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Thread: 111 West 57th St - 1350 ft

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    ^IMO you tend to stand nearer the window when actually enjoying the view. Further back in the room you have the elevation of a building or just plain sky; that's true of any building in the city over a couple of dozen floors.

    This building, on paper, is up there with 56 Leonard and 99 Church in terms of my top three for looks and engineering. Compare this to the hoke over at 432 Park....actually that's not possible.

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    Notice how far back in the room the POV is. Sitting on the Sofa, you have the same view, if now a higher angle.

    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    Notice how high the point of view is for this rendering. If this were eye level for an actual person they would have to be about ten feet tall. I keep going back to this but it reaches a point where you can get up too high to really enjoy the view.

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    SHoP’s Billionaires’ Row Supertall Gets a Spectacular Real-Life Mockup

    September 22, 2015
    By Diane Pham

    Rendering versus reality? SHoP can certainly boast that the real thing will look as good, if not better, than the drawings they’ve put out. Yesterday afternoon, JDS Development Instagrammed (h/t Curbed) an amazing shot of a scale model facade of their ultra-skinny tower going up at 111 West 57th Street. The mockup features the same materials and finishes that will be applied to the actual construction, and by any stretch of the imagination, if you multiply this beauty’s terracotta, glass, and bronze filigree to its 1,428-foot potential, it will certainly be one of the city’s most striking buildings. Who says architects don’t care about detail anymore?

    You can check out some of the renderings of 111 West 57th Street in our gallery.

    [Via Curbed]

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    Thumbs up

    Looks incredible.... flies in the face to the modernist imbecile that declared that "decoration is sin". Wish they would take this up another 300ft so it can peer over that horrendous 1400 foot pile of sh-t they stacked at 432 Park.

    This one is one of the very few projects in that brings me to smile.
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    Default A Behind the Scenes Look at How SHoP’s Stunning Facade at 111 West 57th Street Will C

    A Behind the Scenes Look at How SHoP’s Stunning Facade at 111 West 57th Street Will Come to Life
    By Ondel Hylton
    October 21, 2015

    Last month, JDS Development wowed us with an image showing a visual curtain wall mockup of their super-tower underway at 111 West 57th Street. Now the Michael Stern-led development team in partnership with Property Markets Group has released a new video and a handful of images to keep our mouths watering for what is poised to become New York’s most daring skyscraper in generations.

    More info and images in the post here.

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    Maybe an iconic building like this will help usher in an era of using materials other than clear/blue glass.

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    Let's hope so, the only thing more stunning about this building is that Schlock, er-um, SHOP designed it!

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    A masterpiece. Let's hope the developer won't cheap out so it turns out as the renderings (or even better).

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    Post 111 West 57th Street

    What a dramatic difference between this and nearby 432 Park : despite having similar locations, footprints, and heights. I see the architectural merits in both buildings : but 111 West 57th is my favorite by far; both the form factor, and richly embellished facade treatment of 111 West 57th are exquisite. The developers' website has a simple graphic summary of the building, including several renderings of the interiors.

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    Yimby strikes again: with lots of photos, and forum member commentary.

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    There's already a thread for this.

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    SHoP's Slender Midtown Supertall Finally Begins to Rise

    Located at 111 West 57th Street, the tower will eventually rise to 1,428 feet

    by Tanay Warerkar
    Jun 6, 2016

    Work is moving forward on the SHoP Architects-designed supertall at 111 West 57th Street, YIMBY reports. Construction on the super slender tower is now about three stories above ground, and will rise to 1,428 feet when complete.

    The 82-story building will feature 42 full-floor apartments starting on the 16th floor and upward (lower floors will have about five apartments on each floor).The adjoining Steinway Hall building will have 12 residences. Retail will occupy parts of the cellar through fourth floor, and offices are planned for the fifth floor.


    Apart from that, details on the JDS and Property Markets Group collaboration remain scant. Following a slowdown in the luxury market, it was revealed this past March that sales won't launch in the building until 2017.

    The project is using the tallest freestanding crane (220 feet) in NYC building history.

    By Robert Walpole via YIMBY

    Supertall 111 West 57th Street Sprouts From The Ground [YIMBY]

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