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Thread: London Projects

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    Olympic Stadium Remodelling, 54,000
    Designs for the conversion of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium have been unveiled by West Ham United, who is set to move from their present home in East London and become the primary tenant of the Olympic Stadium.

    Work to alter the fabric of the stadium has been ongoing since the Olympics finished, but several modifications will be required in the coming months to ensure that the stadium can be used for both football and athletics. Modifications include retractable seating over the running track, and the world’s largest tensile roof to provide additional cover for spectators. Overall capacity will be reduced from 80,000 to 54,000, bit this would still make it the fourth largest stadium in London (behind Wembley, Twickenham and the Emirates).

    Stadium in Athletics Mode

    Image from West Ham United:

    Stadium in Football Mode

    Image from West Ham United:

    Image from West Ham United:

    Brentford Community Stadium (Brentford FC), 20,000
    Whilst not one of London’s most famous football clubs, Brentford have been playing football in West London for close to 125 years and currently ply their trade in the third tier of English football.

    Brentford’s current home ground: Griffin Park is now over a century old and has a limited capacity of 12,000; furthermore surrounding housing development and the proximity to Heathrow’s flight paths limits any potential expansion. The club have thus sought over the last few years a new site within the Brentford area of West London.

    Image taken by lakeside1964:

    After several years of negotiation, it was announced last year that the club had acquired a 7.6 acre parcel of land half a kilometre due east (towards Central London) of the present Griffin Park ground surrounded by railway lines. In recent weeks, the club have also unveiled plans for what the 20,000 capacity stadium will look like, as well as the surrounding residential development (by Barratt Homes) which will assist in the development costs of the new stadium. Kew Bridge station on the Hounslow Loop Line is adjacent to the stadium site, whilst Gunnersbury on the District Line is a short distance away.

    Brentford are aiming to start site work next summer, with an opening in July 2016 in time for the 2016-17 season. Once complete, the old stadium will be converted into housing.

    All of the following images were sourced from:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Brentford Community Stadium:

    Allianz Park, 10,000
    Allianz Park is the new home of rugby union side Saracens, who have been a resident of North London for some 135 years. The new stadium incorporates portions of the old Barnet Copthall athletics stadium, a new stand and two temporary stands. Retractable seating allows for the venue to still be used for athletics events.

    The stadium also incorporates the first artificial pitch in rugby union competition, and fans are welcomed to walk on the pitch after matches. There are however two downsides: firstly it’s on the Mill Hill East branch of the Northern Line (basically a one-station shuttle) which is a bit of hassle. Secondly on the two occasions I’ve been, games have been a sell-out, so 10,000 is possibly conservative for attendances.

    Image taken by Professor Alf on Flickr:

    Image taken by Professor Alf on Flickr:

    New Loftus Road, 35-45,000
    Plans for a new modern home for QPR have been in the works for several years now, but last week (and despite the club being all-but relegated from the top flight), the club’s owner Tony Fernandes indicated that details on a new stadium are in the works, and that details would be released soon:

    QPR’s present home at Loftus Road (18,500 capacity) in West London has limited potential for expansion due its location due to the restriction of nearby residential streets. Thus a new stadium is likely to be built somewhere else in West London. Fernandes has indicated a stadium with a capacity of up to 45,000 is sought, but 35,000 is more likely in the short-term due to the clubs’ present position.

    Loftus Road

    Image taken by milanm:

    St Mary’s, 50,000
    St Mary’s is the home to Southampton FC, a Premier League side in the south of England (a city on the periphery of London’s ‘metro’). Southampton moved to St Mary’s in 2001, having moved from their historic ‘The Dell’ ground which had been Southampton’s home for over a century. The present ground which is now over a decade old holds a capacity of just shy of 33,000, and with Southampton likely to avoid relegation, and increase revenues, the owners have sought to expand the stadium capacity. As to what the future capacity would be is uncertain, but a figure of 50,000 has been thrown around.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Madejski Stadium, 38,500
    Located in a commuter town of the same name, Reading is a football club that were recently promoted to the Premier League. The club’s home ground (the Madejski) is a modern stadium with a capacity of 24,000 built in the late 90’s. The stadium is also used by rugby union side London Irish.

    In recent years the club had sought to expand the capacity further, and when the club was acquired by Anton Zingarevich (a Russian tycoon), things looked positive. Subsequently a planning application was submitted earlier this year to expand the stadium’s capacity by 50% to 38,500, however this was dependent upon the club remaining in the Premier League.

    Unfortunately, Reading has done rather poorly this season, and are now destined to be relegated to the second tier of English football. If Reading can bounce back, there is the possibility that the club will accelerate the plans upon promotion as the added revenue from more corporate suites and seating can be substantial. The following image is from an earlier planning application, but it provides an idea of the scale of the project.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    The Madejski as it is today

    Image taken by Jack Tanner:

    Southend United Stadium,22,000
    Located due east of London, Southend-on-Sea is more famous for the world’s longest pier (it has its own rail line), but it is also home to League Two (English 4th division) side Southend United.

    Roots Hall is the club’s present ground (capacity of 12,400), but as with all historic grounds, it lacks the space for modernisation and expansion. The club has thus spent several years seeking a new home, and trying to get planning permission for a new stadium on the periphery of Southend. Present plans see the eventual construction of a 22,000 capacity stadium, training facilities, residential apartments and a retail park; construction could start soon.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    The Oval, 24,000
    The second largest cricket venue in London after Lord’s, The Oval recently experienced substantial expansion and modernisation with the creation of the OCS Stand, however the owners are seeking to expand the capacity by a further 1,000 seats bringing capacity to 24,000.

    Image sourced from Kia Oval:

    Image sourced from Kia Oval:

    Craven Cottage,
    Craven Cottage based along the bank of the River Thames in West London is home to Premier League side Fulham. Plans to develop the western stand alongside the River Thames were raised last year to increase capacity to 30,000.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Unfortunately a delay in gaining planning approval, has pushed the development back, but the club is looking to complete the development by the start of the 2014-15 season. No seats would be lost during construction. The following text and images were sourced by RMB2007 from skyscrapercity.

    Phase 1: Closed season 2012/13. New river wall, new fender piles, new stadium bearing piles, modifications to Putney Stand undertaken and new river walkway are built.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Phase 2: Open season 2013/14. Temporary platform constructed, and foundations finished. Then steel frame is erected, floor slabs put in place and core towers at each end (for roof) put into place. Roof trust is delivered and put into shape on top of new stand, before being put into place and supported on its end cores. Finally, the remaining steelwork (the seating) is erected, before the roof is put up and clad.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Phase 3: Closed season 2013/14. Existing Riverside roof is removed, as well as supporting columns, whilst stand is fitted out and modified for the start of the 2014/15 season. New gates/ turnstiles put into place at end of Bishops Park and start of riverside walkway on Hammersmith side of stand.

    Image sourced by RMB2007:

    Stadium mk, 32,000
    Home to the relatively new MK Dons (founded in 2004; they were controversially previously known as Wimbledon), the club is based in Milton Keynes (due north-west of London) and gradually made progress on and off the pitch allowing them to construct a modern 22,000 capacity stadium that opened in 2007. Rather unique for most stadiums, the upper tier was constructed but not fitted out; this is now due to occur over the summer break, thus bringing the capacity up to 32,000. New large screen will also be installed.

    The semi-complete upper stand which will now be completed in the coming months

    Image taken by ud23:

    The Hive Stadium, 5,100 (10,000)
    Barnet FC played their last home match at the century old Underhill ground in the London Borough of Barnet last weekend. The club have been aiming to build a 10,000 capacity stadium for two decades, and were interested in acquiring the Barnet Copthall site (now home to Saracen’s Allianz Park), but due to resistance from the local council, the club are relocating to their training ground in the neighbouring London Borough of Harrow.

    Barnet will construct a temporary 5,100 stadium on their training premises (adjacent to the Jubilee Line), in time for the 2013-14 season. The local authorities have only granted permission for ten years, and it is likely that the club owners will continue to seek a site in their home borough of Barnet to construct a fully modern and permanent 10,000 capacity stadium before 2023.

    Images taken by pletch99:

    Images taken by pletch99:

    Image sourced from Only Barnet:

    The AMEX, 30,750
    Brighton & Hove Albion moved to their new ground less than two years ago; a fully modern 22,000 capacity stadium nestled amongst the hills overlooking Brighton (50mins train ride due south of Central London). Subsequent excellent performance on the pitch (the club is a contender for the last promotion spot to the Premier League), has led to substantial attendances the club looking to boosting stadium capacity.

    After several months of alternations and extensions, the capacity of the stadium is now 30,750.

    Image taken by Icfcian1:

    Image taken by Fulham phil:

    Yokosuka Stadium, 15-18,000
    Gillingham is a commuter town in part of the Medway area close to the Thames Estuary. The town’s football club (Gillingham) currently play home games at the Priestfield Stadium which dates back 120 years, with a capacity of 11,500. Over the last decade the club’s management have sought to develop a new stadium with a capacity of up to 18,000, although issues on the pitch (relegation from the second tier to the fourth) and off (financial uncertainty) stunted progress.

    Last year, plans were unveiled by the club to develop a 40 acre site (currently the club’s training ground) on Yokosuka Way on the outskirts of the town. The site would encompass the construction of a stadium of up 18,000 capacity, hotel, leisure centre, tennis academy and various shops, however the development is dependent upon the redevelopment of the nearby Chatham Docks.

    Image sourced from Kent Online:

    Image sourced from Kent Online:

    London Wasps Stadium, ????
    Rugby union side London Wasps currently share a stadium with Wycombe Wanderers in a commuter town due west of London. The stadium (Adams Park) has a capacity of 10,000, and despite being built in the 90’s, is limiting revenue growth options for both sports clubs. Originally there were plans to construct a 20,000 capacity ground owned by both clubs on a little used airfield closer to the town centre and adjacent to the M40 motorway. These plans were subsequently turned down and the owner of Wasps then sold the club.

    Earlier this month ( the new majority owner of the club announced that the club was looking to end the current ground-share arrangement with Wycombe Wanderers, and build a dedicated rugby union stadium, preferably in West London. The new owners are working on a five year plan, so indicative plans will probably be announced in the coming months.

    Wasp’s current home at Adams Park, High Wycombe

    Image taken by Peter J Dean:

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    Proposed Garden Bridge Over the Thames Invites Commuters to Slow Down

    by Vincenza Di Maggio

    Rendering of Hearthwick Studio’s design of the new Garden Bridge. (Courtesy Heatherwick Studio)

    Heatherwick Studio has envisioned a refreshing way for Londoners to safely commute from the North to the South side of the city that doesn’t involve the hassle of waiting for a bus, squeezing onto the overcrowded “Tube,” or sitting in mind-numbing traffic. The firm, which has been working closely with actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley to develop the design, proposed a pedestrian garden bridge that will extend across the River Thames, providing Londoners with a safe, green river crossing.

    Rendering of Hearthwick Studio’s design of the new Garden Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio.

    The idea first blossomed in response to the Transport for London’s call for submissions for the design of a pedestrian link that would span the river. They selected Heatherwick Studio’s vibrant design, which features a lush garden walkway supported by two fluted piers that will be filled with flourishing wild flowers and thrive with abundant plant life.

    According to Design Boom, Lumley enthusiastically commented on the new plans for the walkway by saying, “This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water. It will be the slowest way to cross the river, as people will dawdle and lean on parapets and stare at the great cityscapes all around; but it will also be a safe and swift way for the weary commuter to make his way back over the Thames.”

    Rendering of Hearthwick Studio’s design of the new Garden Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio.

    This lively new pedestrian river crossing, which is estimated to cost about $95 million, is to be built between the already-existing Blackfriars and Waterloo bridges, and would be the first bridge to be built over the River Thames since the Millenium Bridge in 2000. With green space covering almost 40 percent of the city, London is one of the greenest cities in the world. This new garden walkway will provide London with yet another, always welcome, peaceful green public space that is sure to attract visitors and locals looking to breathe in some fresh air and appreciate the pleasant riverside views.

    Rendering of Hearthwick Studio’s design of the new Garden Bridge. Photo Courtesy of Heatherwick Studio.

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    It's been a busy few months, so a few construction updates and a rash of new proposals have come up.

    Diamond Tower, Canary Wharf, residential planning app submitted

    Quote Originally Posted by Newcastle Guy View Post
    This has gone in for planning permission. It will be 58 floors and stand at 212m.

    Renders are from the planning application, which can be found here if anyone would like to take a look themselves.

    Quote Originally Posted by Newcastle Guy View Post
    More renders:

    And from the architects website:

    "The slim diamond shape of the tower is determined by the narrow footprint of the site and diagonal alignment of adjacent streets. This optimises pedestrian movement, maintains views and presents a clear and striking new landmark form for Canary Wharf.

    The diamond pattern of the external structure has been carefully designed to provide an optimum architectural and engineering solution to withstand the wind forces on such an exposed high aspect ratio tower. This essential external structural expression also provides a high degree of privacy between apartments and balconies.

    The warm 'champagne' colour of the aluminium cladding has been selected to emphasise the residential use of the building, in contrast to the stainless steel clad commercial buildings that characterise Canary Wharf."

    Final planning and legal challenges to the Vast Earls Court redevelopment. Former exhibition space and railway lands being converted into 7500 new homes.

    Map of area

    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    I sure hope "21st Century High Street" won't be its official name!

    City Pride site, near Canary Wharf, former pub of same name, recently approved planning for a new 75 storey tower.

    Quote Originally Posted by danm View Post

    Let's remind ourselves what we're getting. This will be a beautiful beast on the Canary Wharf skyline:

    250 City Road near the City

    Quote Originally Posted by Vnofd5 View Post

    Foster + Partners has designed a revised project for 250 City Road in Islington on behalf of Berkeley Homes.

    The project named City Forum sits off one end of Islington Basin in an area on the northern City fringe masterplanned for tall buildings with a number of towers already proposed around it such as 261 City Road and 257 City Road. It is roughly half way between Angel Islington and Old Street.

    The new proposals feature four perimeter blocks of 7 to 9 floors clearly identified in their use from their external appearance, plus two towers of 42 and 36 storeys rising to heights of 155 metres and 137 metres respectively that are massed to relate to the approved tall buildings on the other side of City Road.

    As such, the public space behind them is designed to connect directly to City Road providing a new public park almost 100 metres long at its widest point, sheltered from the traffic by the towers and perimeter blocks. The highlight of this new triangular green area will be a central lawn with trees, and on one corner a lily pond.

    At night the project is intended to be internally lit with the towers as particular highlights. These won't be bling like Lloyds of London but rather more understated displaying the sort of subtle lighting seen to add texture to the Millennium Bridge.

    Taking advantage of the location, the interiors of the towers have been arranged in such a way as to offer individual views towards a collection of London landmarks. These range Wembley Stadium and the north to the Gherkin to the east. 10% of the apartments are laid out so that their interior is wheelchair accessible whilst every apartment should have some outdoor amenity in the form of its its own winter garden or balcony.

    With the views and residential amenity areas paramount in the architects minds needless to say the exterior is dominated by glazing and the winter gardens. The largest three bedroom apartments will be able to take advantage of roughly 27 square metres of space split into two sections and tall ceiling heights of 2.6 metres.

    In total the scheme will feature up to 995 new homes, 700 square metres of B1 offices aimed at small businesses and start-ups, a further 5,000 square metres of B1 offices, a 2,000 square metre data centre replacing the present one that occupies part of the site, a hotel of between 150 and 190 beds, plus 4,200 square metres of retail and underground parking. There will also be three new landscaped spaces by Gillespies, of which two will be fully accessible to the public.

    The application for the 1.92 hectare site, although a hybrid, is applying for full planning permission for all the buildings except the hotel, which is dealt with as an outline.

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    Model of Nine Elms, which shows all schemes. Now that the tube extension is all go there has been a rapid acceleration in construction, with more funding agreements announced for others.

    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    General development thread for the Nine Elms regeneration, with a particular emphasis on general news and projects not large enough to warrant their own thread.

    Nine Elms
    South Bank SW8

    Official Website:

    Wandsworth Council:

    Lambeth Council:

    Development Facts

    Cost: £15 billion ($23bn)

    Area: 195 hectares

    Status: Under Construction


    Battersea Power Station
    Thread: Battersea Power Station redevelopment | Wandsworth | Pre-planning

    Embassy Gardens

    Hampton House
    Thread: 20 Albert Embankment (Hampton House) | Lambeth | 89m/80m/44m | 27/24/13fl | Approved

    Heart of Nine Elms

    Marco Polo House

    Merano Residences

    New Covent Garden Market
    Thread: New Covent garden redevelopment- Nine Elms/Vauxhall

    Nine Elms Parkside

    Northern Line extension
    Thread: Northern Line extension to Battersea proposed

    One Nine Elms
    Thread: One Nine Elms | Vauxhall | 200m/161m | 58/43 fl | Approved

    Thread: Riverlight | Wandsworth | U/C

    Sainsbury's Nine Elms

    Spring Mews:

    United States Embassy
    Thread: US Embassy | Wandsworth | Prep

    Vauxhall Cross Island
    Thread: Vauxhall Cross Island Towers | Lambeth | 170m/100m | App

    Vauxhall Square

    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    Nine Elms model:

    Nine Elms Battersea: model by EG Focus, on Flickr

    IMG_5510 by only1loopie, on Flickr

    IMG_5508 by only1loopie, on Flickr
    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    Barratt to enter a joint-venture partnership with L&Q for the Sainsbury's scheme:

    - Costar: Barratt seals deals for two major London schemes

    - Construction Enquirer: Barratt full steam ahead for Aldgate and Nine Elms mega schemes

    Originally Posted by SE9
    Sainsbury's Nine Elms | Nine Elms

    Official website:

    Development info

    Architect: Rolfe Judd

    Site area: 5.26 hectares

    Homes: 737

    Commercial space: 1,580 m²

    Public open space: 7,300 m²

    Completion date: 2016


    Consultation for this scheme has just emerged.

    Quote Originally Posted by Retro Specs View Post
    Couldn't find this on the forum anywhere (although my search wasn't extensive):

    Keybridge House Replacement Proposal

    The current building this will replace was a BT equipment tower:

    More about this on

    The main tower appears to be between 30 and 35 floors from a quick count. I don't see any height listed on the site and planning hasn't been submitted yet.

    Some context - the plans will be submitted and the plan that is approved will be sold with the site, but without any sale covenant saying the plan has to be built. It's possible (likely?) that whoever buys the site from BT will at least modify the plans and resubmit for planning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    They are on site. US Embassy site in foreground, Embassy Gardens site in background (with red cranes):

    Nine Elms Battersea: Work on the US Embassy and Embassy Gardens (red cranes) begins by EG Focus, on Flickr

    Nine Elms Battersea: US Embassy site by EG Focus, on Flickr
    Chinese developers have arrived in London.

    Quote Originally Posted by gegloma01 View Post

    ... Wanda has also bought the former Nine Elms site on the river Thames in Wandsworth from Green Property, the private developer chaired by Stephen Vernon. The site already has planning permission.

    In an investment worth £700m, Wanda will build a 660ft-tall tower of luxury apartments (pictured above) and a 530ft-tall five-star hotel, the first high-end Chinese hotel overseas and a mirror set of skyscrapers to the Shard further along the South Bank.

    Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, said he had worked "tirelessly" with Wanda to "secure this cracking deal".

    The development is around the corner from the planned site of the new Chinese embassy and will be a magnet for rich Chinese tourists visiting London. "Please bring us a bit of your Chinese style, and some good Chinese food," said Sebastian Wood, the British ambassador in Beijing

    Originally Posted by Langur
    The original first post of this thread is here (now on obscure page 5). There was a proper introduction to the project with images, video, and links to news articles on its approval. The mods in their infinite wisdom have been merging threads, and now this one doesn't make any sense at all. A new forumer opens this thread on the first page and gets no useful information about the project whatsoever.

    *Edit* Problem fixed by Tubeman.

    A reminder then:
    Originally Posted by Langur
    One Nine Elms
    Vauxhall / Nine Elms

    Height: 200m and 161m | Floors: 58 and 43 | Architect: KPF | Developers: Green Property & CIT Group | Status: Approved

    This has been approved by Wandsworth Council and Boris Johnson. Secretary of State Eric Pickles has decided that the scheme will not be called in for public inquiry despite the objections from English Heritage (source 1 and source 2). At 200m, the taller tower will be western Europe's highest all-residential building.



    image hosted on flickr

    Nine Elms overview:
    image hosted on flickr

    Gothicform's rendering of the Vauxhall cluster viewed from Westminster Bridge:
    image hosted on flickr

    Current state of site (Market Towers)

    20 Albert Embankment

    Quote Originally Posted by DarJoLe View Post
    Three Foster + Partners towers approved
    for London's Albert Embankment
    15 March 2013

    News: three residential towers designed by Foster + Partners for a riverside development in central London have been given the go-ahead by Lambeth Council.

    Foster + Partners' towers are part of mixed-use scheme led by St James Group on Albert Embankment, a stretch of land on the south side of the river Thames near Lambeth Bridge.

    Ranging from 15 to 27 storeys in height, the towers will contain 253 apartments and a bar, gym and pool for residents, as well as restaurants and offices. The smallest tower will be positioned behind the tallest one and can just be seen on the left of the development in the top image.

    The scheme is part of the £15 billion Nine Elms regeneration project, which includes plans for 16,000 new homes on a 195-hectare site between Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge.

    Grant Brooker, senior partner at Foster + Partners, commented: "We hope to transform this important and highly visible site into a vibrant riverside community that sets a benchmark for the regeneration of this part of the river."

    In 2010, Philadelphia architect Kieran Timberlake won a competiton to design the new US embassy in the UK, also located in the Nine Elms area – see all architecture in London.

    Foster + Partners recently unveiled a polished steel canopy in the harbour of Marseille and announced plans to research 3D printing on the moon using lunar soil – see all architecture by Foster + Partners.

    Images are by Foster + Partners.

    Here's the press release from Foster + Partners:

    Planning granted for landmark mixed-use scheme on London's Albert Embankment

    Lambeth Council has approved plans for St James Group’s new mixed-use scheme at 20-21 Albert Embankment in London. Consent was granted for three landmark buildings designed by Foster + Partners, ranging from 15 to 27 storeys in height and providing 253 apartments, including affordable homes for senior living, along with offices, restaurants and a residents’ bar, gym, pool and spa.

    The scheme is the latest development to achieve planning in Nine Elms – a 195-hectare site between Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge on the South Bank, which represents the largest regeneration initiative in Europe. The £15 billion Nine Elms project will include 16,000 new homes and 6.4million sq ft commercial space with planning consent.

    Cllr Lib Peck, Leader of Lambeth Council: "This new development on Albert Embankment is another important stage of the transformation of Vauxhall. Developments like 20-21 Albert Embankment are essential to bringing new jobs, new affordable homes and inward investment into Lambeth which will secure our long-term economic growth."

    Sean Ellis, Chairman of St James: "St James is in the fortunate position of owning a number of developments that will have a lasting impact on London and in this case its riverscape. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and are therefore committed to working with the world’s best architects and designers to produce developments which help enhance our world class city. Over 90% of the homes will have their own balcony, many with stunning views of the river and the Houses of Parliament. In addition, St James has carefully considered the landscape architecture as part of the wider strategy, delivering public realm spaces on all three sites that will be of exceptional quality."

    Grant Brooker, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners: "We are absolutely delighted that 20-21 Albert Embankment has received planning permission – working alongside our clients at St James and with great support from Lambeth and the GLA, we hope to transform this important and highly visible site into a vibrant riverside community that sets a benchmark for the regeneration of this part of the river."

    Demolition has started.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swissdave View Post
    Aaaand... Action!

    Full scale demolition has started. Hampton House has been covered in scaffolding, and a large hole has been cut through three floors to allow lorries to remove waste from the rear (the remainder of the building above is propped up with a girder structure, which you can just about make out on the photo).

    The end is nigh by Swissdave, on Flickr

    White sheet of death is presumably imminent; and it may be time to rename the thread to Demo.
    Aldgate Place | Aldgate | 26/25/22 fl | Approved

    Aldgate Place residential towers:22, 25 and 26 storeys Approved

    Originally Posted by woodgnome
    Planning application for 1 & 2 Aldgate Place

    Application for demolition of old Lloyds TSB

    Aldgate Tower website

    Principal place, Hackney , just North of the City.

    JV announced to deliver Shoreditch resi tower
    8 July 2013 | By Sarah Stewart

    Brookfield Office Properties has announced the creation of a 50:50 JV with residential developer Concord Pacific to deliver a residential scheme in Shoreditch.

    For those who can't see another article.

    Concord brought on as Principal Place resi partner
    By James Buckley - Monday, July 08, 2013 9:56

    Brookfield Office Properties has entered into a 50:50 joint venture with residential specialist Concord Pacific Group on the 50-storey residential tower planned at the mixed use Principal Place development site.
    The residential tower element of the scheme has been designed by Foster & Partners and includes 243 apartments, over roughly 200,000 sq ft.

    Both the apartment tower and 15-storey office building will overlook a new public piazza bordered by shops, cafes and elegantprivate apartments.

    The new joint venture does not include the 600,000 sq ft office building planned for the same site, which will remain 100% owned by BPO.

    BPO will take responsibility for the development and project management work and Concord Pacific will take charge of the sales and marketing activities with support from W1 Developments Inc, a London-based residential property developer....

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    New 80 storey tower near Canary Wharf, pre planning at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    Impressed with the project.

    - Sleek, described as gegloma01 wrote above.

    - Designed by Foster, winner of Berkeley's design competition.

    - South Quay Plaza itself will be demolished, with the easternmost office building by Millwall cutting retained and redeveloped.

    - The project was introduced to the GLA yesterday, who received it very positively and want it to go through.

    - The project will be permeable for pedestrians, and open up the dockside to pedestrian activity. It's envisaged that a pedestrian bridge will link South Quay Plaza to Canary Wharf in due course.

    - The base of the tower will encourage pedestrian activity, most likely with restaurants and such.

    - The project will be submitted to Tower Hamlets in late October this year.

    More Docklands development, this time near the Dome.

    Some details from the outline planning application.

    Overview of the area.

    As noted, the do seem to cramming a lot of buildings onto the site. How they do this is they have combined 6 plots into one and will build it into two megastructures with one access road dividing it. The access road will be partially covered by the pedestrian deck.

    In effect we will have a new mini barbican centre here.

    Some interior images, the pedestrian deck level.

    The site will have two diagonal pedestrian routes to connect to the Dome and the Underground Station, residents will only have to cross one road to access either.

    Some massing views for the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rational Plan View Post
    I have done some digging through the developers investor report on the Penninsula investment plans (linked from the 853 blog) and there are some interesting images and a more aggressive development schedule.

    The cheaper end, that already has permission.

    The glitzy posh end

    The South Eastern sites have already begun construction.

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    Some construction shots, there are plenty of other sites, but it's mostly pics of basements and foundation work at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by chest View Post
    a couple of skyline shots

    construction chest
    my flickr gallery
    Quote Originally Posted by lumberjack View Post
    Fri 11am

    OO7A2807 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr
    Quote Originally Posted by 11001001 View Post

    P1050883 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050947 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050948 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050949 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050950 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050951 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050956 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050961 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050962 by jpn_gy, on Flickr
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    1st phases of the Aylesbury estate redevelopment have finished.

    Quote Originally Posted by SE9 View Post
    Photo update from the Aylesbury regeneration. I took a number of photos, so I'll spread them over a few posts:

    Aylesbury Estate regeneration - Walworth, London by SE9 London, on Flickr

    Aylesbury Estate regeneration - Walworth, London by SE9 London, on Flickr

    Aylesbury Estate regeneration - Walworth, London by SE9 London, on Flickr

    Aylesbury Estate regeneration - Walworth, London by SE9 London, on Flickr

    P1050942 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050945 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050957 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050980 by jpn_gy, on Flickr

    P1050986 by jpn_gy, on Flickr[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by lumberjack View Post
    Took a quick stroll around the block... nothing fancy as I was in a bit of a rush...

    OO7A2609 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2708 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2627 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2591 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2684 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2653 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

    OO7A2575 by Lumberjack_London, on Flickr

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    Across London and the South East, lots of roads near railway stations are filled with small office blocks from the 1950's to 1970's. These date from a period when office construction was controlled in London to try and force development to go to other British cities. The policy was abandoned when it is was realised that a poor London was in no ones interest and it was preventing more growth than it was diverting to other locations.

    Since then these rules have been abandoned London has rebounded and many of occupiers gone back or no longer need so much back office space. Some places have become successful office locations, but many more have declining values and increasingly large rental voids.

    On this stretch of the Upper Richmond road in Putney SW London you can see the impact of the council allowing residential to take replace employment uses. It helps that Putney has a short journey to Central London and is in a posh neighbourhood.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevekeiretsu View Post
    Not 100% sure if this thread should be made here; none of these are tall, but they are going up in London in right now. Although individual modest in height, the developments are so close, it's effectively remodelling a whole street in the space of a couple of years, so I thought, maybe it merits a thread.

    I live/work nearby so I have been, and will continue to keep close tabs on the work. I've previously been posting in the Wandsworth development thread.

    Summary of developments:

    (Looking east along Upper Richmond Road (henceforth URR))

    131-133 URR, aka Tileman House

    Full planning details
    Quick link to architectural drawings PDF
    my photos


    Office (long vacant)

    131-133 Upper Richmond Road ready for demolition by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr


    Mixed use - 89 flats, 1600 sq m office space, 807 sq m retail space on ground floor.

    Present - DEMO:

    131-133 URR demo by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr

    113 Upper Richmond Road

    Developer's site
    my photos



    113 Upper Richmond Road "before" by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr


    Mixed use - 76 flats, 1440 sq m office space, 360 sq m retail on the ground floor.

    Present - preparation for demo:

    113 URR - scaffolding up by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr

    Carlton House

    planning docs
    my photos

    Present - planning:


    Carlton House - before by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr

    I have the joy of working in this beautiful building, but only for one more month. Then we're out so it can be knocked down to build something like this-


    Part 13-storey, part 5- storey building to provide a mixed use scheme comprising of 56 residential units (including 12 affordable), 835sqm offices (use class B1a), 230sqm flexible commercial.

    This seems to be the best drawing available. Probably because the council are still requesting changes to the massing.

    87-83 URR aka Langham Square

    Planning docs
    Developer's site
    my photos




    Mixed use development - two blocks, (13 and 9 storeys) containing 104 residential flats "an element of office space" between them, and three retail/leisure vacancies on the ground floor. (One confirmed to be a Waitrose.)

    Present - topped out?:

    The building stopped growing a while ago, seems structurally complete - Whatever work has been going on for the last couple of months has been behind the sheeting.

    Langham Sq by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr

    My desk overlooks the site so I have a years worth of crude/wobbly timelapse photos. Too bad I won't see it finished.

    84-88 URR aka Putney Plaza

    Planning docs
    Developer's site
    my photos



    Putney Plaza - before by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr


    Mixed use - approx. 210 residential units and approx. 4000 sq.m. commercial floor area.

    Three blocks, the highest of which "Beacon Tower" to be 15 storeys.

    Present - DEMO:

    Putney Plaza - demo by stevekeiretsu, on Flickr

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    Having just been in London for a couple of weeks, I can say quite clearly it is experiencing a boom in development. The Gherkin is dwarfed and surrounded by all the new buildings and you can hardly see it from the South Bank and Westminster.

    It's good to see some development around the O2, perhaps now the Emirates Air Line will see more use? It seemed really out of the way when I was in London, even when going to Stratford, so I doubt it's seen much traffic since the Olympics. Perhaps these new apartments will improve the situation.

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    Whilst there is quite a lot of construction work and cranes litter the skyline, there are serious question marks over whether the amount of new dwelling supply is anywhere sufficient. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics detailed that London's population expanded last year in excess of 100,000 to 8.3mn.

    Critically the rate of growth has accelerated: up 20,000 per annum on average over the last decade (c. 80,000). Expectations are now that London will surpass its pre-WW2 population of 8.6mn within the next two years, 9mn by 2019 and 10mn a few years thereafter. Homes won’t be the only problem; but offices, schools and transport links. By 2031 there will be an additional 300,000 4-15 year olds compared to today.

    London, and the South East and East of England (the two regions surrounding London) accounted for 53% of the UK’s 420,000 population growth last year which was far in excess of the population growth across all of Germany, so the output of new homes (apartments or otherwise) will have to accelerate to stop runaway house price inflation.

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    I have unfortunately been very busy so apologies for the absence of updates over the last few months. A brief update with new pictures of the 367m pedestrian 'garden' bridge designed by Heatherwick Studio; the same studio behind the 2012 Olympic Cauldron and the UK Pavillion at the Shanghai Expo.

    Image sourced from Heatherwick Studio:

    Image sourced from Heatherwick Studio:

    Image sourced from Heatherwick Studio:

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    24 Hour Tube
    Transport for London have announced that from 2015, the tube will commence 24hr operation on Friday and Saturday nights across the core sections of the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria lines (139 station in total). This is all possible in part to overnight maintenance techniques borrowed from Hong Kong’s MTR and various system upgrades in recent years.

    TfL have also announced the closure of all remaining ticket offices (97% of all journeys are made using Oyster), although all stations will retained a manned presence to provide assistance to travellers.

    Image sourced from Transport for London:
    Larger version:

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    Don't Look Down: London's Tower Bridge Gets Glass Walkway

    November 11, 2014, by Jenny Xie

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid Getty

    Following in the daring footsteps of the Eiffel Tower, which added a few nice and terrifying glass floors last month, London's Bridge Tower has just unveiled a dizzying glass walkway of its own. Now folks can pad across the historic landmark while "hovering" 140 feet above the Thames. This glassy addition, which measures 36 feet long by six feet wide, is only available on the elevated West Walkway for now, but come December, a second one will up and running in the East Walkway. Get a feel for it in the photos and video, below.

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid Getty

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid Getty

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid Getty

    Photo by Peter Macdiarmid Getty

    The New Glass Walkway Over Tower Bridge Gives London's Most Dizzying Views [BuzzFeed]
    Tower Bridge Glass Floor [Tower Bridge Exhibition]

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    Was in London over the weekend. Still hard to believe the tube doesn't run after 1am at the weekends.

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