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Thread: Welsh Photographer's Inspiring Pics

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    Default Welsh Photographer's Inspiring Pics

    Check out my website for pics of people, places, animals and flowers. The ArtScape feature showcases digitally manipulated images. All comments welcome.
    Cheers for Wales

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    the site does not function, damage

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    Default Link not working - please type in URL manually

    Thanks for telling me. For some reason the link doesn't function. Please type in
    manually and then you can see the site.
    Cheers everyone,
    I've just followed the link in this message and it connects! so try it!!
    Last edited by Gillygems; September 21st, 2005 at 04:14 PM. Reason: link on this ;page working want to add wording

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    afflicted, even when I type it with the hand, I am not able to connect me on the site.
    perhaps a problem of waiter

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