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Thread: Getting From JFK to Fifth Avenue?

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    Default Getting From JFK to Fifth Avenue?

    Hi there i leave for my fortnight in New York on Wednesday and i am wondering what the best type of transport to get from the airport to my hotel off Fifth Avenue would be?? I am travelling alone so would like to get settled in as quickly as possible and get out and about, and explore the beautiful city that is NY.
    Thank You.

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    If I only go to New York, I take "Supper Shuttle", if not with several, to take a taxi is profitable

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    New York is served by 3 airports. The taxi fare from JFK airport to Manhattan is $45 plus tolls plus tips.

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    so u think a taxi would probably be my best option?? Also,is it just on the bridges that i have pay tolls,i am not too sure ,just findin it all a little scary at the moment realising that i will be in this huge city just myself lol but i am looking forward to it.

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    Yes, take a yellow cab. Yes, you will have to pay tolls for bridges/tunnels you go through. The driver will use his speedpass to go through (Meaning you dont pay for it at the time) and he will just add the toll on to the fare at the end of the trip.

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    If you're on a budget, take the airport bus - it picks up right outside of the airport and you buy your ticket on the bus.

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    Default Air Train

    Take the Air Train to Jamaica Station. Take the E to 5th Avenue and 53rd Street.

    Not only is this a ton cheaper than the other options (5 bucks for the Air Train, plus subway fare), depending on the time of day it might be quicker also. Plus you'll get a seat on the subway as you'll get on at the first stop.

    If it's your first time in New York or if you have a ton of luggage you might want to cab it though. But you can at least take this way back to JFK.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the A line on the subway have a stop at JFK?

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    nevermind it was mentioned in the post prior to mine.

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    I flew into JFK this morning, and took the AirTrain to Jamaica Station. I must say, it was very quick and painless. The hardest part is getting your luggage (and I had a 56 pound suitcase plus a laptop) up to the third floor from the terminal, but they do have big elevators. The fare is 5 dollars, and the ride is about ten minutes. You can also take the AirTrain to Howard Beach and take the A subway into Manhattan from there. I wish the station in Jamaica was located somewhere in Midtown, but alas, that's all we have (for now).

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