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Thread: London Projects

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    Come, don't forget Barcelona's classic Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel:

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    That one takes the cake. Even has ribs on the condom.

    Wonder how they let him build it; this one's so...undisguised.

    As giant sculpture, if Gehry had done it, it would signal a return to his representational, Oldenburgian, binocular phase --no abstraction whatever.

    Truth is, this is not architecture.

    P.S. Is that an elevated highway I see at its base?

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    Some kind of interchange.

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    ^ Yikes, that looks really awful.

    Sagrada Familia's looking good, though. Guess they'll finish it right about when it's time to abandon Barcelona due to global warming's rising seas.

    But that's some other thread; we're seriously off-topic on this one.

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    Green = Completed
    Blue = Proposed/Approved
    Red = Under Construction

    London Bridge Tower ("Shard London Bridge") - 310m
    Bishopsgate Tower - 288m
    Minerva - 247m
    Heron Tower - 242m
    Columbus Tower - 237m

    1 Canada Square- 235m
    122 Leadenhall- 225m
    Beetham Tower - 219m
    North Quay 1 - 216m
    Riverside South 1- 214m
    Heron Quays West 1 - 214m
    North Quay 3 - 203m

    8 Canada Square (HSBC Global Headquarters) - 200m
    25 Canada Square (Citigroup Centre) - 200m

    20 Fenchurch Street - 192m
    Allies & Morrison Tower - 190m (approx. height)
    Riverside South 2 - 189m

    BT Tower - 188m
    Tower 42 (NatWest Tower) - 183m
    St George's Wharf - 181m
    Vauxhall Bondway Tower - 180m

    SwissRe ("The Gherkin") - 180m
    Wilkinson Eyre Tower - 176m
    Vauxhall Cross Island Tower - 170m
    Stratford City Tower - 170m
    Doon Street Tower - 168m
    Bevis Marks Tower - 168m
    Greenwich View Place - 165m

    Broadgate Tower - 164m
    1 Milharbour Scheme A - 160m
    Grand Union Building - 158m (inc. spire)

    Barclays Bank HQ - 156m
    Heron Quays West 2 - 156m
    25 Bank Street- 153m
    40 Bank Street - 153m
    10 Upper Bank Street - 151m

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    London appears to be building in 'phases', ie we won't see much activity for 3 years and then we'll get several going up at once. In 2000, there were only 2 towers above 150m+. By 2004 there were 9. That might not sound like much for established skyscaper cities like New York, but its been pretty radical. The next big batch of skyscrapers will be starting towards the end of this year. The Broadgate Tower is mearly the beginning of this 'wave'.

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    Two more towers to saliviate over...these are the Heron Quays West Towers (1 & 2), which are being finalised by Richard Rogers. These two towers will be located in Canary Wharf, but there will have to be a bit of land reclaimation to build these two towers which will replace the original and first Canary Wharf development: three storey offices (Canary Wharf has come a long way since then).

    Canary Wharf currently is home to 70,000 office workers, but by 2012 this is expected to be around 200,000.

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    Ugg, the proportions on the Barcelona dildo are really off. It's hideous.

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    As a tower or as a dildo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLOZ Link5
    As a tower or as a dildo?

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    LMAO! I took a second look....BOTH !

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    Merchant Square 150m tower - part of the Merchant Square development at Paddington. 6 buildings

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    Looks like the Paddington project abuts the canal. Is that Westway in the other view?

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    This area has either been redeveloped in the last 5 years or will be redeveloped in the next 5 years. The concentration of development is along the Paddington Basin which opened in 1801 is an offshoot of the Grand Union Canal. The famous London Paddington Station is built to the side of this basin and the area is served by four tube lines - its basically becoming a new working and living place: located in Central London, on the water with excellent transport links (London Paddington is where the Heathrow Express leaves for London Heathrow Airport).

    Merchant Square will be located to the far west of the redevelopment by the tip of the basin. The road in the second picture is indeed the Westway - the only true large capacity through Central London.

    Emphasis in London is to concentrate on creating nodes, ie Elephant & Castle, Vauxhall, Canary Wharf, Stratford, City of London, Ilford, Croydon, etc....

    The below map shows the Grand Union Canal (it then continues northwards and then along Inner London towards the Thames in East London) with the Paddington Basin and Paddington area in clear view.

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