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    Hello all. I'm driving from Cocoa beach fl to NY. I was wondering if any one knows about how much in tool I can expect to pay coming and going back. I'm trying to prepare for this road trip and any type of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    It would be the whole way from one state to the other. Thanks.

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    I've known people who've done it but they don't remember how much they've paid in tolls.

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    Um, I live in TN and weve paid 25 dollars in tolls, one way. There are no tolls from TN to NY until you hit MD. So, you should be fine in the southern regions. Are you coming just for a visit?

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    Thanks. Well I'm actually going to florida for a visit. It's my first visit to FL. I'm in NY

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    Try Mapquest - I thought it calculated tolss.

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