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Thread: Jersey neighborhoods between Princeton and NYC?

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    Default Jersey neighborhoods between Princeton and NYC?

    Hi all

    I am considering a job opportunity in Princeton, NJ. I live in Brooklyn, and to avoid the 2+ hour commute, would have to move to NJ. My better half would still work in NYC. Can anyone fill me in on neighborhoods in NJ where we could both conviently take public transportation to our jobs? If possible, we'd like a neighborhood amenable to walking, e.g. to run errands, go to restaurants, etc.

    thanks for any help.

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    New Brunswick, NJ.

    Rutgers Univ., Johnson & Johnson HQ, Robt. Wood Medical Center, etc....
    It's got plenty of good restaurants and bars, hotels, theaters, shops, cultural arts. It's an old city of about 50,000 that rebounded from the depths of the 60's-70's, like the rest of the northeastern cities, and has come a long way. Coolest town on the Northeast Corridor rail line in NJ, IMO.

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    The train from Penn Sta. > Princeton will get you there in about one hour.

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    thanks for your replies so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1
    The train from Penn Sta. > Princeton will get you there in about one hour.
    this is true, but i said 2 hours b/c i was including time from bklyn to penn station and time from princeton station to office.

    thanks again, and i'm going to research new brunswick.

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    New Brunswick can feel rather depressing, especially away from Rutgers.

    Fun Fact: the city's motto is something like "Health Care Capital of North America". Next to the railway viaduct on which this was painted, when I visited, was an ad for "Blaze Bail Bonds," which urged inmates to "blaze your way to freedom!"

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    I'm not all that familiar, but Short Hills/Millburn, Maplewood, Chatham, Montclair seem to always come up in the nice NJ towns discussions. Closer to NYC than to Princeton, but a nice compromise.

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    Montclair is very nice but $$.

    It is one place that I keep looking at though (currently in Hoboken).

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    Why dont you want to stay in Hoboken?

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