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Thread: Community/alternative NYC websites?

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    Question Community/alternative NYC websites?

    I'm already enjoying the feedback I'm getting here and intend to stay, but I was wondering if there were any other lively alt/community/activist bulletin boards based in/around NYC.

    I run a busy UK based bulletin board and I'm getting miffed by the fact that several US-based regulars on the site end up with a huge social scene waiting for them when they arrive in London yet I've never managed to track down a reciprocal scene for my trips in the reverse direction!

    Any suggestions?

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    Default miffed

    There is a website called that you may want to see. It is a place where people can arrange to meet each other in person. Also, there is something called usegroups/listservs (mabe some one on the list can help here) that one can join: ex., something like that.

    I will look into usegroups, mabe get back to you with better info.

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    Try this site for info

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    Quote Originally Posted by infoshare
    There is a website called that you may want to see. It is a place where people can arrange to meet each other in person.
    Cheers for the info, but I'm not really looking for 'meet up'-targeted kinda sites.

    I'm maybe thinking that there simply isn't a NYC equivalent of the UK site I run - I've certainly had a lot of US/New York folks tell me just that but I was hopeful that they were wrong....

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    So what's the web address of the site you run?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc
    So what's the web address of the site you run? - the bulletin boards are

    The site covers a lot of topics and is staunchly non-commercial (no ads, banner adverts, paid links, or sponsorship deals anywhere).

    I'm not saying that it's any better or worse than any other site, but it has very busy forums (up to 6,000 posts/day) with the bulletin boards branching out into the 'real world' with related night clubs, country walks, craft clubs, football clubs, photo comps, radio etc etc all being created from the contributing community.

    There is a strong London focus, and quite a few US posters have found it a useful way to hook up with a friendly scene on their trip to the UK.

    I was hopeful that there might be something similar in NYC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    Didnt like the rest of it
    What none of it?

    No pleasing some folks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    I dont like drugs. I know you say the site has no stance on them, but I still dont like them.
    I'm not here to talk about my site, but I have to say your attitude is a bit odd.

    If you choose to dismiss an entire site just because you disagree with a tiny, tiny percentage of the content they carry, that just seems like you're needlessly restricting your horizons a tad to me, but it's your call, of course.

    I've seen quite a few opinions here I strongly disagree with, but I won't be judging the entire site on them.
    Last edited by urban75; November 1st, 2005 at 04:15 AM.

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    Default very miffed

    We I tried. I will be looking into you website to see what is happening on the other side of the pond.

    I dont think we all have any serious diagreements here - mabe it because we speak American and you English.

    From what little I have read on your site, I am liking it. I also get most my news from the BBC, and my TV viewing is mostly BBC Britcoms - oh no now a Uk anglofile in the making right befor your eyes...cheers

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    urban75- I've been a devotee of your site for a long time. Do keep up the photography; much of it is fantastic.

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