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Thread: London Projects

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    It's not even really artfully balanced.

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    The architects who designed that tower also designed this tower: the 200m Ropemaker Place. Unfortunately due to St Pauls, the tower was declined planning permission. It would have been the worlds tallest slanting tower and I think it would have also the worlds first parellogram lifts (you can see the lift cores aren't straight but actually angled)...

    If you think that was a crazy design, then the craziest of all was the 442m 'Green Bird' project! Naturally this tower wasn't serious - just a vision design for an architect firm to get noticed in the media.

    With this new Canary Wharf tower though, the entire dynamics of the lower basins could be changedreviously there was a height limit forcing developers to build straight up to 100m and thus creating 'blocks' or slabs. The argument here is that with this taller tower, a new public space is created, the tower isn't just a slab, but something different and the tower works with the surrounding area rather than be just another tower. If this tower gets planning permission (and by all accounts it will - something like 40% of the apartments are low-cost housing for key workers - higher than the 25% requirement on all London residential developments), then we'll see taller towers further down the basins away from Canary Wharf meaning the chance of a 300m 'pinnacle' to the Canary Wharf cluster isn't just a possibility, it could become pretty much reality.

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    Green bird looks like a big fruity condom!

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    That would have not only been one of the tallest skyscrapers around but without a doubt one of the most eye-catching....

    Images from

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    More like "eye-poking". Goodness...people say that skyscrapers are phallic symbols, but this is taking the analogy to its limits!

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    Would also be one of the most extreme - would look pretty good as the pinnacle to the Canary Wharf skyline!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick-taylor
    Plagiarism, Inspiration or Coincidence???

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    What would have been even funnier, had SSL, the British company that owns the Durex brand moved its headquarters into the Gherkin or 'Green Bird!

    On another note, another tower was proposed today! At around 185m and 43 storeys, the tower will be built beside 30 St Mary Axe, ie the Gherkin. The tower is currently being designed by Allies & Morrison and should b submitted for planning permission in the next few months.

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    Gherkin in isolation might be better than gherkin with company.

    You could also say that about St. Paul's dome.

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    Best not to sacralise the phallic Gherkin in the same way!

    That considered, though, has anyone ever pondered the phallicity of church domes/spires?

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    Most skyscrapers come to a point or a flat top.

    It's the rounded top that makes a skyscraper phallic; who ever heard of a pointy phallus?

    Domes are clearly female, particularly if they're topped with a little cupola.

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    Well what are we to make of a church like this?

    Or, by god, this:

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    So long as we're on the subject of anatomical metaphors in skyscraper architecture, I thought I'd bring up these lovely buildings that form the centerpiece of Procter & Gamble's HQ in Cincinnati. Photo from Wikipedia:

    For none-too-subtle reasons, the locals refer to them as the "Dolly Parton Towers". I, for one, was thinking more of the bustier that Jean-Paul Gaultier designed for Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour.
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