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Thread: NYC Easter 2005

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    Default NYC Easter 2005

    My point of view. Enjoy.

    I hope you like it. Greetings from Germany,
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    @ Law & Order: I'm using a Sony DSC-V1, mainly because of its size. The camera is very convenient to store in my messenger back. Picture quality is excellent in my view and its big brother - Photoshop - helps to correct any flaws as you see.
    Thanks for your appreciation.

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    Beautiful Pictures. As Times Square Fan I like the Picture of Times Square naturally.


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    Excellent pictures! You managed to capture perfectly the colours and vibrosity which makes this my fave city in the world!

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    Very beatiful pictures!!. Great job.

    Thank you for share them.

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    Those are some damn fine photos! Danke!

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    stunning pictures!!

    Can I ask where the photograph of the Chrysler building was taken from? And how did you get that fantastic shot of times sqaure??!!

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    Thumbs up Great shots!!

    You are a super photographer! What great color and quality!! Thanks for sharing!! I miss NY already.

    Quote Originally Posted by Braesikalla View Post
    My point of view. Enjoy.

    I hope you like it. Greetings from Germany,

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