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Thread: 400 Fifth Avenue @ 36th St - Setai Hotel and Condo - by Gwathmey Siegel & Associates

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    Thumbs up wip

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    For my eye ^ nothing but the mysterious blue box

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    Same. All I get is a box with a red X in it.

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    Default Crown is going up...

    Definitely not glass.

    Looks like it could be steel. Very similar in color and texture to the building itself..from the view of a newbie.

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    RIGHTEOUS. This building is SWEET!

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    I saw this building in person last week. I think it's one of the nicer structures I've seen go up in the city in years. Great looking building, I would've taken some pictures but my camera wouldn't cooperate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynLove View Post
    RIGHTEOUS. This building is SWEET!
    I agree.

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    Post 400 Fifth Avenue

    Quote Originally Posted by Taz View Post
    I think it's one of the nicer structures I've seen go up in the city in years. Great looking building,
    Absolutely: Gwathmey Siegels' crowning jewel.

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    Throw a "W" on it and you've got the Times Square W!

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    November 20th, from Madison Square

    Full resolution

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    I like this one. Best viewed from the street. It loses a bit on the skyline.

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    I think it's classy and attractive, nice textures and depth in the facade, great curve on the base facing the intersection, a crown that seems to complement the ESB very nicely. Can't wait to see he night illumination. This is a definite winner IMO. It's even better in person than in photos.

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    Default The crown

    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    londonlawyer--joking aside, I got a chance to see the crown yesterday and I think it is made of frosted/smoked glass.[/INDENT]
    Of course, it was very high up and it is not exactly easy to see from the ground but that's what it appeared like to me.

    Anyway, rest assured because it does look very good and high quality.
    the crown looks great. My company is the specialty contractor
    the engineered furnish and installed the crown panels
    correct stainless steel

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