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Thread: Washington, D.C.

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    Default Washington, D.C.


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    America's most underrated city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc View Post
    America's most underrated city.
    True. That is one amazing city.

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    Excellent pictures!! Brings back some memories when i visited. And I do agree that it one of the underrated cities!

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    wonderful! Thank you!

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    At the Capitol, Glimpses of a Work in Progress

    Doug Mills/The New York Times
    A worker walks into the grand hall of the Capitol Visitor Center.
    The complex is underground, but skylights will provide a view of the dome.
    January 7, 2007

    At more than $540 million and four years and counting, the Capitol Visitor Center is costing more and taking longer to build than anyone envisioned.

    Yet when it opens to the public, the huge underground complex, which is in the final stages of construction beneath the east plaza of the Capitol, should transform the experience of the millions who each year visit what is essentially a landmark office building, but also the nation’s best-known symbol of democracy.

    Audio Slide Show
    A Look at the Capitol Visitor Center

    Visitors will enter a grand hall with skylights providing a new perspective on the Capitol dome. Instead of lining up outside to await a guided tour, they will be able to stroll through interactive museum presentations devoted to the history of the building and to Congress. Two theaters will show a 12-minute orientation film.

    The 580,000-square-foot extension will allow for public display of statues and artifacts now tucked away, including the catafalque that held the coffins of President Abraham Lincoln and other figures.

    An exhibition hall will include a hands-on model of the dome and recognize the slave labor used in the Capitol’s construction.

    The center will also include a restaurant for up to 600 people and more than two dozen bathrooms, amenities currently in short supply.

    Doug Mills/The New York Times
    The main entrance to the 580,000-square-foot center.
    Visitors will go from here to the security-screening area.

    The long-discussed push for the visitor center gained momentum in 1998 as a way to enhance the sometimes haphazard tours and move security screening away from the immediate Capitol entrances after the shooting of two police officers. The Sept. 11 attacks gave the project new impetus, expanded its scope and drove up the cost, which includes tens of millions of dollars in security features the public will not see.

    The center also has committee and conference rooms for the House and the Senate, a tunnel for truck traffic, a connection to the Library of Congress and an auditorium able to serve as the House and Senate chamber in the event of an emergency or to allow for remodeling of the traditional chambers.

    The date remains in flux, but the architect of the Capitol hopes to open the center by late this year.

    An army of workers is putting the finishing touches on much of the center, which will be adorned in marble, bronze and stone to keep it in character with the Capitol.

    “We are not cutting corners,” said Tom Fontana, a spokesman for the project. “All these things have to be just right.”

    Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company

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    Aerial photo of the Capitol Visitor Center project site taken December 5, 2006:

    This aerial photo was taken August 16, 2006:

    "Birdseye" Rendering of East Front Plaza with Completed CVC:

    This artist's rendering shows how the Capitol Visitor Center will appear when complete. The viewpoint is approximately from above the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, looking in northwesterly direction across First Street N.E./S.E. The gentle decline from street level to the entrance of the visitor center, the addition of elevators, and improvements in the ground level approach to the Capitol on the East Front plaza will make the Capitol more accessible to the public while improving both safety and security. The project also will improve the external appearance of the east approach to the Capitol.

    "Hardscape" Drawing of the East Plaza above the CVC:

    This view from above the east front of the Capitol shows the East Capitol Grounds after construction of the Capitol Visitor Center.

    Masons have resumed setting pavers around the historic Olmsted lanterns on the East Front Plaza, November 20, 2006:

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