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Thread: Atelier Condominium - 635 West 42nd Street - Condo - by Costas Kondylis

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    I agree. The service is not too great. I get better service from my previous rental.

    The doormen are not too helpful when I get back and have a handful of baggages when coming out of a car. They seem generally reluctant with the door if you have to go in and out more than once in a short timeframe.

    The front desk does not pay too much attention to visitors coming into the building, nor are they very friendly to greet anyone, including residents.

    The super is very slow with responding to any questions regarding anything inside the apartment.

    Maybe the staff is fairly new and not enough familiar with how to handle certain situations, but they can be more courteous about it. If they are more forthcoming with info from the get-go, maybe they won't get as many questions and have less issues to deal with going forward.

    Hope this improves over time.

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    I've had the opposite experience with the staff. They have been exceptional for me. They have always run to open the door for me, and have been known to walk down the entire block to try to get a taxi for us. They have helped carry groceries, boxes, or whatever else we've been trying to bring in. Have always been friendly and courtious to us and our guests. Maybe I've been lucky. Sometimes I agree that they are misinformed though.

    With the maintenance, I've had good response when Michelle has been included in e-mails, or have gone through the Cooper Square Atelier site. That seems to work well and get results. And they have been good at answering even the trivial questions.

    There are a lot of things that could improve though. Water pressure for me is also a big dissappointment. (by the way, the push button thing in the shower is to stop the drain to fill the tub for a bath...)

    A forum would be a good idea, I haven't seen anything about it though...

    Also, the abatement went through, finally. I just received a note from the City Tax Department with the new info...

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    Was their even a possibility that that the 10 year tax abatement not going through??!!

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    I was always told that it would go through. But I am one that is skeptical until I get the official notification from the City. Now I am happy.

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    Default private forum

    dont think there's a private forum for atelier yet. so let's set one up. anyone know how to do it? i'm not too tech saavy.....

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    Any one knows whats the status of the site next to Atelier at the corner of 42nd and 10th. I think its Atelier part 2, not sure.

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    I heard they should have more info soon. I did find a rendering however...

    BTW, everyone in the building should request the association getting BULK rates from Time Warner Cable. There is no reason why we shouldn't get a discount with the number of units in the Atelier. My former building had one and we saved almost 30% off normal rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynRider View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    To his defense, it seems like he has gotten better with each successive project, with this one being his best work so far IMO (TWT brings nothing new to the table, just another black box, albeit a sleek one).

    However, it is unfortunate that NY's skyline has to permanently bear much of his earlier, "learning on the job" works, if you will.
    He's the David Childs of residential buildings.



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    Default Details, Time Warner and noise abatement from construction

    I have been saying this about time warner and that they should be offering us discounts since I moved in. we are seriously overpaying considering they are well aware the whole building is TW.

    I wrote in another forum here about the noise coming from the construction at all hours and days of the week... have there been any others calling 311 and if someone knows how they are getting permission to use jackhammers at 3am on weekdays I'd like to challenge that it is a residential area and we need to respond to this blatant oversight.

    I am an only resident of one of the floors though now they put the sales office in and it seems I have no say about that extra un-nicety. No noise from above or below and a fairly good to above average response to complaints. I tipped well this season considering i was only there 4 mos- i gave as if for a year given the move in required so much extra effort on their parts.

    I did have a major pipe issue that was resolved almost immediately and with little mess or damage to my existing paint job. It had to go to the contractor it was so major.

    I also can recommend a good painter I used if someone needs to PM me.

    Quote Originally Posted by slipknotnyc View Post
    I heard they should have more info soon. I did find a rendering however...

    BTW, everyone in the building should request the association getting BULK rates from Time Warner Cable. There is no reason why we shouldn't get a discount with the number of units in the Atelier. My former building had one and we saved almost 30% off normal rates.

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    Default Atelier Owner Forum

    It seems there are quite a few common concerns, tips, recommendations and frustrations-to-avoid that could be shared. This building requires some savvy to get things done.

    I've slapped together an owner's forum as a pilot in order to encourage open discussion among owners.

    For access, visit and register. Since it is an owner's forum, pls send an e-mail to and let me know your unit number (I won't share, I'm just trying to make sure everyone has some sort of affiliation to the building).

    Of course, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    The forum is a great idea...and well needed I'm sure. I move in next week, but the 3am noise seems distressing. Believe me, I will chronic dial 311 if this is an issue. Can you imagine listening to that for the next few years? Unacceptable.

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    Default noise and TWC

    I personally called 311 on numerous occasions at 2am or so a few months back due to jackhammering. It eventually stopped a few weeks later, but i'm sure not because of my calls. 311 doesn't seem to help at all and is just a waste of time. the guys at the concierge can only tell u to call 311 and there's obviously nothing they can do about it. With that being said, I must be honest and admit I haven't heard any early morning construction noise recently. Perhaps I'm a deep sleeper or something...? If it is indeed still occuring, additional measures need to be taken. With bldgs going up all around us, this could well be an issue for many months to come. as for whom to complain to---I'm not sure. Any real estate lawyers out there or anyone with experience with this and know who to contact?

    As for TWC, a manager is supposed to get back to me on Tuesday regarding the process of getting a discount for the enitire bldg. hopefully this manager will actually know something -- haven't had much luck with them.

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    Default Board

    So I see that the first board meeting is later this month. It's about time, and I am excited to see this happen and have a ownership voice in the decisions. Anyone out there know if they are going to try to be on the board???

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    Default this is the real world...

    a few answers and gripes that hopefully will help:

    - water pressure is poor yes, especially on the higher floors. just change the washer in the shower head to allow more water to pass or purchase a new shower head.

    - ConEd is electric as well as gas.

    - patience is a virtue. not everyone can be at your beck and call.

    - the doormen don't come running to open the door for you? could it be that they are handling or speaking with someone else or covering the desk b/c the front desk worker is on break/lunch. they deserve breaks considering they stand ALL shift. this is probably the only building without a chair at the front desk.

    - the garbage disposal unit is great b/c you dont have to have another ugly switch near the sink to turn it on. you dont use your hand to turn it on, thats why you use the drain cap.

    - you are right about some of the security and the inattention to people walking in. maybe they are not too friendly b/c you were possibly rude to them at one point.

    - the super is slow in response due to the fact that there are 400+ units and he cant be everywhere all the time.

    - jackhammer use as well as construction can be used at any hour of the night due to the fact that the city allow/gives permission through permits to conduct construction. if you are upset about the noise construction, try putting yourself in the worker's shoes. do you think he/she wants to wake/keep you up? think about the work on W Houston St and Broadway, at least you dont live there. do you think he/she wants to work in the freezing cold? atelier is located right by the lincoln tunnel and work during rush hour would cause too much traffic. noise will always be heard due to the fact that this is MANHATTAN. and construction by the DOT can be done at ANY time.

    - yes 311 is useless b/c the mayor stole that idea from the city of baltimore and passed it off as his idea to make it look like he is doing a great job.

    - dog piss in the lobby is great, so is the dog sh*t infront of the building that some dog owners in this building feel they are too good to pick up/clean up after their dog.

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    Default 2/24/2008

    Thought I'd snap a shot of this perspective before it disappears behind the building going up next door.

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