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Thread: London Projects

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    20 Fenchurch Street

    As per an article in the Financial Times over the weekend, Land Securities have signed a contract with Canary Wharf Group to build the 690,000sq ft 'Walkie Talkie'; the cost of construction will be £500mn ($791mn). Deutsche Bank and Aon are rumoured tenants and will be complete at the same time as the Cheesegrater (122 Leadenhall) in 2014 with construction starting this January.

    Heron Tower

    The cranes and access platforms are starting to come down on this - temporarily the tallest tower in the Square Mile. Pics taken by SSC forum member potto

    Heathrow Airtrack

    The last stumbling block from stopping the construction of a new line to Heathrow Airport has now been passed. Up until earlier this month Surrey County Council have now agreed to allow for work to proceed; the council would now not pay for any work involved in the project.

    Aitrack is a new line approaching Heathrow from the west that will allow for trains from various regional towns and settlements to the west and south of London direct rail access to the airport. Trains will also run into London Waterloo providing a third connection to Central London (the other two being the Heathrow Express into London Paddington and the Piccadilly Line). Image sourced from

    Brighton & Hove Albion Stadium

    New 22,000 stadium amongst the rural hills of the south-coast. Pics taken by SSC forum member BHAlad.

    I saw this for the first time in person about two months ago and it is boggling how they managed to fit the stadium in within

    1 New Change

    As of today this has now officially opened to the public. The Nouvel-designed development should make the area more vibrant, especially at weekends when the City goes a bit quiet and all the action takes place in the West End.

    On an interesting note, this development returns Cheapside (the name of the road that the development is located with 'cheap' meaning 'market') back to its 12th centurey roots: a retail destination for London. In previous decades the area became home to various groundscraper office developments. Unfortunately the roof terrace won't be open until next month. Image source: chest at SSC

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    Tate Modern

    The Chancellor announced last week that the shortfall in funding (from the government) that was due to be met by the government has been guaranteed. Aerial view taken by DarJoLe at SSC.

    Bishopsgate Tower

    Another update from chest at SSC.

    St George Tower

    Foundation work for the 181m residential tower on the south bank. Update pic taken by dg01 from SSC.


    During the Spending Review, the government fully committed to the Crossrail project. The timetabled opening is now 2018 due to the use of two tunnelling machines (instead of four).

    An update of works at the Canary Wharf station site - the concrete platform has been built and work is being undertaken on the level below. Pictures taken by nauticat at SSC.

    Olympic Hockey & Paralympic Football Centre

    16,000 capacity arena to the north of the Olympic Stadium. Renders sourced by Mo Rush at SSC.

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    Riverside South confirmed as well! Great news.

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    Indeed, October has been a good month for construction news, with confirmation that the following are going ahead;
    - 122 Leadenhall
    - 20 Fenchurch Street
    - Riverside South
    - Tate Modern Extension
    - Crossrail

    London 2012 Volleyball Arena

    Plans have been unveiled for the 15,000 capacity temporary arena to be errected in Horse Guards Parade. For those not in the know - Horse Guards Parade is a ceremonial parade ground that is located inbetween Whitehall and St James's Park and equidistant between Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminster. Expect lots of aerial shots during the games.

    108 matches will be played over the course of 14 days and once the games are over the entire structure will be taken down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alonzo-ny View Post
    Riverside South confirmed as well! Great news.

    All i've seen are rumours in the Daily Telegraph....

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    Degsy - Actually misread something, but I suspect it's pretty much guaranteed to go ahead now as otherwise they would have stated so.


    Further renders have been released of stations on the Crossrail route. This is by far the most important project in London. Sites have or are been cleared at Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street and Farringdon, while the 'trench' inside the dock at Canary Wharf is well on its way. Work on the western tunnel portal at Royal Oak is also well underway. Work is also progressing at other stations along the 118km route.


    Bond Street

    Tottenham Court Road


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    Crossrail - continued

    Liverpool Street


    Canary Wharf

    Customs House

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    1-8: chest at
    9: GazKinz at










    New London Buses

    Some pictures of London's new Routemaster being spearheaded by Boris Johnson the mayor. The bus technically called the 'New Bus for London' is a 11.2m long bus with three sets of doors and two staircases to access the upper deck.

    In peak-hour operation the rear doors will be open to allow for people to hop-on and hop-off just like the original Routemaster. This is an interesting feature compared to other buses because if there is heavy traffic, the bus occupants can vacate at any point. Pictures sourced from londonreconnections.blogspot.

    Bishopsgate Tower

    Photo update from SSC forum member nrm the 2nd



    Work continues on London's second most important transport project(after Crossrail). The following are pics of the controversal Borough Market viaduct that was built to allow for grade-seperate of various viaducts on the tracks between Blackfriars Bridge and London Bridge. The controversy with the below new viaduct is that it meant the demolition of several historical buildings and the temporary displacement of stall holders. For those not aware, Borough Market is one of London's oldest market and dates back to the Roman times. Pictures sourced from londonreconnections.blogspot.

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    London 2012 Update

    The International Olympic Committee visited the Olympic site this month to monitor how developments were progressing. The situation is good - around 75% of the venues and facilities are in place and London is ahead of any city that has hosted the event to date (even ahead of Beijing). Photos sources by DarJoLe from SSC (pics taken from, unless where detailed.


    Super big aerials:


    Olympic Stadium

    Folllowing stadium pics from David Anthony Fearn on Flickr

    And one aerial from Frans Zwart on Flickr

    Aquatics Centre


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    London 2012 Update - continued

    Handball Arena

    Media Centre

    Eton Manor - Aquatic Training + Paralympic Tennis Centre

    Basketball Arena

    Olympic Village

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    East London Line Phase II

    While the first phase of the ELLE opened back in March, work on the second phase to further extend the line for a 2012 opening

    Pictures sourced from

    King's Cross Western Concourse

    hoodedvillain from SSC has managed to take photos of the new Western Concourse at King's Cross station.

    London Wall Place

    Groundscraper and tower designed by MAKE to replace a 50's built tower and low-rise podium. Photos sourced by gegloma01 at SSC.

    wallbrook Square

    Demolition work has begun on Bucklesbury House - the 60's development that occupies the future site of Bloomberg's new office development.

    SSC forum member nrm the 2nd took the following photos;

    Siemens Centre

    Prep work has begun on Siemen's Exhibition Hall adjacent to the Royal Victoria Dock. Renders sourced by chrissus83.

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    1 Park Place

    Demolition work on the current low-storey building at Canary Wharf. The replacement will be 197m.

    - Photos taken by Clayduck from SSC
    - Renders sourced from

    Merchant Square Tower

    This is the latest design that replaces a previous box design of a similiar height. Render sourced from

    Milton Court

    Rare to see, but in the confines of old Londinium, work on a residential tower is in full swing. This is to the north of the Barbican. Photos taken by SSC forum member nrm the 2nd.

    Battersea Power Station

    The following Rafael Viñoly plans for the art-deco Battersea Power Station and surrounding areas have been approved. However the current owner of the site REO an Irish property developer got hit hard in the recession and is currently seeking a partner to work on the large development in the new year.

    The 10.1mn sqft development will create thousands of apartments, a ballroom, lots of offices, two hotels, a new shopping centre, and a conference centre. The power station which is built in the art deco style, was designed by the same architect behind the former power station that is now the Tate Modern so you get an idea of roughly what the end result will be.

    The developer will also fund an extension to the Northern Line from Kennington with two new stations, a new bus route and a new river pier for Thames clipper services. Images sourced by woodgnome

    The entire Battersea-Nine Elms area is set to be redeveloped in the next 10 year as former industrial lands sandwiched in and around various railway lines make way for offices and residential. The new US embassy will also locate in the area.

    Image sourced by london lad at SSC.

    London Gateway Container Port

    3.5TEU terminal and associated logistics park east of London on the Thames. Images sourced by woodgnome on SSC.

    Blackwall Reach Regeneration

    Located to the north of Canary Wharf, the Robin Hood Gardens estate is a pretty grim place. Consisting of 214 flats arranged in 'horizontal slabs', a winning architect is set to be awarded next week which will see the site completly redeveloped into 1,700 homes. Two bidders reman, and work could begin early next year.

    Images sourced by DarJoLe.

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    Olympic 2012

    Aforementioned aerials - might want to drag and drop these to see them in their glory.


    Looking southwards towards the Greenwich Peninsula and Canary Wharf

    Looking northwards up the Lea Valley

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    Photo taken by Will Pearson ( over at

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    ^It's already beautiful. What a great photo.

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