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    Default Anybody looking to buy realestate in Jersey City, NJ?

    This thread is a reference for both interests and those interested in New York Metro Real Estate. Included in the region are Metro New York, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.

    This includes all classifieds, offerings, web based tools, and resources. Be it profit or not for profit.

    Real Estate outside the tri-state area and any new thread created while meeting the above criteria will be immediately deleted.

    Real Estate within New York City limits belong here

    Thank you, moderation staff.
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    The price is too high. Similar apartments are available in Manhattan at that price range.

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    also @ $850/sqft
    your best best hands down is still the sugar house @ $600/sqft, 6 burner viking, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinman
    also @ $850/sqft
    your best best hands down is still the sugar house @ $600/sqft, 6 burner viking, etc
    How could your best bet be to live in New Jersey?

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    Post Charming Log, Lakeview, Ringwood, NJ - Driving Distance to Manhattan

    Charming log home, located on one of the most desirable streets in Ringwood, NJ. We are across the street from beautiful Cupsaw Lake and within walking distance to the beach. The wood flooring, cathedral ceilings and stone fireplace give this home a truly cozy feel. Beautiful, large yard. Just a short drive (31 miles) to the George Washington Bridge or take the Park/Ride here in town. For more information and photos:

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    $800's/ sq ft???? Wow, prices are crazy in NY and NJ!!!

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    Bump. I am trying to find properties there. GTMac, PM'd you. Curious if you have any other properties like the one in Ringwood. I'm reading reports all over (Movoto real estate has some property news that's worth checking out) which indicate that home sales will remain the same in 2012, and there is less inventory out there. But at the same time, prices were 2% higher in January 2012, i comparison to 2011. What gives?
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