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    Rather than rant in the Hurricane Katrine thread, I thought I'd start this thread to vent my frustration.

    George Bush was on vacation while response preparations were underway. He cut his vacation short BY ONE DAY to address the recovery efforts.

    Congress is still on vacation.

    This government's response to everything is money. Money. Money. Money. Sometime - as we are seeing in this crisis - money is NOT the answer. Money does not help when there is no infrastructure, no banks and no economy. These people only know "money" and although it is the answer to their questions and every prayer - it isn't the solution to every problem.

    I think the way the military has been coordinated, it'sresponse, the tools and equipment at its disposal and the failure of leadership and accountability in dealing with this - a domestic crisis - gives us a glimpse of what is going on in Iraq - where people are in similar conditions, but not American and without a lot of care or coverage from the outside war.

    George W. Bush is a war crimes criminal, a criminal president and his cabinet and advisers are accomplices. He should be impeached, indicted, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced. He is a bigger thug than anyone they can point to in Iraq.

    With a "shoot to kill" order implemented by the governor of Louisiana, one can only wonder if that policy might be extended to visiting politicians. Maybe a way to solve a couple of problems at once.

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