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Thread: U.S. consulate or embassy.

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    Default U.S. consulate or embassy.

    Every time I pass in front of U.S. consulate in Montreal, I don't know why no one can bring any kind of device such calculator, cell phone, camera, portable computer, iPod etc. Are Americans diplomats afraid of terrorist attack with inoffensive device?

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    With the current administration in power and making the kind of embarrassing and deadly decisions they are making, it seems they ought to be scared for their lives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Law & Order
    All of those items can be made into offensive devices. Very easily. I am actually suprised they even let any person walk by.
    How can it be offensive? There are security guards to keep that consulate in security don't worry. The sidewalk doesn't belong to the consulate, that belong to the city and anyone can walk by.

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    They search you on the sidewalk?!?!

    In Federal Buildings in USA they often will not allow you to bring in bottled water -- even if you drink from it to show them it's not acid / poison / etc.


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    The US embassy here in Stockholm has actually closed down half the street outside and has concrete barriers on the sidewalk. Since it's in an area called "Diplomatstaden" (Diplomat City) which very few pass thru anyway nobody cares. There is precedence for attacks on embassies here believe it or not - German communist terrorists once blew up a bomb in the WestGerman embassy. The Russians don't seem worried, but then their embassy is on a much larger property (there's even a playground for the kids of those who live in there).

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