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Thread: 200 Greenwich Street - Proposed WTC Tower #2 - by Norman Foster

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    Oh, I forgot. Silverstein had no ideological issues with going communal when his property needed money.

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    You been drinking Zip?

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    Why do you ask?

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    You just sounded a little lubricated when you commented on Fox.

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    I wasn't, but I may have been when I came across this:

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    There is a limit, or at least should be, on what "society" can foist on it's members. Really bad things can happen when that line gets crossed.

    In point of fact, the people complaining about this situation really don't have a mechanism for changing it, which is a good thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Happens all the time. Hint: It's called society. And sorry, what you just said is still about money.

    I owned real estate probably longer than you've been on the planet. I learned a long time ago that you can't just do what you want. It's no big deal.

    Do you have a family; if so, aren't you aware of its communal nature?

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    I question how much the exterior/footprint can be changed since the foundations have already been poured. I don't think there is enough space to change the base all that much since it would be at odds with the neighboring transit center. IMO the changes will all be interior layouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBMW View Post
    There is a limit, or at least should be, on what "society" can foist on it's members.
    So where do you put the line? This particular site isn't even privately owned. A lot of public money has been poured into it. Society (not in quotes) has a stake in it. Your use of quotes and words such as foist would lead one to conclude that your line leaves very little room, if any, for compromise.

    I've never once heard you complain about Silverstein "foisting" his demands on society, interfering with their property. If you're going to take an ideological position, at least be consistent

    Really bad things can happen when that line gets crossed.
    Like what?

    In point of fact, the people complaining about this situation really don't have a mechanism for changing it, which is a good thing.
    Happened right across the street.

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    What's the controversy again? Fox News wants to build a bunker at Ground Zero?

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    Another one?

    Let's just face it. None of the other towers are as important as 1WTC. They have a better chance of getting NYPD completely cordon off Church and Vesey to vehicular traffic.

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    Thanks to Rupert Murdoch, Norman Foster’s 2 World Trade Center might actually happen

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015
    by Henry Melcher

    (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

    Richard Rogers‘ long-stalled 3 World Trade Center finally climbing again, it’s concrete core rising steadily above its nearly-complete podium. Now, it’s Norman Foster’s turn to bring the last of the World Trade towers to life, and it might happen this time with the help of a media giant.

    Rendering of the completed World Trade Center site. (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

    2 World Trade Center’s diamonds. (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

    It’s starting to look like Foster + Partners‘ 2 World Trade Center might actually get built, and it’s all thanks to Rupert Murdoch. The New York Times reported that News Corporation and 21st Century Fox—both owned by the billionaire media mogul—are interested in using half the building (1.5 million square feet) as a joint headquarters.

    While there are no firm plans to speak of, the companies have reportedly been in talks for months with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and developer Larry Silverstein, who has rights to build at the site. If the tower is built, it would effectively complete the drawn-out rebuilding of the World Trade Center.

    Two World Trade Center was originally scheduled to open in 2011, but, as is the case with just about everything with the World Trade Center redevelopment, that deadline didn’t stick.

    Street-level view that could change to accommodate television studios. (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

    The building, as designed by Foster, is widely considered to be the most architecturally adventurous of the glassy World Trade Center bunch. The 79-story structure appears as four rectangular forms, diagonally sliced at the top to form a set of four diamonds. “The building occupies a pivotal position at north-east corner of Memorial Park, and its profile reflects this role as a symbolic marker,” Foster + Partners said in a 2006 statement. “Arranged around a central cruciform core, the shaft is articulated as four interconnected blocks with flexible, column-free office floors that rise to level sixty-four, whereupon the building is cut at angle to address the Memorial below.”

    The building’s design was drawn up between 2006–2007 and is expected to change at least slightly if this deal moves forward—which the Times noted is far from certain. But if it does go through, the companies might select their own architect for changes. “Given that the foundation has been built, the two sides are assessing whether the structure can accommodate the changes they want for television studios,” reported the Times.

    (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

    Inside 2 World Trade. (Courtesy Foster + Partners)

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    Fingers cross. I just hope they keep the most significant feature, even if it's shorter. Chopping off the top will make it 'just another tower'.

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    But if it does go through, the companies might select their own architect for changes.
    This is the part that worries me.

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    It would be really shitty to see a Fox News studio located right there at the WTC, but it would be worth it to see the building just finally get built. In 50 years, the building will still be standing and there's a chance Fox News won't be there anyway (or it will have changed its programming or the whole country will have changed or media as we know it will be changed). So long term, there will be other tenants and at some point in the distant future Fox News being in 2WTC might just be some footnote on future Wikipedia.

    One thing I frankly never understand is how waiting to build this property makes financial sense. It seems that since construction costs seem to always increase, it's more logical to build first and worry about tenants later. I don't work in this industry so it's just something I don't get. Anyway, looking forward to seeing this rise soon - by the time this building is done it will probably be close to 20 years of demolition/construction at the WTC site - crazy.

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    Wall Street Journal
    April 24, 2015

    21st Century Fox, News Corp Considering Move to World Trade Center

    Avant garde Danish architect Bjarke Ingels brought in to redesign 2 World Trade Center tower


    The final tower planned at the World Trade Center redevelopment could be dramatically altered under a proposal being discussed by 21st Century Fox Inc. and News Corp, which are considering a move to the site, according to people familiar with the talks.

    The media companies and developer Larry Silverstein have brought in avant-garde Danish architect Bjarke Ingels to redesign 2 World Trade Center in the event of a move. Mr. Ingels, co-designer of Google Inc.’s planned new headquarters expansion in Silicon Valley, would replace renowned British architect Norman Foster as lead designer for 2 World Trade Center, these people said.

    A deal is far from certain, as the companies are also considering a renewal of space at their midtown headquarters, 1211 Avenue of the Americas, which was built in 1973 as an expansion of Rockefeller Center. They expect to make a decision in coming months, these people said.

    Even though the companies’ current headquarters lease doesn’t expire until 2020, it takes years to plan and construct a skyscraper. News Corp, which owns Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and 21st Century Fox were both part of the same company until 2013. Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive of 21st Century Fox, is also News Corp’s chairman.

    If the companies indeed opted to move to the World Trade Center, it would mark by far the largest change to the closely watched rebuilding since the tower designs were unveiled in 2006.

    Mr. Ingels, a young and relatively obscure architect when Mr. Foster first designed the tower a decade ago, has quickly vaulted to prominence in the field. Eccentric and fast-talking, he is known for abnormally-shaped buildings and sustainable design. The plans for Google, for instance, call for a series of low-slung giant glass bubble-enclosed office building, resembling Jetsons-style architecture, but filled with lush indoor plant life.

    “Architecture at its best is really the power to make the world a little more like our dreams,” he said at a design conference last fall. “You take something that is a wild idea, like pure fiction, and you suddenly change it into hard fact.”

    His design would keep the World Trade Center tower at about the same height of the 1,270-foot design by Mr. Foster, and it would be about the same 3 million square foot size, people familiar with the design said.

    21st Century Fox and News Corp homed in on the Trade Center as an option given that there are few existing buildings with sufficient space for the companies, and development sites on the far West Side have generally grown expensive compared with lower Manhattan, people familiar with the search said.

    The planned 2 World Trade Center tower would have plenty of room, as the companies would occupy about half of the 3 million square foot building. But the existing design was deemed problematic because it wasn’t considered ideal for studio space at the base—it was designed with bank-trading floors in mind—and because of the amount of infrastructure on the ground-level related to the PATH train station at the site, the people said.

    If the tower got off the ground, it would also be a coup for Mr. Silverstein, who halted construction of 2 World Trade at ground level while he searched for a major tenant. While he would still need to secure financing for the tower, if he did, it would be the final element of the 16-acre redevelopment plan that was crafted in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

    Mr. Silverstein’s 4 World Trade Center is complete, as is One World Trade Center, which was developed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He restarted work on 3 World Trade Center last year, though still has much work to do: The 2.5 million square foot tower is just 20% leased.

    Still, the interest by News Corp and 21st Century Fox signify a broader shift going on in lower Manhattan, which long struggled to attract new companies other than smaller firms looking for cheaper rents than in midtown.

    In recent years, publishers Condé Nast and Time Inc. have opted to move there from midtown, as are advertising companies like GroupM, a unit of WPP PLC, which is moving to 3 World trade Center. In an unusual reversal of fortunes, many midtown landlords are now worried that young workers are warmer to downtown and places like Union Square, and they are worried about the large blocks of space tenants like Condé Nast have left behind.

    Copyright ©2015 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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