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Thread: Hotel Pennsylvania - by McKim Mead & White - to be replaced by 15 Penn Plaza

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    Hotel Penn Still Improbable Cash Cow For Vornado

    by Chris Shott
    November 6, 2008

    Anna Del Gaizo.

    One-time demolition target Hotel Pennsylvania continues to line landlord Steve Roth's pockets, giving him even more reason to hang on to the old McKim, Mead & White-designed lodge. Quarterly figures released this week by Mr. Roth's Vornado Realty Trust show the historic hotel generating even more revenue than last year -- a total of nearly $30 million so far through the first nine months of 2008.

    That's about $5 million more than it made over the same timeframe in 2007, when the hotel ultimately netted $37.9 million.

    At this rate, the old Glenn Miller hangout could surpass the $45 million mark in 2008, though declining demand might lessen the final tally.

    Daily rates at Hotel Pennsylvania presently start at $219 -- that's $30 cheaper than in August. Rates are generally more expensive in November, which is traditionally peak travel season in New York City.

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    Spruce up the rooms and exterminate the roaches.

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    $219 a night. Does that include pests with room service?

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    You can't order the pests from room service.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    Spruce up the rooms and exterminate the roaches.
    Why get rid of new pets or fresh snacks for the guests?

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    Mmmmm ... Soup!

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    That hotel is awful inside. Their booking success is a direct result of, expedia and orbitz - primarily tourists staying there for the first and only time.

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    Then if Vornado had any sense, they'd renovate it and turn it into a first-class, grand hotel, rather than destroy one of the area's few redeeming structures and put up a nondescript, generic piece of Bauhaus crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stroika View Post
    Then if Vornado had any sense, they'd renovate it and turn it into a first-class, grand hotel, rather than destroy one of the area's few redeeming structures and put up a nondescript, generic piece of Bauhaus crap.
    They do have sense; that's the whole problem. As long as it mints money for them as a tourist trap, it'll stay exactly the way it is --to hell with New York's reputation among visitors. What makes it a money mine is a steady revenue stream combined with no spending. These folks at Vornado are not nice guys.

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    That's right.

    There are only two options as far as Vornado is concerned -raze the hotel for a big development, or leave it as is and draw profit.

    There's a parallel downtown, the Cosmopolitan Hotel on West Broadway and Chambers. It was built as a somewhat upscale hotel called The Girard in the 1840s, because the Hudson River Railroad ran along West Broadway. After the Civil War, it was renamed Cosmopolitan. In the 1940s, it was called the Bond Hotel, and went into steep decline.

    By the 1970s, it was a seedy SRO, straight out of Taxi Driver. A dimly lit, narrow hallway led to a desk clerk behind a cage. You'd never have known it was a hotel save for the Vacancy/No Vacancy sign hanging over door.

    If it wasn't landmarked, it would have been torn down. So instead, it was renovated. It wasn't gutted and restored to a luxury hotel with large suites; the rooms remained small. It was repaired and cleaned, decades of soot removed.

    Today, it probably looks a lot like it did a century ago. Rates are reasonable, and it's a big success.

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    ^ For an average tourist on an average budget looking to stay in an interesting neighborhood well-served by transit, this is today's answer. Spotlessly clean, but ask for a room that looks out on the street from an upper floor.

    Sure beats the Pennsylvania by every criterion.

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    Scoping documents have been released, as the approval process for this one is about to begin:

    Public Scoping Meeting on the 15 Penn Plaza Project

    A public scoping meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at the New York City Department of City Planning’s Spector Hall,
    22 Reade Street, New York, New York, 10007. The meeting will begin at 10 AM. Written comments will be accepted by the lead agency
    until Wednesday, February 11, 2009.

    Draft Scope

    The developers (Vornado) are proposing two development scenarios - single or multi tenant.
    The multi tenant tower would be the taller of the two (1,198 ft), while the single tenant tower would be
    slightly lower (1,119 ft). There is of course the "no build" option, where the developer would build a 580 ft tower.


    From the documents:

    The project is expected to take 4 years (2010-2014)

    Both options would produce a supertall of over 1100 ft :

    The gold version is the single tenant option:

    The no build alternative:

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    The filthy whores. This entire area is full of garbage one-story McDonalds, and they want to tear down the only nice thing around? Not this time -- the public has learned after 8 years of fanning up the economy on a real estate bubble what a bunch of smoke-and-mirrors crooks developers are. Let's get this baby landmarked ASAP.

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    Its 1225 to the top of the parapet, only 25 feet shorter than the Empire State Building. That said they couldn't get this done when the economy was good, the Hotel Penn site is assured continued existence for quite some time.

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    There is of course the "no build" option, where the developer would build a 580 ft tower.
    what would be the point?

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