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Thread: Atelier Condominium - 635 West 42nd Street - Condo - by Costas Kondylis

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    See Atelier condo sales prices and floor plans in our Condo section.

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    Default tax abatement

    Does anyone know when we receive our tax abatement checks? is it from Cooper square? thanks.

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    You need to request a refund from the City. Go to and follow links for taxes. From there you should be able print off a refund application and submit. I received my refund check within a few weeks.

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    Default Atelier lobby through glass

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    Default next building

    I was told by the sales person that the second tower here will be rentals and not that means there will be three new towers on west 42nd needing to fill up their vacancy in the next couple of years..

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    Default Atelier - Need to rent a 1-bedroom


    Does anybody have a 1 bedroom for long-term rental at the Atelier? I'm interested in renting a 1-bedroom apt for at least a year. If anyone is looking to rent or knows of someone who does, kindly contact me as soon as possible.

    Not interested in broker fees e.t.c... so only contact me if you're an owner looking to rent out.

    Thanks a million!

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    Among the city's largest residential buildings, no streetlife.

    Wonder what Moinian will do with this space.

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    I would love for the Chinese government to redevelop this eyesore.

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    Eye in the Sky is watching ... who ?

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    They've moved the Tibet demonstrators across the street by Circle Line. They were a loud angry lot this afternoon. The eye in the sky goes up in the air to watch them from afar.


    Considering what the Chinese consulate looked like before the renovation, I'm fine with how it looks now.

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    Default Social Functions

    Hi. I am spending the summer here and was wondering if anyone knew if there are any social functions that happen in the building. I was at the Orion last summer and they had breakfast in the morning, wine and cheese parties and movie nights.

    Can any one tell me if they have anything like this here.


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    Smile Looking To Rent One-bedroom At The Atelier!

    Hi all,

    I'm still looking for a ONE-BEDROOM rental at the atelier. I've seen a few of the apts and I somewhat prefer the layout of the 'H' line (one-bedroom with dining space that's convertible to a den).

    If anyone is interested in renting out LONG TERM (1 or 2yrs), please contact me as soon as possible. Not interested in paying broker's fees e.t.c.. so please owners only!


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    Default One year of Atelier experience

    Hi everyone. I've lived in Atelier for almost a year now. I can attest to the quality issues within the building. My AC/Heater broke down about three times within the first month and my shower head had almost no pressure. They have both been repaired thanks to the relatively quick response rate.

    Regarding the front desk and door guys, some are excellent while others are thoroughly lacking. One particular individual is incredibly rude to me - Nick. He is frequently chatting with the front desk person when he is suppose to be opening doors (especially when you are carrying lots of shopping bags or when it is pouring outside), he always complains when I ask him to retrieve a package, and getting a taxi? Never! The worst was when I got stuck in an elevator once and calls the front desk and he hangs up on me and tells me to call maintenance after I tried to call back five times. I have complained to Sabrina about him and nothing seem to have changed. Thank goodness to Lew and the other nicer ones, otherwise this luxury building's service would be truly incompetent.

    Also, there is no activity for the building I know of. Besides the sales-oriented activities in the lobby, we have no events at all. Other buildings I have lived in before have always had newsletters and get togethers such as breakfast, movie nights, etc. It is not that these are mandatory, it is just something that would show the building management care about the residents. If we have a forum set up (I agree with the idea of the forum. Please let me know if it exists), I would not mind setting up events for us (I frequently do so for the fashion and media industries), in fact, that may actually help the building sell more apartments.

    One more thing, has anyone had issues with their electric outlets? At least three in my apartment have problems providing sufficient electricity, causing my computer to power off frequently.
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    FYI, the building is offering a high brokerage commission to try to sell the remaining apartments.

    ali r.
    {downtown broker}

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