix. So let's say Joyce Cohen's Hunt column one week is going to be about two married graduate students landing in East Harlem, you might want to balance that with a high-end downtown feature so there's something for everybody.

    High-end stuff consistently gets pitched to you: Anyone who is developing a four-million-dollar apartment has a marketing group (Corcoran, Elliman, Marketing Directors, Shvo, Core, etc.) and you're getting pitched by their publicist. They may also have someone "outside" -- Rubenstein is big in real estate -- sending you story pitches. And yes, your advertisers are constantly trying to take you to lunch. An ultra-luxe building like 165 Charles by Richard Meier will have a fabulous cocktail party for the press and potential buyers. The Post and I'm sure the Times have a gift policy, where you can feed the reporters but you can't give them anything of value, so I have a fine collection of real estate tote bags.

    Newspapers live and die by photos, so one reason you get so much luxury coverage is: hey, fancy buildings are prettier. There's only so many ways you can shoot a studio.

    Luxury buildings tend to blur together, so anyone who can come up with a marketable "hook" tends to get more press coverage: the Cielo buys air rights to protect its views; 20 Pine runs a sales office 24/7; the Solaire is a really, really green building.

    Less high-end stories you get by sending reporters to walk around. Reporters tend to walk around at or near where they live, which is one reason The Bronx is phenomenally undercovered by the metro papers.

    Also, when you're at a newspaper, the phone rings constantly with people who are hysterical with some housing crisis or another and want justice -- one reason I ended up an agent is I thought if I was going to consistently advise first-timers, I might as well get paid for it. But sometimes stories come through that way, too, like the idea that new buyers of four-family townhouses in Harlem had no idea what their tax bills were going to look like.

    Finally, I think journalists are paying more attention to the Internet. I was friends with founder Lockhart Steele, and when I was at the Post, we used to read curbed. The Property Grunt blog (, written by a real estate insider, is amazing, too. I still write for, and I know that reporters at the Wall Street Journal and the Philly Inquirer read me there.

    I only found wiredny later, after I left full-time journalism, but it's an amazing resource and I'd be really surprised if current re journos don't watch it closely -- and , um, "come up with story ideas."

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

    PS: For another take on real estate and the Times, you might want to read Joyce Cohen's blog, which is great:
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    FP: Interesting post. Post more.

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    Yes that was an awesome post...Very very interesting

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    I'm a member of the FP fanclub!

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    Thanks you guys are so nice!!

    A little bit of light in a week where I felt a $6,000 commission turning to dust in my hands . . .

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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