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Thread: Scoop on Herald Square Area?

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    Default Scoop on Herald Square Area?

    Being a true city boy, I love the grit of the Herald Square area. I also relish the idea of being practically in front of Madison Square Garden. That said i was wonder what living in the area is like.

    When i finish my Computer Science degree, i am planing to go to business school in New York, and am considering housing through Educational Housing Services.

    I would be living on 8th avenue.

    Thanks for any input,


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    8th Avenue and what cross street?

    South of 34th St. is an entirely different experience than north of 34th St.

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    Default Herald square zip code

    The zip code of the building i would be in is 10001

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    Default ok here we go

    34th and 8th avenue, the area near Penn station. (:-

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    lived at 34th & dyer (between 9&10) for 3 years (moved a yr ago). Rented from an owner in a co-op - doorman, 7th floor with and could see the lights of time square (if i went near my window). it's a good value, convenient to all subway lines, crosstown bus, good food delivery, 24 hr post office, but definitely a bit of drawbacks.

    If you are looking to go downstairs and just have shopping and lots of food options, this isnt your place...
    When there is a big event at the javitz center, the place is filled with trash, broken glass, lots of congestion (street and sidewalk)
    It does not have a "neighborhood" feel to it.
    If you go north of say 35th street, west of 8th, it's not a good area...
    Holiday and rush hour tunnel traffic always backs up big time with the tunnel and it gets noisy with all of the honking.
    I liked to keep my window open and use a screen for fresh air year round and just crank the heat, and i would have a window sill that would get so black from the pollution coming from all the traffic
    Back to the noise - a lot of tractor trailors use that route for the tunnel and they blow those really loud air horns often

    It was great for me as a 1st apt out of college, and served it's purpose...but it definitely depends on what you really want out of your surroundings... i'd be happy to answer any questions.

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    Default I Did Myself In

    I ruined my credit along time ago, so i cant be too picky about antything. just hope this doenst mean living some were i know i dont really belong... (:---

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    well that area isnt an area that you can NOT belong in...because it doesnt have a real personality/character or as i said before a neighborhood feel. good luck

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    Default herald square continued...

    I have walked around there at night, kinda dead.

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    That whole area will be changing as the Hudson yards plan unfolds, but it may take 10 years to see real change and a neighborhood to take hold

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    8th Avenue is where my friends and I go out. There seem to be quite a few bars and pubs in the area.

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