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Thread: Transportation from/to New York airports

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    You can take the PATH train from Newark Penn Station to the WTC Stop. From there you can take the E subway uptown to the 42nd Street stop.

    PATH one way ride is $1.75

    One way ride on the subway is $2

    Very cheap travel.

    Good luck!

    You can also take the NJ Transit train directly from Newark Liberty Airport on the "Northeast Corridor Line" to Penn Station NY (Not Newark)

    From Penn Station you can then take the A, C, E, 1, 2, OR 3 subway uptown to 42nd street. (Your
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    The PATH doesn't go to the airport, so s/he would have to take another train to get to Newark Penn. It's better just to stay on NJ Transit since you have to get on it anyway.

    Take the Airtrain from the terminal to the Airport Train Station, then take NJ Transit to NY Penn Station. From there take the A/C/E or 1/2/3 as NYC4Life says. Total for all that is I think around 15 bucks.

    Taxi from airport to Times Square is probably 40-50.

    You can also catch a super shuttle van for about 15 dollars. Similar to a cab but you have to ride with 5-6 other people so you don't get directly where you're going right away. There's also Newark Liberty Airport Express, which is similar but only goes to Midtown and I think is 13 or so dollars.

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    Smile Fastest mode from Newark airport to Midtown? Can I do this???

    I'm planning on surprising my husband with dinner in NYC soon (hopefully Nov. or at least by the end of the year).

    Alas, the flight schedule for my preferred airline is pretty tight. (It'll be an early dinner, that's for sure.)

    The flight I want arrives around 5pm. That airline's latest return flight departs around 8:30pm. Since we have to be back at the airport no later than 7:30pm (int'l flight rules), that only leaves a maximum of 2.5hrs to get to and from the airport, and have dinner.

    We've been to New York many times (and love it!) but, this time, I just want to go for dinner (as opposed to staying overnight)...just for the novelty. (I've flown the Concorde, but never "to Paris..." "...just for dinner." But I wish I'd been able to do it...just once.)

    With such a tight schedule, I'm worried that if each trip to/from the airport is most likely close to an hour, then I'll be out of luck. (I've never flown to/from Newark. So I have no idea how long the trip is, or what traffic is usually like at those times.)

    I do want it to be a relatively tight schedule. I mean, I don't want us hanging about for hours. But, as locals, can you tell me if my plan is realistically doable?

    1. Land at Newark around 5pm
    2. Drive to our Manhattan restaurant
    3. eat dinner (We can probably get our dinner finished within an hour, if necessary. I mean, we're not hosting a party or anything.)
    4. back to the airport by 7:30?
    If so, what is the fastest, most flexible mode of transport? Taxi/limo? Is that our best bet? I've read the trains are fast, but I'm worried travel to/from the stations will add more time and aggravation, and they are probably on a fixed schedule which might mean a lot of wasted time, in our case.

    As a last resort, I suppose I could take an earlier flight (arrives 3pm), and we could go shopping for a bit, before dinner. But I'd really rather do the later flight, if y'all think it's possible. I really just want to land, take a cab/limo to the restaurant, eat dinner, hail a cab and return to the airport, and fly home. I do the math mentally, I'm kind of answering my own question, I think. Assuming a 45 min. cab/limo ride, that means a 5:45-6pm dinner reservation, and we'd have to leave by 6:45, to get back to the airport by 7:30. And that's assuming everything goes smoothly. Uh...maybe it's just too tight? The 3pm arrival is starting to look more realistic, with maybe a 5pm-ish dinner. (???) (On the plus side, at least it shouldn't be difficult to get a reservation that early.) ;-)

    Of course we can always stay overnight if everything falls apart. So, no worries there. But I'd really like to be able to do the tighter trip, if possible.

    What say you all? Forget the 5pm arrival, and opt for 3pm, because 5's just not realistic??? Or can it be done?

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    Default 3:00 is much better -

    Much less anxiety.

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    If you were to accomplish this David Blaine would want to talk to you.
    No this is impossible, the traffic is horrific at this time of the day and the trains are no better because this is generally the busiest time of the day. Maybe he can meet you half way or if you are serious there are some nice restaurants in Newark airport.
    But please be careful there are some very bad area's in Newark.

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    Thanks for the zippy reply, Stache!

    Of course you're right. I guess I just didn't think it through enough when planning departure times.

    I was hoping not to take my husband away from work too early, since the (downtown) airport is maybe 10 minutes from his office. (However, we LIVE at least an hour's drive from any local airports.) I thought I could surprise him downtown (I've pulled off many surprises, over the years), and with passports in hand, simply announce that we're off to New York for dinner. Voil! Everybody's happy.

    The difference is, the earlier flight leaves around 1:30pm, which means he has to be at the airport by 12:30, at the latest. That doesn't allow for much of a work day. At least the later flight would give him a couple more hours. (He's extremely busy.)

    Oh's still a good surprise, I think, even at the earlier time. But you're right. It's just too tight with my original plan. (Better to realize that now, than the hard way.)

    If only this airline had a later flight. I suppose the next best option is to consider another airline for the return flight, so it could be later. But flying into the U.S. with two one-way tickets would really put us in jeopardy of being pulled aside, etc. They hate that kind of thing. Gawd how I hate flying to the U.S. these days, anyway. But it's just so darn much fun, once you get there!!!

    TheFivePoints, thanks for the feedback, too. I kind of chuckled when you suggested eating dinner in Jersey, or even at the airport. It just doesn't have the same cach, n'est-ce pas? (I mean that in the most loving way possible, of course.) In any event, we're going to a specific restaurant...which is part of the draw in going to New York for dinner. I think my husband will love that particular place. He's such a gourmand! that's that, I guess. It'll have to be the flight that arrives at 3pm, or a later return flight on another airline (which will, sadly, fly into the international airport, far from our home, rather than the downtown airport). Thanks for helping me think this through!!! Much appreciated!

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    Your welcome Jody, the time restraints would be too much but please allow yourself plenty of time to return back to the airport.
    A few weeks ago there were some crazy antics by the Holland Tunnel where the traffic was stopped for hours and hours.
    Good Luck

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    Jody, where do you live?

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    TheFivePoints, thanks for the additional tip. I realize that traffic snarls could happen at any time. But I'm not going to plan everything with the assumption I'll be held up for hours. If it happens, it happens. We'll deal with it, then. We can always stay overnight, if it comes to that. Oh, I forgot to mention that I laughed at your David Blaine joke. Thanks! That was good! ;-)

    Stache, well...of course I was doing my best not to get too personal. But you can put it all in perspective if I tell you we live in Toronto. :-)

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    The idea is great, but you're a tad bit short on time I guess. Whats wrong with making it an overnight though? A good dinner needs a dessert, doesn't it?

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    There's nothing wrong with the overnights. Do 'em all the time. I wanted this to be different...more decadent. For instance, just two weeks ago, I announced I wanted to go see some live jazz and blues, and flew to Chicago (also about an hour and a half flight from Toronto). Checked into hotel around 4pm. A bit of shopping 'til 6. In the shower, then dinner reservations at 7:15pm. At jazz club by 8:30 or so. Blues club by 11. Back to the hotel around 2am. In-room breakfast at 11am. Napped 'til 2. Late checkout at 3. Then off to the airport to return home. ...Sweet. In and out. Down and dirty. ;-)

    I love just waking up one day and deciding to go somewhere. I especially love the New York trips on a whim. I L-O-V-E New York. (But how clich is that? Who doesn't?) ;-) I do the 'surprise trip' a fair bit, too. A few years ago, I surprised my husband with a trip to Amsterdam. He didn't know where we were going until the automated valet parking machine required me to type in which airline. When he saw "KLM" he guessed correctly. This past February, I managed to keep our final desitation a surprise an astonishingly long time. We made it all the way to our gate in Frankfurt, where he finally saw we were headed to Stockholm.

    The thing is, he's so busy, we rarely travel anywhere for longer than, say, a long weekend. (Also, I have a dog. We take her with us absolutely whenever possible. But if we can't, it means I won't leave her with my best friend for longer than a few days.) So all these whimsical trips need to be relatively close (probably 6-8hr flight max). (And yes, the total travel time for Stockholm was at least 13hrs each way. We were barely in the city for 24hrs. But it was a fun adventure. I would stay more than one night, if I were to go again, though.)

    What? TMI? (blushing) (I'm so chatty today.) Anyway, I've done the overnights and weekends in NYC a fair bit. I'd like to make this one a bit different.

    Ironically, he and I were just now talking about a trip I'm taking (alone) in January, and he said he'd prefer I blow that one off entirely, so we can both go somewhere more exotic...maybe even longer than 3 or 4 days. Ah...dare to dream.

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    Actually, it can be done!

    Check out US Helicopter at for a helicopter flight from Newark to E.34th St.

    The flight takes about 10 minutes, and there is a flight from Newark to the E34 St. Heliport at 5:45, which gives you enough time to get to the helicopter from your plane. Also, on the way back, you go through security at the heliport, so no need to wait in line at the airport, so you can take the 7:45 flight back. This gives you 1:55 to get from 34th st. to your restaurant, eat, get back to the heliport, and go through security there (the last one shouldn't be a problem - not exactly a long line there).

    The tickets are, I believe $105 per person each way, so if you are on a tight budget, this might not be as attractive; though you did mention the limo option, and this does not seem much more expensive.

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    Thanks so much, Egenius! That is an unbelievable price for such a service. (Most times I've looked into heli-cabs, they're more like $500.) I'll look into that option. Thanks!!!

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    Default train transport from JFK to penn station 7 th av

    we are arriving into JFK from the uk next year and need to get to penn station , 7th av exit, our hotel is just by this exit, my husband says we can take the train/subway all the way from the airport to Penn, is that right, if so any idea how long it may take, we should arrive about 1o'clock lunchtime on a wednesday, thanks, fizz

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