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Thread: New York City Hotels

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    Default Rockefeller Hotel

    I'll be staying here for a couple of nights in mid April and was wondering if I made a good choice. I've been reading both good and bad, but picked it mainly for it's location. We plan on spending the first day in lower Manhattan (WTC, Statue of Liberty etc)

    To late for me to change plans, so hopefully you can tell me some good things about my choice of hotels (Spent about $640 for air and hotel for 2, from Pgh PA)

    Is this within walking distance of MSG Theatre? (Norah Jones concert 4/18)

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    Default Beacon Hotel

    Nite Nurse,

    I stayed at the Beacon for 4 days in 2005 and really enjoyed my stay there.
    So much, that I am staying there again in June this year.
    The Hotel is not flashy, ie. the reception area is quite plain and not very big, but the people were great and very helpful, and the rooms are a decent size and very clean. I understand the elevators have been recently upgraded and there is work going on to the outside of the building but this should be completed by June 2007. The hotel is in a great spot on Broadway at W75th street. A short walk to the subway at Verdi Square. Central Park and Riverside Park are also near. The small kitchen in the hotel room, means you can make some meals and save some money. Shopping for food is great. Across the street at Fairway, or walk 6 blocks north to Zabars and H & H Bagels. I would recommend the this area of Manhattan. If you want the bustle of midtown it is just a short subway ride away. I am really looking forward to my second visit. Sitting in the sun in Verdi Square with Hot Dogs and a Smoothy from Grays Papaya, just watching the world go by. Can't wait.
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    ^ Right on the money, brianac!

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    Smile Verdi Square and Beacon

    What a difference in the weather.
    April 2005.
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    Hi there,

    I'm going to be in New York this june. Five years ago I stayed at the Washington Square Hotel for about $ 120. They seem to have upgraded the hotel which now costs about $ 200 or more.

    I'm looking for something nice and little for about $ 100 a night or maybe $140 in midtown or the village. Any hint or the best way to look for a good hotel?



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    Default Looking for opinions on hotels

    Hello all:

    I'm looking for a hotel for a new york visit Sept 9th through Sept 30th, 2007. We rented an apartment last time and will probably do the same this time, but we need a hotel reservation as a backup. I want it to be someplace I'm willing to stay if we don't find anything else.

    I'm looking for a Midtown location, 1br suite with kitchenette for around $400/day or less (including tax). Surprisingly, I have quite a few choices at this level. Right now, I'm looking at the following hotels (I haven't yet confirmed that all have kitchenettes):

    o Flatotel (by far the biggest suites at 1,100 sq ft)
    o Hotel Benjamin (5 stars)
    o Fitzpatrick
    o Kimberly
    o Radisson Lexington (great location-near where we stayed last year)
    o Roger Smith
    o Helmsley Middletowne (great location)
    o Envoy Club
    o Bedford
    o Affinia Manhattan
    o Beekman tower

    The Woogo encore has 2br suites in our price range, but when I checked out tripadvisor ratings last year, the woogo properties generally got blasted. Any input on the encore or other woogo properties would be helpful.

    I'm interested in several types of feedback. First of all any first hand knowledge of any of the above hotels will be greatly appreciated. Second, any input re which rating services (tripadvisor, yahoo, etc) are the best would be very helpful. Finally I have gotten my hotel rates from orbitz, priceline,, and If anyone knows about other sites that offer better discounts, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Mike cupertino

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    Default The Country Inn in the City

    Can anyone comment on the Country Inn in the City? I am coming to the city for Thanksgiving week and really want to stay somewhere that doesn't feel like a hotel, but rather an apt in the city. Looks like this place would fit the bill - anyone have any experience w/this place... would love to hear.

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    Default Country Inn NYC


    Have not stayed there but photo's look OK on their website.
    Suggest you read customer reviews on Trip Advisor site.

    If you can't get in there, or change your mind you could try The Beacon just round the corner from The Country Inn, on Broadway.

    See my posting above, 5th. April 2007, regarding The Beacon.

    Good Luck.

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    Hey guys, anyone ever stayed or heard of the Best Western Convention Centre. 522 West 38th Street its on.

    Im on a bit of a budget but would like to come over during September.

    Any help appreciated

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    It is on W38th between 10th &11th Avenues. Probably the most undeveloped neighborhood in Manhattan. I don't know their prices but if your research tells you it is worth it, go for it. The only time you will see people walking by is convention times. As far as safety, you'll be OK...Just take a cab if it is late at night, otherwise you shouldn't worry about walking to it...

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    Hi I come from Italy, I need info about a hotel near TimesSquare (22/12/07-29/12/07).

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    For "lower" priced hotels, try ...

    Hotel St. James W. 45th Street (Broadway < > 6th Avenue)

    Best Western President Hotel W. 48th Street (8th Avenue < > Broadway)

    Milford Plaza Hotel W. 45th Street (8th Avenue < > Broadway)

    List of Midtown Manhattan Hotels

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    Thanks I like the first of the list
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    A Ranking of Seven Hotels for Under $200 a Night. In New York

    Or so nearby it doesn’t matter

    By Stephen Milioti

    In many cities besides New York, $200 gets you a nice room at a good hotel, with shampoo, a shower cap, and maybe even an in-room coffeepot. In New York, not so much. But with some digging and some deals, it is possible to find a clean room, a soft mattress, free Internet, and fresh-baked cookies for under two Franklins. I tested seven hotels, staying on weekends and booking rooms online to take advantage of deals. Prices can vary widely (especially in the fall and spring high seasons) and often go up during the week.

    1. Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson
    2 Exchange Pl., Jersey City, N.J.; 201-469-1234
    PRICE: $199

    The best $200 hotel in New York is in New Jersey—a one-stop, four-minute PATH ride or short Water Taxi ride from lower Manhattan. My room has water and city views (not all do, but my ultranice front-desk agent upgraded me because there was available space). The room is 400 feet, with low-key and sophisticated touches: a granite bathroom sink; a rather masculine taupe, brown, and gray color scheme; a good-size desk for working; and very upscale bedding—plus a spectacular view of the Woolworth Building.

    2. Courtyard by Marriott Times Square South
    114 W. 40th St., nr. Sixth Ave. 212-391-0088
    PRICE: $199

    The best bed of the bunch. Marriott runs the Ritz-Carlton chain; its recent redo of the beds in its lower-price, business-oriented Courtyard line (pictured) has resulted in Ritz-like fluffy pillows, pristine feather duvets, and supremely comfortable mattresses. The amenities are very good: a nice-size desk, easy free Internet connection, iPod docking, and free coffee in the lobby. For long-term stays, there’s a washer-and-dryer room and exercise facilities on the lower level.

    3. Best Western Seaport Inn
    33 Peck Slip, nr. Front St. 212-766-6600
    PRICE: $199

    Is this really a Best Western? Housed in a seven-story Federal-style building, the place has a genteel, historic quality. The front-desk staff is friendly and unhurried, and there are free freshly baked cookies. What keeps it from a top ranking here is the actual room—better than expected and generally clean and neat, but even by the standards of inexpensive-hotel décor, it’s drab, with zero recognition of the neighborhood’s rich maritime history. The beds are good but not great. But some rooms have Brooklyn Bridge views, and Jack’s Coffee is up the block (222 Front St.).

    4. On the Ave
    2178 Broadway, at 77th St.; 212-362-1100
    PRICE: $199

    It looks like W Lite, with a sparsely chic lobby and self-conscious touches like backlit black-and-white photos of New York in the elevator. The rooms have a similar aesthetic, but they’re well apportioned; mine is a good size, with a clearly delineated seating area, a wing chair, and a separate area for a desk. The bathroom, however, is tiny. The front-desk staff lacks the professionalism of bigger chains (“I’m about to go on my break, so she will gladly help you!,” an attendant told me, pointing to her colleague). But at least you’re not in midtown.

    5. Hampton Inn Times Square North
    851 Eighth Ave., at 51st St. 212-581-4100
    PRICE: $199

    Formerly a down-and-out Howard Johnson’s, this hotel has a cheery, contemporary lobby and freshly refurbished rooms with a happy look: curving headboards, wide-striped window treatments, and black-and-white cityscape paintings. There’s free coffee and cookies in the lobby. The drawbacks: painfully slow elevators, and the Continental-breakfast area is always packed. Here, you’re always aware of the presence of many, many other people—including large numbers of children and huge clusters of fanny-pack-wearing tourists. And you’ll hear traffic noise if you’re facing busy Eighth Avenue.

    6. Hotel 17
    225 E. 17th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-475-2845
    PRICE: $175

    The setting for Woody Allen’s 1993 Manhattan Murder Mystery, this is one of the most love-it-or-hate-it of the bunch. The lobby is teeny, and the rooms, all decorated differently, are in a time warp. Mine has shiny prints, slight wallpaper peels, and dark wood furnishings that are very Addams Family. The bedding is reasonably clean but flimsy, with a thin comforter. There are both shared and private bathrooms, and basically no services, but given the hotel’s shockingly low $100 standard-room rate in low season, ordering in from Joe Jr.’s on Third Avenue isn’t such a hassle.

    7. The Pod Hotel
    230 E. 51st St., nr. Second Ave.; 212-355-0300
    PRICE: $179

    Earlier this year, this hotel, formerly the cheap, chintzy Pickwick Arms, became the cheap, cool Pod. Rates start at $99, and just over half the rooms have private baths. The aesthetic is standard spare modern: light wood and red comforters with geometric prints. My room, measuring about twelve feet by eight feet, has a bed connected to two side tables, a tiny work desk, small closet nook, and flat-screen TV. There’s a new-paint-over-old feeling, though; the elevators are rickety, the walls are thin, and the mattresses are hard. The hallway smelled like poo for the duration of my one-night stay. For $179, the room-with-bath isn’t a great value; a shared-bath room rate for $125 or less is a decent choice.

    Find this article at:

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    ^ "The hallway smelled like poo for the duration of my one-night stay."

    now, repeat that sentence replacing "poo" with the word it represents.

    Would you stay there?

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