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Thread: The Arman Building - 482 Greenwich Street - Condo - by McKay Architecture

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    Windows make a big difference.

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    I completely agree. Windows with grids transform a suburban house from drab to nice. If all of the white brick buildings in the city added windows with black frames and black grids, they'd look much better.

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    Default 13 October 2012

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    Default 30 March 2013

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    Nice. The mullions make this project.

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    It's surprising how well this one turned out, especially compared to the trashy/glassy early designs. The half balconies look a lot less obnoxious than full balconies. The casement windows look good. There's an actual cornice. It looks like laid brick, in a color in the neighborhood palette. The irregular penthouse on top, especially the big, bold window, makes it a little interesting, and the glass balconies a little less intrusive.

    The chamfer makes the street corner much more pleasant, too. Great work, actually.

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    Condo conversion around the corner at 481 Washington St.

    Not much of a view, but a nice building.

    They could have done a better job with the penthouse, but there was an existing bulkhead up there. The original cast-iron streetfront is intact, although severely altered over the years.

    The developer is calling it the Spice Warehouse.

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    Not much left except the artwork.

    Manufactured stone; looks good.

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    Any bets on how long that retail space remains empty?

    The retail space across the street at The Zinc has sat basically fallow for years now.

    Nearby retail / commercial street level space on this same block and blocks nearby were basically destroyed when Sandy washed in.

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    We'll see, but it's not the same as when The Zinc was built. That was the first

    Besides adding itself to the mix...

    481 Washington (post 52) has been converted.

    Two hotels on Renwick and Hudson.

    The gas station site at Canal and West

    The giant 460 Washington.

    The three historic buildings being renovated on the opposite corner.

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    Even at the big Truffle pile around the corner the retail is empty -- and that building has lots of residents / customers.

    This area will never be too good for most retail uses.

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    The Truffle building is rented along Washington St. A Fika bar and a gym.

    The west side of Zinc is also rented.

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    The Arman gets its Arman.

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