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Thread: Chelsea Stratus - 101 W 24th St/735 Sixth Ave - Condo - by SLCE

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    Does anyone with a balcony (not a terrace) actually spend any amount of time out on one? I'm not trying to sound skeptical - just curious.
    Athough my building is quite old, we have both terraces and Balconies- yes we use the hell out of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    It's a technicality that gives the developer an advantage. Strangely, balconies are not considered part of the "bulk" when calculating FAR for a site (see below and HERE, scroll down to "Floor Area" ). But developers use the sf size of a balcony to increase the selling size of a particular unit. So a 1000 sf unit with a 5 x 10 balcony gets an additional 50 sf tacked on when calculating the price, and at $1K / sf that extra money adds up.
    Quote Originally Posted by scumonkey View Post
    Athough my building is quite old, we have both terraces and Balconies- yes we use the hell out of them
    Thanks to both!

    Lofter - Very interesting - In retrospect, I should have suspected something - developers certainly weren't adding them for aesthetic reasons. Fascinating that a slab of unused cement (Scumonkey and his neighbors aside) could add to the square footage from a pricing perspective.

    Scumonkey - I'm glad you and your neighbors are enjoying yours. The next time I'm in HK, I'll keep an eye out for a building with more than average number of folk enjoying the outdoors from their balconies.

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    What you might not understand is that people use them mostly at night
    We garden on them, cool off on them, and sunbath(in the day when it's not raining), on them. I see people on surrounding buildings using their terraces all the time...
    Seriously, how often do you look up to take note if people are using them or not?!
    And while walking on the street, you might not be able to see someone sitting down on a terrace that is high above your head.
    Just because you don't see them being used, doesn't mean they are not!

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    The loverly balconies at The Stratus are surrounded in glass so it's easier to catch activity there from the street than on many balconies around NYC.

    Seems this new hotel set to rise, what? ~ 50 - 25' to the west will have an impact on The Stratus ...

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    6th Avenue heartache.

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