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    Default Tycoon City: New York

    Don't know if it's been mentioned here earlier. I just stumbled upon this game.

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    Yea, I'm thinking about buying it also...

    First Look: Tycoon City: New York
    by: Daniel "monk" Pelfrey

    Unlike most other sim games where there is construction on a city-wide scale, Tycoon City won’t have players worry about zoning. Instead the focus will be on more of an entrepreneurial level. This means that where there is a need, the player will need to fill it. Does the city need some apartments? Does it need a shopping center? A park? Where are these things needed? That is how the determination will be made as to what gets build where.

    Players start out with a green field Manhattan – a clean slate – and start out small. Eventually players will work up to owning the city’s most popular restaurant or running a nightclub. Eventually skyscrapers will need to be built. The pinnacle of success however will be in conducting events such as throwing a free concert in Central Park, organizing the Thanksgiving Day parade, or the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration.

    While it is up to the players how New York will ultimately look, there are certain things that will be unavoidable, such as giving different neighborhoods their own look and feel. Sure, it will be possible to place nothing but skyscrapers all along the outer edge of Manhattan, but the reactions of the various New Yorkers may make you think twice about it.

    There are over 100 types of businesses to work with, ranging from restaurants to media conglomerates. With each new success, the reputation grows, and with that, more opportunities.

    Tycoon City will feature real-world New York landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building to work with, as well as the geographical showpieces such as Central Park. This will be the opportunity for players to reshape New York city in their own image.

    More Screenshots here:

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    Sweet. No other word can describe it.

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    Really? It looks kind of lame and confusing to me...

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    I like the effort they put into the modeling, but it looks like SIMCITY2000 remade with a different gameplay engine.

    The complexity of the cityscape makes it hard to do any high end graphics for now, but it looks like it might be fun to play with.

    The gaming possibilities look limited though. But, to each their own!

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    I like it. I want to try this.

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    Tycoon City: New York demo

    Atari has released a playable German/English demo (local US mirror ~ 626MB) for Tycoon City: New York, allowing you to try out their upcoming city-building game. The demo incldes an introductory trailer and the first part of the building mode, which kicks off with a tutorial. Release Note: This is a pre-release demo and therefore does not represent final gameplay so if you see any rough edges, don't worry, these will be fixed soon The game should be released in February 2006.

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    Damn, but that was a huuuge DL for such a short demo.

    Looks great tho, If my pc is up to spec...

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