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Thread: Proposed - 52 West 57th Street - 25 story mixed use - by Fox & Fowle

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    No, he's right. Respect your audience.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffpark
    get a life

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffpark
    get a life
    Look, your spelling, punctuation and grammar are horrible ("hoo" is spelled "who") on a board where posters write near flawlessly (something we pride ourselves on - we don't want to become SSP). If you are that incredibly busy, or english just isn't your native language, Ok, but otherwise you're the anomaly here, and you won't be around for long if that's how you respond to a suggestion that, I admit, might be sensitive to you, but that's why I wrote no offense - it was just a polite suggestion. You seem reasonably knowledgeable too, so I'm not sure what to make of the outburst and lack of respect.

    After a quick Google search, I found out what easdill (eastdil) is, and I was unaware of the company beforehand. I didn't mean to be a smart ass asking about it.

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    Jeff: Also consider the great effort the non-native English speakers here put into their posts... and how botched English only causes confusion for them.

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    You never heard of the real estate broker Douglas Harmon of eastdil.?
    Then you must not know much about real estate,
    Did you ever hear of Darcy and bill of cbre, Woody Heller of Studley?
    These are some of the broker's in NYC that handle the large investment sales deals

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    This isn't exactly a real estate executives' forum, necessarily.

    I don't even see those names batted around often on real estate blogs like

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffpark
    You never heard of the real estate broker Douglas Harmon of eastdil.?
    Then you must not know much about real estate,

    I admittedly don't know much about the players in real estate. As czsz said, and as you can witness, this place doesn't focus much on that aspect other than specifically who is building what big project. Primarily I think most of us are viewing things through a designing/building perspective rather than finance/politics, but don't quote me there. And I'll readily admit maybe that's where I could do better around here at understanding the big picture. But, I first found this place due to my love for architecture, and that's ultimately why I keep coming back.

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    then who do you think is the best architect today

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    I don't know about the overall absolute best, but I know I like Robert A.M. Stern. I'm a musician, so I like harmony in my surroundings. 15 CPW is probably the building I'm waiting most eagerly to see completed (BOA and NYT are in close second and third, respectively).

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    who is the developer for this (52 west 57th) development

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    It's not even clear if this is going forward. This project has been on the drawing board for a long time, and I'm surmising that it may be going forward because the store on the ground floor of the adjoining building (next to the empty lot) just closed. I hope that it goes forward because the two seemingly empty five story buildings and the empty lot between them are eyesores, and they really mar 57th Street.

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    I noted that the Gertrude Stein Gallery, which seemed to be the last business left in No. 56 West 57th, has finally relocated from that building. 52 and 56 West 57th Street now are both totally empty to my knowledge and ready for demolition! I cannot wait to see the destruction of these horrific eyesores.

    Although residential is the rage these days, this could be developed as a magnificent office building that would probably rent at well over $100 per square foot. I read that space in the Carnegie Hall Tower further west on 57th was renting at $125 per square foot. A Shangri-La hotel would also be nice!

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    do you think the developer will take down the building to the East at
    50 W 52nd and make way for a larger dvelopment?

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    I wonder what's going on here. No. 52 has been empty for a long time, and the last tenants in No. 56 (i.e., the crappy card shop on the ground floor and Gallery Getrude Stein) have been out of the building for a few months. I assume that the same entity owns Nos. 52 and 56 and the empty lot between them located at No. 54. A boutique office building here could probably get $150 per s.f. easily (and over $200 for top floors with views of the park).

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    It's a very depressing sight to see a through-block empty lot in the heart of the Midtown market. Add in the abandoned store fronts and it's dismal. This site needs to be developed into a boutique office tower, as londonlawyer suggests, ASAP. Something on the level of 9 West 57th Street (just down the block) or Carnegie Hall Tower would be fantastic.

    Unfortunately, I assume condo-mania will take the lead and turn this site into an average looking, ill-proportioned, crappy glass-veiled, residential tower.

    It's destiny, such a fantastic site just can't be turned into a befitting piece of architecture worthy of the 57th street corridor. Because today, you can call any 500 sq ft hole in the wall a "luxury residence" as long as it has a GE Profile refrigerator and perhaps a Miel oven. Don't forget the Toto toilet

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    The only reason why nothing might be happening here is that different entities own the three parcels and are all trying to buy the others' properties. A boutique office, condos or a very fancy hotel would thrive in this location. Also, it's in such a prime spot that whatever is built probably will be very nice. I doubt a Costas Condylis building (befitting 10th Ave.) would rise here. Something by Robert A.M. Stern would be nice.

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