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Thread: Liquor stores owned by government

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    Default Liquor stores owned by government

    I would like to know if you're agree that government should own a liquor store?

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    Over here, the goverment does own all liqour stores. As a result there is an excellent choice of wines and spirits.
    The way it is run ain't all good tho, there's recently been a coruption scandal in "Systembolaget" (aka "Systemet" - the System). And the company is way to interested in profits (which is ok for private companies, but not goverment owned monopolies) and not interested enough in preventing/treating alcholism. Also, it allows a high price level for alcohol (together with the high taxation) which together with the regulated open hours keeps down consumption.

    The reason we have this monopoly is a combination of socialist rule (we've had more years with socialists in power than Russia...) and a historical backdrop of disturbingly rampant alcoholism in the 17- and 1800s (think stereotypical Russia, but worse).

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    In Quebec there is S.A.Q., government of Quebec complains about tabacco disease and that government runs all liquor stores. The same government collected taxes from the smokers to pay the Montreal Olympic stadium and some of them complain because they can't smoke in this building.

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