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Thread: Photos of Vintage Police Car Show

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    Default Photos of Vintage Police Car Show

    5th Annual Vintage Police Car Show
    10 am - 5 pm; also June 12
    @ New York City Police Museum, 100 Old Slip

    Q: "Car 54, where are you?" A: At 100 Old Slip - this weekend, anyway. Also on hand for the Police Museum's 5th Annual Car Show are vintage squad cars from New York City and elsewhere, as well as a replica of the car from the tv series, Adam 12, and a host of other classic vehicles. Almost 50 cars will be on display, and car owners will be on hand to show off their prize possessions and answer questions.

    Here is a pic of the Battery Maritime Building and the newly completed Staten Island Ferry Trminal, taken from the ferry to Governors Island
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    When I left New York for overseas military duty, the NYPD squad cars were the green-black-white Plymouths (foreground in first photo).

    On returning, my friends took me to the city, and when I saw one of those bright blue models, I said, "What the hell is that?"

    BTW, the Maritime Building looks spectacular. I hope the city follows through with plans to move the underpass portal and create a plaza in front.

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    Default Maritime Building

    Great pics ...

    The restoration of the Maritime building is a great thing, except for the terrible mustard yellow paint job. The previous color (mix of blue greens / greens) was so much better -- the whole building looked like patinated copper.

    I'm hoping the current colors are just an "interim" situation...

    Anyone have any info on this?

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    The color scheme is historically accurate to the 1908 building.

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    Zippy, what year(s) was that? I love hearing first-hand accounts about what the city was like then compared to now.

    I've converted this photo to B&W to help jog your memory to maybe come up with a good story!

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    Oh yeah, that B&W did it...1972. I was a pup.

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    Default Hi could somebody help me plse

    I'm looking for NY police's cars used in the50's 60's if somebody could post good pics it would be great.

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    Nice vintage police cars. Reminds me of the vintage speeding tickets I used to get when the speed limit was 55.

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    Very nice post. Don't know why, but I have a soft spot in my heart for a Plymouth Fury in uniform

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