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Thread: Ryugyong Hotel

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    According to foreign residents in Pyongyang,...
    I can just imagine - "According to WNY members the columns on the Calatrava terminal are now being installed..."

    Anyway, when I saw this article I wanted to have one of those Elaine "get out!" moments and push someone out of sheer disbelief. Maybe they can put a spire on top and make it a world's tallest?

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    I think they should build a roller coaster type ride or a water slide running down the wings.

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    The day everyone thought the world would never see; they are actually finishing this building after it being on hold for almost twenty years. Or maybe they're only cladding it just for the looks?

    Image source:

    Looks surprisingly good on the new rendering too:

    Image source:

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    Amazing. Now the North Korean government can include it back into their Pyongyang photos.

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    This building has always looked odd to me, and that feeling has never left. The fact that it didn't die on the vine will bring some measure of soft revenge to those that touted its inevitability (and there were some on other websites that constantly made this prognostication).

    Well, as they say: it is what it is.

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    Looked more interesting without the glass.

    Must have been full of bats.

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    ... Perhaps the building is full of bats, but the Presidential Palace is full of vampires sucking the blood to the people of North Korea.

    ... Anyway, any sign of modernization I think we should applaud coming from there. I like more the solution with covered glass facade of the original draft. What happens is that it would have been better, as a sign of modernity, having shot down and having something new built in another area of the city, because the neighborhood that is around (houses, trams, lampposts, cars going through the avenue, and so on) is for do not go there even if you donate the trip ... unless that remains the best neighborhood of the city yet: in this case, the issue of North Korea is not solved with modern architecture!!!

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    WOW... Must have been sleeping on the job for the past three years, had no idea this building was even structurally capable of being finished.

    Never thought I'd see this:

    Courtesy of the wikipedia page:

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    North Korea crazy !!!!
    Compare North and South Korea in these satellite pictures.
    North Korea is an idiotic failure !!!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Koreas Night Lights 1.jpg 
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Name:	Koreas Night Lights 2.jpg 
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