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Thread: Superior Ink Condominiums - 469 West Street - by Robert A. M. Stern

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    385 W 12th

    What's up with all the wall studs?

    Can't locate a rendering.

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    Right next door to 385 W 12th is another new project on the same block, butcloser to the river.

    A report from CURBED on 397 West 12th Street ...

    Introducing 397 West 12th Street, If You Can Find It

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008
    by Joey

    Over in the Far West Village, the block of West 12th Street between the
    West Side Highway and Washington Street has become one huge
    construction site. With Robert A.M. Stern's classy Superior Ink and
    FLAnk's metallic 385 West 12th Street hogging the headlines, the well-
    advanced construction site at 397 West 12th Street has flown
    completely under our radar. No longer! Feast your eyes on what may turn
    out to be the biggest blockbuster on the block— a 10-story, five-unit
    building from architect and developer Cary Tamarkin. Yes, only five units.
    The website for the mini-development recently went live, and according to
    Triple Mint, 397 West 12th Street will have a 6,600-square-foot
    quadruplex penthouse with 3,000 square feet of outdoor space, and
    prices ranging from $5.5 million to $14 million. If that doesn't spin your
    bowtie, we don't know what will.

    There she is, with FLAnk's 385 West 12th in the distance.

    The back of the building.

    From Superior Ink's corner, looking east at 397 West 12th Street.

    · 397 West 12th Street []
    · 397 West 12th Street [Triple Mint]

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    Thank you very much Lofter. I've been trying to find out the name of this project for some time now.

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    Luckily the search function at CURBED is very user-friendly.

    (but the new way they have of presenting photos as thumbnails
    makes it a pain in the butt to re-post entire articles )

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    397 is boring.

    DOB only shows a demolition permit for the Gulf Coast building (489 West St.) but nothing else.

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    The Wreck Next Door Gets Eulogized, Refuses To Be Sold

    Friday, June 6, 2008
    by Joey

    [Photo: Will Femia]

    We really can't get enough of 489 West Street, the crumbling former Gulf
    Coast restaurant that is surrounded on all sides by the new, high-end Far
    West Village. Owned by the reclusive Gottliebs, who control a lot of land
    in the area, the two-story time capsule has been especially troublesome
    for architect/developer Cary Tamarkin, who built the building next to it,
    and is now constructing a lovely new boutique condo building right behind
    it at 397 West 12th Street (note how the Gulf Coast has been replaced by
    trees in the rendering). Tamarkin really wanted to get his hands on the
    building, but the Gottliebs are the Gottliebs, so in the end he had to alter
    the design of 397 West 12th Street and hope for the best.

    Here's an excerpt from a Real Deal interview with Tamarkin:
    Your 12th Street building is adjacent to the Gottlieb
    parcel, where a Department of Buildings permit for a
    demolition originally issued in 2005 was renewed on May
    13. What steps have you taken with the neighboring

    It is falling down. I assumed and thought it had been
    condemned and they had started dismantling it ... but there
    has been no action. I offered to buy it, I built my foundation
    away from it and I monitored it ... but Gottlieb is very difficult
    to get on the phone. I also offered to net-lease it from them
    for 99 years. The offers were submitted by mail but I did not
    get any response.

    Do you expect something to be built there? Is that is why
    your building was designed with no windows facing the

    I have designed the building with the idea that someday
    something will be there.
    Meanwhile, blog Hunter-Gatherer is feeling nostalgic for the old Gulf Coast,
    and speaks with a former waiter at the '80s hot spot about the
    restaurant's history:
    The era and environment was a key reason why the Gulf
    Coast became such a fab and Felliniesque combo platter
    of workers and clientele. Bikers sat with rock stars and
    promoters from any band that came to play at the Lone Star
    Cafe or Tramps. These 80’s era clubs promoted the
    Manhattan/Delta vibe that was so prevalent at N’Awlins
    JazzFest at the time as well as well as late 80’s Manhattan. In
    general, Gulf Coast morphed as did the neighborhood. Into
    yuppies from the upper West Side and into expensive studios
    as the gay clubs and hookers left.
    · Tamarkin sees upside in down market [TRD]
    · Gulf Coast: Beneath The Rubble [Hunter-Gatherer]
    · The Curious Case of the Wreck Next Door [Curbed]

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    This development will only further cement the area's reputation as New York's new Gold Coast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pianoman11686 View Post
    This development will only further cement the area's reputation as New York's new Gold Coast.
    If it were only possible to add a beach along the Hudson next to these rising buildings.

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    Possible? It's in some of the plans (ill advised, IMHO, due to flotsam & jetsam found all along the south sside of Gansevoort) for

    Hudson River Park ...

    Addressing the mayor and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Pataki said of the joint park project, “It’s been a city-state partnership from the beginning.”

    Voicing his oft-repeated refrain, the governor said, “I know that someday I am going to be putting my toe in the Hudson River sandy beach at the Gansevoort Peninsula. Just keep going [building the park], because I am going to be haunting the shores of the Gansevoort Peninsula, waiting for my day.”

    Plans for Gansevoort do, in fact, call for a sandy beach on the peninsula’s south side, but the peninsula can’t be developed as a park until the city removes its Sanitation truck garage.

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    Walked by the ink plant with my dog tonight....
    they have already started installing the windows!

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    Thanks for the picures Zip!

    Look at that beautiful brickwork. If only other brick buildings going up had this type of brick work. Make things look much better.

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    Someone get out to da ink with a camera quick!
    Rode by on my bike this morning (sans camera),
    and noticed they have begun putting glass up
    on the towers front face.....and I didn't like what I saw at all
    In between units they are running these long, white, plastic looking segments
    (between the windows instead of brick), that were not in the renderings- can you say vomit-
    please tell me it's not what it appears to be?!?!

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