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Thread: East Village Development

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    Default East Village Development

    Does anyone know anything about the new apartment building in East Village at 11th and either Avenues B & C or C & D?

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    Default The Sky East

    The Sky East
    636-638 East 11th Street
    7 stories 75 feet
    Gene Kaufman Architect
    Dev-Magnum Management
    Residential Condominium
    Completed 2004-2005

    The Sky East


    Luxury elevator, doorman rental residence offering studios, 1-4 bedroom apartments, duplexes and townhouse style studios with:

    * condominium quality finishes
    * terraces / balconies on most units
    * stainless steel appliances
    * pre-wired for cable/DSL
    * wall to wall picture windows
    * laundry facility
    * washer/dryers in many units

    Contact :
    T (212) 941-9399 F (212) 941-1989

    * Custom designed Lobby with Doorman, Package Room, and furnished Seating Area
    * Custom designed High Speed Elevator
    * DSL- High Speed Internet Connection
    * Planted Outdoor Terraces at the ground and roof levels with Tenant access
    * Carpeted Corridors with Recessed Halogen Lighting fixtures throughout
    * Private Balconies with imported stone flooring
    * Lots of Natural Daylight with Oversized Tilt & Turn windows
    * Recessed Halogen Lighting fixtures in all Units
    * Satin finished Hardwood Oak Flooring in all Units
    * Custom Designed Kitchen cabinetry with modern wood finishes, upper cabinet doors with aluminum with etched glass finish, and brushed stainless steel handles
    * Stainless Steel Appliances in all Kitchens
    * Imported marble countertops and flooring in all Kitchens
    * Imported marble countertops, flooring, and wall finishes in all Bathrooms
    * Toto and Danze Bathroom plumbing fixtures in all Bathrooms

    DOB Permit

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    Default 50 Avenue C

    Looks like a step up from the last one.
    This one a few blocks away still hasn't gotten out the ground for some reason.

    50 Avenue C
    42-50 Avenue C
    5 stories
    SBLM Architects
    Residential Condominiums
    23,000 Sq. Ft. of Retail

    SBLM Architects


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    It looks like it deliberately goes to a lot of effort to fail to engage the street.

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    Default 128 East 13th Street

    A nice building would be demolished for this. Take a look at the pics through the PropertyShark link.

    128 East 13th Street
    126-128 East 13th Street/ 123 East 12th Street
    Kutnicki Bernstein Architects
    7 stories

    Kutnicki Bernstein Architects



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    Default One Ten Third

    One Ten Third
    110-112 Third Avenue Between East 13th & 14th Streets
    21 stories 210 feet
    Greenberg Farrow Architects
    Dev-Toll Brothers (110-112 Third Ave Realty Corp)
    Residential Condominium
    77 units 112,535 Sq. Ft.
    Under Construction 2005-Spring 2007

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006
    Toll Bros. Condos

    A larger rendering and two other Toll Bros. projects are also on the Polis website.

    A Suburban Builder Heads for the City
    Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

    Published: April 5, 2006

    On Third Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets in Manhattan, Toll Brothers has begun excavation for One Ten Third, a 77-unit 21-story tower that will have one- to three-bedroom units priced at $850,000 to $2.2 million, the upper limit of all the New York City apartments being built by the company. The 16th-floor units will have terraces; other floors will have balconies. The roof will have both a common area and partly roofed private spaces, equipped with electrical outlets and running water and ranging from 250 to 500 square feet, which will be for sale. There will be ground-floor retailing as well. Sales are to begin this summer, and the projected move-in date is the spring of 2007...Continue Reading

    City Realty
    Variety Theater on Third Avenue to be replaced by a 21-story condo tower

    Property Shark listing

    DOB Building Permit

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    I think this is the right place to put this development. Haven't seen anything about it anywhere on the forum yet, but it looks to be much better than average. From

    Flowerbox Building in East Village topped out 14-SEP-06

    The “Flowerbox Building” at 259 East 7th Street between Avenues C and D in the East Village has been topped out.

    The building will have 8 condominium apartments promises to be among the most attractive new low-rise buildings in the city and easily the most attractive in the East Village, even more attractive than the huge Lower East Side Consolidation II developments nearby that have three-story red-brick buildings surrounding large communal gardens.

    The tree-lined block is one of the nicest in the East Village with several handsome townhouses and it is close to several of the area’s very lush and very impressive community gardens.

    Seth Tapper is the developer and the building has been designed by Derek Sanders of CAN Resources and WSE Design Partnership Architects are the architects of record.

    This building will have a glass-and-metal entrance marquee and large multi-paned windows that recall some of the handsome pre-war industrial buildings in SoHo and TriBeCa.

    It is setback at the fifth floor and the top three floors are a penthouse apartment with some very large windows.

    A rendering of the building indicates that 18-inch-deep planters will run the width of the lower floors, adding to the lushness of this quiet neighborhood.

    According to Gary Waisman of WYS Design Partnership Architects, this project began when architect Sanders and Mr. Tapper found a Japanese couple to pre-purchase the penthouse unit. The lower floors, he said, will contain 7 other units, mostly two-bedrooms.

    A few doors to the west is the attractive Iglesia Cristiana Misionera at 247 East 7th Street and at 235 East 7th Street is a handsome orange-brick townhouse flanked by gardens.

    The northeast corner of 7th Street and Avenue C is an impressive three-story limestone building with a wonderfully colorful terra-cotta clock surround at the curved corner.

    The development at 259 East 7th Street is also very close to the very handsome Police Service Area 4 building on the northeast corner of Avenue C and 8th Street, a banded striped two-tone gray-brick building that recalls some of the best work of architect Mario Botta. The southwest corner at the same intersection is occupied by the handsome yellow-and-red-brick, Art Deco-style, 7-story apartment building known as Eastville Gardens.

    Derek Sanders is a partner with Serge Becker in CAN Resources and their portfolio includes the new restaurant at Lever House, a residential project at 115 Allen Street, the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, the Area nightclub in TriBeCa, Fez and the Time Café in NoHo, the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, Joe’s Bar at The Public Theater, Buddha Bar and Club USA.

    Apartments have 12-foot-high, floor-to-ceiling windows, an installed flat-screen plasma television set in the living room and central air-conditioning and radiant floor heating and the building will have a part-time doorman, private keyed elevator, and valet parking and all bedrooms fact a community garden.

    Two-bedroom, two-bath apartments range in size from 1,539 square feet to 2,780 square feet and one has 1,500 square feet of outdoor space, another has 84 square feet of outdoor space, and one has 86 square feet of outdoor space. Two of the two-bedroom-two-bath units have no outdoor space. There are two three-bedroom, three-bath apartments with 2,576 square feet each and two balconies with a total of 168 square feet. The penthouse has five bedrooms and five baths and 6,665 square feet and 1,500 square feet of outdoor space.

    Kitchens will have Veneta Cucine cabinetry, 6-burner Viking ranges, SubZero refrigerators, Bosch dishwashers and wine coolers.

    Bathrooms will have Jado faucets and Kohler sinks and toiler and a Neptune soaking tub.

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    Another rendering:

    Building's website:

    Developer's website:

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    The Flowerbox Building:
    I think I'm in love.

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    This building is gorgeous. I love it. I can't believe the location. How things have changed in Alphabet City.

    East Village's Flowerbox Wilting?

    Thursday, July 30, 2009, by Joey

    East 7th Street's Flowerbox Building is undoubtedly one of the building boom's most gorgeous outputs, but expectations were set high. Too high, perhaps, for one self-irrigating building near Avenue D to live up to.

    According to StreetEasy, the 2,780sf Apt. #1 currently on the market for $2.195 million is the same apartment that was at one time (2006—those were the days, eh?) asking $3.975 million, putting this dangerously close to the front doors of the PriceChopper Hall of Fame.

    The $789-per-square-foot price tag seems almost criminal, and makes us wonder if the private backyard is being included in the count. Perhaps not. Per the brokerbabble, "This expansive apartment is currently configured as a three bedroom three bath making it not only the most stylish apartment on the block, but also the best value as well." In other Flowerbox news, the third-floor unit spotlighted in PriceChopper last October (when it dropped $400k down to $1.995 million) is now listed as "contract signed," albeit with a most recent asking price of $1.595 million.

    · Listing: 259 East 7th Street [Corcoran]

    Sea Change on 7th Street: Flowerbox Revealed!

    Friday, September 28, 2007, by Joey

    It's Part 2 of our look at big happenings on East 7th Street between Avenues C and D, and, well, here's the thing: we've taken some shots at the Flowerbox Building before. With its precious website, its overly sappy origin tale and its $10,000,000 apartments in the midst of housing projects, can you really blame us? But they've unveiled the facade and planted the boxes at 259 East 7th Street, and damn it, this building turned out gorgeous. And for a little more crow on our plate, the units have all gone to contract. Of course, our opinion will change if some owners slack on their gardening duties, but a tipster reports that the greenery looks to be self-irrigating. Effort-free environmentalism: gotta love it!

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    I was over there a couple of weeks ago, maybe I mentioned it in another thread. Anything past B is not gentrified, even if some new buildings have gone up in that area. It was very funny, the locals were giving me the concerned 'once over'. I imagine they were wondering if I was another gringo homesteader invading their turf.

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    Thumbs up

    Absolutely beautiful!

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    Thumbs up

    Yes, it is very pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stache View Post
    I was over there a couple of weeks ago, maybe I mentioned it in another thread. Anything past B is not gentrified, even if some new buildings have gone up in that area. It was very funny, the locals were giving me the concerned 'once over'. I imagine they were wondering if I was another gringo homesteader invading their turf.

    I lived on 2nd and C way back 10 years ago and it was pretty gentrified even then!

    The only non-yuppie turf over there is the projects, but that's true wherever there are projects. Obviously they aren't subject to the market, no matter what happens on surrounding blocks.

    Maybe we have different standards of gentrification or something, but if you think Avenue C isn't gentrified (90% of the stores serve the yuppie folks), then I can't imagine what you think about the gentrification in Bushwick or in Port Morris.

    Oh, and I don't think anyone thought of you as a "gringo." There are no Mexicans living in Alphabet City, or really anywhere near that area. If you are referring to the Puerto Ricans, their population in that area is down like 80-90% from past years, and they would never use a Mexican Spanish term like gringo.

    Oh, and that flowerbox building looks amazing in pics. I need to check it out!

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    It will be interesting to see what it looks like once all the plants die...

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