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    Hi. I'm 17 and I was wondering what teens do and where they do it for fun. Where do you go to meet other teens? Where are the best under 21 clubs, jazz and otherwise?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.


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    Stay home, study your schoolwork and watch Disney movies. Be a good automatron.

    Actually, some clubs allow 16 and up in, but you must wear a bracelet indicating you can't drink. Personally, I think it is a very bad idea.

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    Just be warned, if you are that young, people will be looking to get whatever they can from you.

    Most of the clubs I went to when I was younger (just out of college) that I saw had the 18+ or 16+ were like Junior Proms with the kiddies tryingto get in.

    No offense intended there, but it is really not worth trying to get into these places at 17.

    Stick to Music places like Smalls ($10 cover, no booze/BYOB) where you can sit and listen to some good Jazz and stuff. You will get plenty of opportunities to dance your tukus off later

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