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Thread: Hotel Pennsylvania - by McKim Mead & White - to be replaced by 15 Penn Plaza

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    Fat as is wide, taller and thinner and it would look pretty good.

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    Closing down the Virgin Megastore would be quite suicidal for Vornado and Times Square. Woldn't see how closing down 1 of Times Square's main attractions would have anything to do with the Hotel Penn and Moynihan redevelopment

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    That looks like a worthy replacement for the Hotel Penn if there was to be one. Building this would help clean up this general area. If this could be built to replace the Manhattan Mall, I'd be much happier though.

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    It would look alot better with a crown.

    It would make a great counterpart to the Empire State Building.

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    This area of Midtown could definitily benefit from more skyscrapers while still leaving the ESB as a standout.

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    This tower with a crown would hurt the ESB feelings.

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    Some may not want to hear this but its time to make the ESB part of a Field of 1200 footers!

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    You assuming landmarks wants to do something.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    What irony.

    Here's your window, LPC.

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    It is pretty bulky, but it looks to be at or around 1150 feet. That's probably tall enough to offset the fatness.

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    With the square footage it should be taller and slimmer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
    You assuming landmarks wants to do something.
    Not assuming anything.

    It was sarcasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonzo-ny View Post
    With the square footage it should be taller and slimmer.

    BoA redux.

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    I'm starting to become a little concerned about the obstruction of the view from 30 Rock to downtown with the ESB visible. I think that's one of NYC's signatures sights and when you put buildings along 34th they'll block it.

    In fact, I think this tower will block Lady Liberty from that view.

    What do you think?

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    looks like feaux dubai

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