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Thread: New York can't seem to build over 900 ft.

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    The first question to answer is whether 900ft + height makes sense economically. Does it?

    If not, then building higher is just stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vc10
    The first question to answer is whether 900ft + height makes sense economically. Does it?

    If not, then building higher is just stupid.
    Like dubai is doing.How can the burj dubai be supported in such a city. Buildings like that can be supported here in New York but whats often the case is that such projects get interupted by politics and much of the people of New York because for some strange reason many don't want tall buildings even in many places in manhattan. If it was up to me, projects like those at con ed would just be accumulated to one huge tower so others can build there as well and we can have a more magnificent skyline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjahedge

    Forgive me, but I have to use this. It is for your own good!

    "It's not the size that matters. It is how you use it."

    'nuff said.

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    over 900 has been proven to be non economical, the buildings in the far east are mainly empty

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    We have a couple of projects breaking 1000 ft (BoA Tower, NYT Tower, Freedom Tower [once construction ever starts], 80 South Street) and a few buildings that have potential once a design is relased (Beekman Street Tower, that 1.5 million square foot site in midtown).
    New York is sort of in a lull, we'll start rising like we did in the 1920s in the 2010s, there was something in Business 2.0 this month about that.

    Besides what good are 2000+ ft skyscrapers in Dubai if there's very little to scale it against. You can lose perspective unless you have something to measure it against. Plus, Dubai's backdrop is... a desert.
    Chicago is getting some plans. Trump Int'l Hotel and Resort will go up nicely, but I think the Fordham Spire will be NIMBY'd.

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    Chicago looks absolutely gorgeous, the buildings are in good places that don't make them look strange.

    Look at Taipei 101

    this building looks absolutely out of place, there's like straw huts a few blocks down, I would never want something like this in nyc.

    I love how nyc has such a huge grouping of buildings that it;s overwhelming. For me it was never really that for ex. the trade center was huge, it was the fact that it was so much taller than the AMEX building which is gigantic by any city's standards

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    Quote Originally Posted by evil_synth
    Plus, Dubai's backdrop is... a desert.
    Plus, Dubai as a City is impressive but all of the architecture is from the past ten years. There is absolutely no variance in building styles. It's like a Jersey City except doubled in size.

    New York City is fantastic not just because of height but because of the contrasts between building styles and how they have changed over the years.

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    man alive, Tapei 101 is ugly.

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    And that appears to be a rendering ...

    Photo from :

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    Rendering or photo, that building looks bad.

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    Looks like a bunch of Chinese food containers stacked on top of each other. Kinda makes me hungry for take-out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagrecco82
    Looks like a bunch of Chinese food containers stacked on top of each other.
    A common impression.

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    Well the architect wanted to make the building look like bamboo (this is true, no kidding) and he did his job well. So now they have a bamboo building, lol.

    anyway, getting back to the topic of nyc, can someone tell me what in general is the cost of adding additional floors. What I mean is for example let's assume it costs $100 to build a flat one floor building. How much would it cost to put up a 100 floor building? 10,000? or 999999999999? Does the cost rise exponentially? Bottom line, I'd like to know if it is cheaper to put up 2 900footers or one 1800'? I know each floor gets more expensive due to the additional elavators, suppost etc, but land property rights in NYC are damn expensive so putting two smaller buildings is sometimes just not an option.

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    Jake, it is hard to quantify. Each area is different, and until you do some basic calcs, it is hard to say what is needed.

    Just suffice to say, the cost of the entire building goes up per SF with every floor you add.

    You must balance that against the initial investment of manpower and land (and different other initial outlays) to get an idea of what the ratio would be.

    I would bet money though that if you were to compare only the building costs of two 900 footers and an 1800 that the 1800 would cost more.

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    Then you can plug in the return, ninja, and the answer on that would doubtless be different today from what it might have been before 9/11.

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