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Thread: London Projects

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    Newcastle kid, I don't get how they got that turned into a 'conservation area' in the interim. Theyre probably worried Columbus will herald a new clutch of towers around it as its a bit 'standalone' for it not to warrant some 'props ups'.

    btw some pix of the Aquatic Centre by Zaha Hadid, and progressing well:

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    Stratford transport interchange getting bigger with the Olympics, (+ the biggest shopping centre in Western Europe)

    + some new hotels from EPR:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    No one here has been banned for insulting anyone, except one person who admitted registering just to call someone a prick. Do you know of another?

    This isn't as easy as you assume, that is, if you want the forum to remain a free-flowing exchange of ideas. We can't dictate what people like, so should we impose some numerical limit on how many times they can say it? Got a good number?

    Rather than fuel further drifting off-topic with these complaints, why don't you open a thread in Forum Issues, where the topic can be discussed at length, and maybe find a resolution.
    But I thought this was a thread about London projects, as in architecture and construction, not about the state of the government or police force or the price of living. I didn't think it was a place to discuss opinions on how the City is run and what the people are like, but what it's projects are like. If Greg kept his comments about the projects then fine, but he blatantly has another agenda.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gregory Tenenbaum View Post
    Here's a start

    Spare London’s skyline yet another episode of these faulty towers

    Londoners should steel themselves for a shock. The London Eye is soon to be overshadowed by a gigantic stump on the South Bank directly behind the National Theatre. It will comprise 43 storeys of private luxury flats. The building will be of no civic or public significance but simply a way of making money. It will sit above a swimming pool to which, as a sop to local people, non-residents will be admitted - as if that were due compensation for punching London in the face.
    Even the relevant secretary of state, Hazel Blears, normally pro-developer, thought to stall the plan by demanding a public inquiry but, with Johnson declining to object, she has let it through.
    Last October Johnson compounded the offence by deciding to allow another tower and wall of slabs over Waterloo Station, directly behind the Shell Centre. The tower will be 33 storeys and the slabs 27 and 22 storeys.
    The effect of the South Bank tower and the now-dubbed Three Ugly Sisters will be of a wall of unrelieved, energy-guzzling glass gashed across the vista of central London just where the river performs a sweeping curve between Westminster and the City. What will Johnson want next: a nuclear power station in Belgrave Square?
    It is hard to imagine a more sensitive location anywhere in Europe. The towers conform to no plan or contextual policy. They are simply demanded by developers and conceded by a planning process that is hopelessly divided between boroughs, the Mayor and a secretary of state.
    lol. Posting a Simon Jenkins article to make your point is about the worst thing you could do. This 'journalist' is totally biased, massively uninformed, and he uses gross exaggerations to try and scare the public. He has a vendetta against anything over ten stories being built in London... I've had an argument with the man via email, use an ounce of logic and he hasn't got an answer. I ripped apart one of his 'articles' and

    London's skyscraper schemes are some of the best in the world. The ones in The City are innovative in terms of design, and are great at ground level too. Better than a lot of buildings currently in The City, and MUCH better than the buildings they are replacing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynRider View Post
    KNOCK IT OFF - This thread is about London Projects not your assessment of politics.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alonzo-ny View Post
    Lets get back on topic.
    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Rather than fuel further drifting off-topic with these complaints, why don't you open a thread in Forum Issues, where the topic can be discussed at length, and maybe find a resolution.
    Any further off topic or inflammatory posts will be deleted.
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    The 'More London' development nearing completion

    Quote Originally Posted by wawd View Post
    some pics of more london from today. i really like the whole development, with it's bold and repeating facades:

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    I'm not a big fan of More London, but there are some buildings that stand out, the new building especially is a cut above the rest.

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    yep Normy Foster don't half get away with some dross, but I do like the new one. The wooden statues everywhere are great though, and the little stream that goes down the middle of the streets, though not pictured.

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    The public realm is better than the architecture. IMO.

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    I got some picture of hoxton and haggerston. at last hoxton has a roof
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    new 'ghost' building in Stratford, called the Athena:

    its actually just a simple glass reflection, but one that is a specific shade

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    Recent updates of Heron Tower (yesterday I think):

    Link 1

    Link 2

    It's about half way to roof height now, it's approximately 100m at the moment.

    Also, Heron Plaza (the shorter building planned next door) has nabbed the Four Seasons as a tenant. The building was originally planned to be a 95m office building. It is now expected to be a 149m Hotel, providing it gets planning permission which is never a certainty, especially given the new sight lines Boris brought in recently that have already caused a Richard Rogers tower to be scrapped...

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    If I ever wanted to spend the best years of my life working in a glass tower - it would be that one.

    London skyline sux harry balls.

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    Default To the moderators

    To the moderators: I'd just like to inform the moderators that I'll be unsubscribing from this thread unless they ban Gregory Tenenbaum. I haven't posted much, but I've lived in London, and am (I believe) exactly the kind of reader and occasional poster this forum is looking to attract.

    But my time is too valuable to be alerted to new posts by a troll. Thus (if other's quietly follow my approach), you can see how just one troll and overly passive moderation can destroy a forum.

    I'll remain subscribed to several New York building threads until those are overrun by trolls as well.

    (P.S. If moderators do remove Gregory Tenenbaum's message, please go ahead and delete this one as well. Thanks.)

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