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Thread: NJ. swamp land just outside of Manhattan

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    Default NJ. swamp land just outside of Manhattan

    Not that I'm for developing it but does anyone know why there was a section of wetland, swamp, grassland left right outside of Manhattan in New Jersey? The area I'm talking about is most apparent and a real contrast when leaving the city by train from Penn Station. Since all other areas of NJ. closest to the city are highly developed, I wondered if anyone had the history or knew why this area was left undeveloped accept for the occassional radio tower looming from the swamp.

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    Meadowlands Commision has consevred alot of the wetlands and rehabilitated and turned them into park land. Richard DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst a beautiful meadowlands park.
    Here is the website:
    They have hiking tours, kyacking tours, pontoon boats. I have taken them and they are worth it. The meadowlands are making a remarkable come back and that is eveident in the website.

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    Everything you wanted to know about the Meadowlands

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    thanks for the websites. Obviously I am not that familiar with NJ.
    Of course it's the Meadowlands...I didn't put 2 and 2 together.
    This is fantastic park land just outside of the city. I look forward to visiting it!

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    The new WEPN radio towers were topped off last week by helicopter. The 480-foot towers, located in North Bergen near the 16E exit for the NJ Turnpike, will replace the current broadcast facility in East Rutherford, near the under-construction Meadowlands Xanadu project.

    The relocation of the radio tower array is necessary due to AM radio signal interference caused by the Xanadu project. By reestablishing operations at the new site, WEPN will assist the Xanadu project by removing the serious risk of electromagnetic harm and potential disruption to Xanadu both during construction and following completion.

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